Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 9

26th Eirmont, Day 213

Kurin is back with us! He and the green skinned stranger, who is called Rheddrian, simply appeared on the boat as we sailed across Lake Amsorak towards Akorros. I am truly overwhelmed by the marvels and mysteries of this World, others too if Rheddrian can be believed. Rheddrian claims to be from another World, his ship crash landing on our World. However, the “power supply” from his ship has been stolen and poses a huge problem for our World. I’m not sure how, Rheddrian lost me as he was explaining, but he is on a mission to recover his “engine”. He thanked us for our help (Kurin’s really) and disappeared. It seems he knows a bit of magic too. I wonder if we will meet again, saving the World would be a noble and heroic quest indeed.

27th Eirmont, Day 214

We docked in Akorros today and set about trying to find a way to restore Kurin’s lost “life energy”. Both Thorsgrim and Kurin have heard of a powerful priest spell that will do just that. So we went in search of a temple. I am the only one who has knowledge of the Darokin language but unfortunately no knowledge of trading or bargaining, which was a bit of a problem. The people of Darokin seem to be a serious and honest lot, but are interested in making money. They are almost single-minded in this (Azimi says “purposeful” is a better word). So after a few coins passed hands we found what we sought. The High Priest of The Church of Traladara, despite being from Karameikos, seemed to have got into the Darokin merchant spirit and we paid a small fortune for Kurin’s healing. Still, it was worth it. Having Kurin whole again is beyond any price and we would do it for any of our group. Our next mission was to find a way home. We couldn’t use Kurin’s Dragon Hammer as we were too heavy (Kurin had put on a little weight and height during his time in the mirror) and we had supplies we were unwilling to be rid of. We eventually decided to go to Darokin City to see if we can find a ship. We have found a river boat to take us downriver, so in two days we will be in Darokin City.

28th Eirmont, Day 215

The river journey would be great except for the rain. Apparently, rain is a big part of late Autumn in Darokin and often continues into Winter. I guess it’s better than snow. Despite that, the countryside is very picturesque with rolling hills and forests along the river, almost like the Shires.

2nd Kaldmont, Day 217

We reached Darokin City today. The City, although walled, still has many residents living on the outside of the walls. Most of these people are the Copper and Silver class citizens, which I guess is a nice way of saying lower and middle class. We managed to find a ship bound for Norrvik, which was quite lucky (again Thor was looking after us) given we’d be travelling through the worst of the winter. We struck a deal with the captain, a Darokin merchant named Francino Linton, to be guards for free passage. I hope his boat The Maidens Embrace can make it through the winter storms to bring us home.

3rd Kaldmont, Day 218

I feel I have come full circle. Here I am sitting on a boat bound halfway across the World for the Northern Reaches. The only difference is I am heading home, not away from home on a grand adventure. I hope the people of Ravenholm are faring well as our latest escapade has bought little material gain (I think Sven said we earned about 30 guldan each). However, we have earned enough over the last few months to hopefully keep them going until at least next winter.

4th Kaldmont, Day 219

I didn’t think I’d be happy to see rain, but the stink of the Malpheggi Swamp is much lessened by the constant rain. The swamp is vast and takes up much of southern Darokin and as stinky as it is, does keep the temperature above the norm.

6th Kaldmont, Day 221

We are back on the open ocean again away from civilization with just ourselves and the sea. I can see the Five Shires to the left (port?) side and I wonder how the Tangleberrys are getting on. I shall return there one day a great hero and prove to my family that I could do it. But that day is still far off, despite all we have done so far and my new home beckons me.

13th Kaldmont, Day 228

The journey has been uneventful so far. I must say this guarding business seems quite easy. The only interesting thing has been watching Kurin learning to ride his Dragon. The main problem was trying to find somewhere to hold on. Maybe he should ask his uncle Bronic to make him a saddle.

21st Kaldmont, Day 236

We have reached The City of Thyatis, the capital of The Empire of Thyatis. This has got to be the biggest, most enormous city I’m ever going to see! I could get lost in the dock area quite easily (in fact I did). It is built on the banks of the Mesonion River surrounding the “Emperor’s Hill”, the tall central hill where the imperial palace is. The city itself has broad stone streets, huge public buildings, lavish palaces, villas and mansions. The streets throng with people day and night, it is truly a city that never sleeps. I am told there are over half a million people living here, I just cannot fathom that many people. We have arrived at the end of “The Footman’s Games”, an Empire wide festival of combat games for foot soldiers (the horseman’s equivalent is held six months earlier) so there is a carnival feel to the place and perhaps even more people if that is possible. I hope that Francino stops here a few days so we can have a look around.


22nd Kaldmont, Day 237

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to look around as Francino was keen to get away. He mumbled something about winter storms, but I noticed that he kept looking towards the shore as we headed away from the city. It was almost as if he was expecting someone to follow him. Still, the City of Thyatis made an impression on me, I shall like to return there someday.

26th Kaldmont, Day 241

We reached Tel Akbir today. I remember Fish-Hook telling me about the different buildings here. I wonder how the crew of the Silver Wolf are. I would like to catch up with them and tell them some of our tales.

1st Nuwmont, 1001 AC, Day 244

We celebrated the start of a new Year with a fine glass of Darokin wine. What is this year going to bring? The last year was an eventful one for me, with much adventure. I hope it carries on this way…

10th Nuwmont, Day 253

I’m feeling a little sea-sick. I’d much prefer to be in a Long-Ship with the breezes in my face than in this ship in the cabins being rocked about by the spring storms. I may have to lash myself to the deck railing…

19th Nuwmont, Day 262

Thank Thor we landed in Norrvik today! We ended our journey on The Maidens Embrace a little battered and bruised but still whole. The last part of the journey was very rough and I feel we are quite lucky to make it. Still, Francino’s ship proved worthy and we made it without too much damage. I don’t know if Francino will be in a hurry to come back this way as he was moaning at the damage to his ship and the lost profit. We thanked him for his passage and wished him well. It is good to be home (almost) again back in familiar surroundings. We need to find passage back to Ravenholm but that shouldn’t be too difficult.

21st Nuwmont, Day 264

We arrived back in Ravenholm to find a visitor waiting for us, Brother Starkad from the Ruthin Monastery. He had heard of a group of adventurers around this area and wants their help. Our fame is spreading it seems. Amazingly when he saw Thorsgrim his face lit up in recognition. It seems that Brother Starkad taught Thorsgrim as a child before he trained in the priesthood. I shall have to get to know Starkad better as I’m sure he has much knowledge to share of the Gods and Thorsgrim as a child. It seems Brother Starkad has been searching for the Great Circlet of the Kings of Vestland and in his search has discovered problems in Rhoona. He has asked us to help him investigate. We readily agreed. Who could refuse such a holy man especially when he taught Thorsgrim. It seems me and my bed have become strangers but I guess this adventuring is much better than staying home and doing house work.

22nd Nuwmont, Day 265

Aboard the Grey Mist, Brother Starkad explained more of our task. It seems the Duke of Rhoona has been behaving oddly. He has been making strange proclamations (such as paying all tax in beer) and the populace are getting restless. The Abbott Annacks, head of the Ruthin Monastery, is worried there may be trouble ( I guess riots and general up-rising) and would like us to try and sort it out. This may call for some diplomacy skills, but I’m not sure how a group of relatively unknown adventurers can sway a Duke…

25th Nuwmont, Day 268

We will be in Rhoona tomorrow. We are still no further ahead in deciding how to go about our mission. Thorsgrim says that Thor will guide us but Azimi suggests we wait and see what is happening in Rhoona before we make any rash decisions.

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 9

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