Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 47

9th Flaurmont 1006

Tomorrow we head off on another adventure. We go east in search of some marauding beasts, said to be Giant Scorpions and an actual Giant. Sounds like a weird combination to me. What would a Giant be doing hanging out with scorpions. Thorsgrim suggested that they could be Giant-Scorpions like an Owlbear is part owl and part bear. I think he is just winding me up, how could something like that be? How gulible does he think I am…?

We were told of this “quest” by General Dalan Estali of the Second Darokin Legion. It is his job to help with the tidying up of the remnants of The Master’s armies. It seems some of the more monstrous of them are continuing their monstrous ways. We were at a function held by the Merchant rulers of Darokin and attended by all the top-notch people of the country. Turns out the purpose of the event was to award the Wolves of Ravenholm (that’s us) with titles and land within Darokin for services to said country during the War. Very humbling indeed. Although I get the impression that Azimi expected no less. I guess some sort of arogance and sense of entitlement will creep in if you are a Queen…. She could take some lessons from Thorsgrim who still seems like the same old Godi even though he is the Kings brother.

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 47

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