Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 46

3rd Day of Thaumont 1006

It’s all over!
The Master is destroyed and the World is at peace (as much as it usually is…). More importantly, I now know what day it is!
It would be prideful (and incorrect) to say we singlehandedly defeated the Master as many lives were lost stopping the advance of his mighty horde and we couldn’t have got near him without the sacrifices of our allies. Still, the people like their heroes and we have been showered in Glory. Just like the heroes in the Sagas, we have saved the day!

The final move started in Specularum with the confirmation of an alliance with Alphatia and the, again, sudden appearance of Laran. He gave us the location of the Master’s HQ and was about to explain how to use the Dagger, when he was struck by a beam of light and ceased to exist! Such powerful magic could only have been the work of an Immortal. We needed to act quickly. Even though his appearance fortold hardship, I think I will miss Laran and his showy tricks. I hope he finds peace wherever his soul goes…

It turns out that the Dagger wasn’t to be used as a weapon. The Master was impervious to our attempts to wound him and we would have been done for except Azimi noticed a gem beside his bed and somehow Kurin was able to plunge the Dagger into it. The resulting explosion of energy knocked Kurin out but also was the undoing of the Master. He aged before our eyes, turning to dust while pleading to some unknown power to give him more time. Serves him right for aligning himself with nefarious powers. You can only trust in a strong sword arm and THOR! And your friends and a hot meal. OK, maybe you just can’t trust Immortals of Entropy….
With the death of the Master and his lackies the Desert Nomad armies were routed and retreated back to the desert, hopefully not to be heard from again.

In our escape from the Master’s encampment, we stole an airship, much to Ragnar’s delight. Reminds me of our time in the center of the world…

We are back in Darokin enjoying a moment of peace. Although Thorsgrim, in his usual dour way, tells us all is not finished. He has been having dreams of a large meteor heading for us. What we can do about that I do not know. We can only have faith in THOR

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 46

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