Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 44

Sometime in Vatermont 1006….

Our celebrations were cut short by the sudden (and somewhat flashy I feel) appearance of the Galantrian Laran. Apparently ( I need to stop using that word, someone once told me that any sentence starting with “apparently” is not true…) some of the Masters lackeys have managed to find the last part of the Dagger and were even at this moment high tailing it back to the Master. Using some of her witchcraft, Azimi peered into her Crystal Ball and quickly located the fleeing crystal shard. I was still wondering about how magic works when we were all teleported to the ruined city of Akesoli in Darokin, the scene of the first invasion of The Master. Unaware of our quick response, the Master’s servants were unprepared for our masterful ambush. We secured the final part of the Dagger without a hitch. Although I will need to have a word with Pellervo about stopping suddenly…

We now had the parts of the Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak, but what do we do with it? Would we need an armourer or weaponsmith? An Alchemist? None of those as it turns out. Azimi simply put the pieces together and with a flash of light the Dagger assembled itself. Amazing! We could see immediately that it was an item of power and goodness. It glowed with a holy light and I felt happy just being near it.


Now we just have to figure out what to do with it. I presume that being a pointy, stabbing weapon, we need to stab it into the Master. Although that seems such a crude use for such a beautiful thing. As always, I’m sure THOR will guide us.

Our mission to unite the World against the Master continued with a journey to the Atruaghin Clans. This travel is amazing and I am in awe of the sights I have seen, but it is a shame that the spectre of war and destruction is with us the whole time. When all this is over, I would like to travel again in more peaceful circumstances.

Our first encounter with the Clans was with the Bear Tribe. Spirit animals are very important to these peoples and they have formed their clans around them. They also must have strong stomachs as they drink milk that must be slightly off (compared, at least, to the milk I usually drink). It made my stomach churn and my head spin, so when the challenge came, I was in no fit state to accept it. Instead Sir Fergus stepped up and successfully defeated the Bear Champion. We were now accepted and could travel with the tribe to a meeting of the Shamans. This would be a good opportunity to try to unite them against the Master.

The tribes seemed agreeable to fighting the Master, but due to their fragmented nature, they might only be able to defend their lands rather than providing troops. Still, better to have them on our side than against.

More importantly, we found we all had spirit animals that would help guide and protect us. Who knew! My animal is the Salamander. Could be a good name for my Harball team. Skrogg’s Salamanders has a nice ring to it.


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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 44

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