Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 43

The Shires were having trouble with undead spirits. These Spectres had been killing Hin in a number of villages around Shireton. Some of the victims had even returned to haunt their neighbours!


Before we could track these beasts to their lair we were attacked by assassins in the night. We were able to fight them off but I am appalled that such a thing could happen in the Shires! This Master, it could only be him(?), must have far reaching influence indeed if he could get to us even here. I’m sure nobody in the Shires could have that much of a grudge against us, could they? I didn’t think the Sheriffs were that annoyed with me…

Anyway, after some Stirling investigative work, we tracked (I’m not sure that’s the right word, as it’s hard to follow a floating, insubstantial thing…) the undead fiends to an old forgotten temple. There were dozens of the creatures floating about, some Human and some Hin, and I could feel my very soul being sucked out just looking within. I have to admit I was somewhat nervous about entering this unholy place, but the magic of THOR protected us and we were able to dispatch the undead to rest forever. I am still amazed by the power of THOR that Thorsgrim wields. With just a word he was able to destroy many Spectres and hold the rest at bay. Mighty indeed. We discovered that the immortal LOKI was involved with this, something else to ponder. How far does this Masters reach go? To the very Gods themselves? A terrifying thought.

We also found the second part of the Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak, a crystal hilt. I wonder how it fits together? I’m sure that Laran will have an idea.

Now that the Spectre terror has ended, the Sheriffs were able to promise their aid to Darokin against the Master. Surely we cannot fail, now that the mighty Hin are with us!

An intriging thing happened at our celebration feast. I was approached by a Hin of some import who gave me a piece of paper. On closer examination I discovered it was no mere piece of paper, but information on immortality! When I went to ask the Hin more, she had disappeared! I need to find out more…


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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 43

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