Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 40

7th Flaurmont 1005

We have arrived at Norrvik today (via a Teleport courtesy of the Glantrian Mages) with Sven’s body. The Valkyries had come for him during the night and taken him to Valhalla. I still marvel at the beauty of them and their Pegasi and look forward to the day when they come to get me (sort of…) Brother Starkad, however, was returned to Thorsgrim as he is still needed by the Black Prince. It is good to see him up and about, still as quiet as ever. I wonder if he saw anything during his “slumber” like I did after my battle with the Draco-lich. I will have to ask him at some stage. Preparations are being made for a funeral. Being the Jarl of Vander Piett all the nobles will want to attend, so we will begin a slow procession back to Sven’s tower before we have the official ceremony on the 10th.

10th Flaurmont 1005

Sven’s funeral was impressive. Many nobles and foreign dignitaries were present, although I thought that the Glantrians and Alphatians were going to kill each other, being at war and all. His body was laid to rest in Ragnar’s ship Thor’s Holy Wrath along with a young woman from Sven’s Household (an ancient tradition that rather baffles me) and set alight by Sir Fergus den Griffon. Sir Fergus is a famous warrior from the past, not heard from in some 90 years, so there was much talk about his presence and what it means. I shall like to get to know him a bit better, although being about 7’ tall, he is quite intimidating and with his great-helm may not see me and might step on me! The week long mourning period started tonight with a great feast to celebrate Sven’s life and heroic end. Even I have eaten enough and am now looking forward to a long rest in a comfy bed.

12th Flaurmont 1005

Today was my birthday but it was a muted affair with everyone still thinking about Sven. Still, it was nice to spend some time with the others without worrying about early starts, monster hunting or evil Wizards. Sometimes it is fine to do just nothing.

14th Flaurmont 1005

Azimi’s birthday, too, passed by without much fanfare, although she did make sure that everyone knew it was her birthday. We have been getting to know Fergus a bit better. It seems he was the first person to ride a Griffon in the Northern Reaches, hence his name, and had ventured far to the North, into Norwold, eventually founding his own Barony. He has returned to Vestland as he has heard rumours of a unit of Griffon riders being formed (I hadn’t heard that, but I guess I wouldn’t pay attention to that sort of thing) and may be might find the glorious death he has been searching for. A true Northman hero…

17th Flaurmont 1005

The funeral is officially over and we all head back to our homes tomorrow. I am a little excited as I have been itching to learn how to play Hardball and I’m sure the instructor I bought over from Alphatia is getting a little restless. I am aiming to have a Hardball competition started in Vestland soon, as I’m sure the local folks will love it. I also need to brush up on my bow skills, as firing from the back of a Pegasus is much more difficult than firing from the ground.

10th Ambyrmont 1005

No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to master the Short-Bow. I have tried three different instructors but still it seems too hard. Maybe I should just concentrate on Hardball, or find another weapon. It shouldn’t be this difficult…

20th Sviftmont 1005

Azimi came to visit today. She had made a fantastic Horned Shield for me from the scales and horns of the blue dragon we fought in the D’Ambreville tomb. It is a magnificent piece and she has named it Mjǫtuðr Rǫnd which means Dispenser of Fate. She tells me she has been very busy making things for the others too. She is the most proud of the sword Hefnd (Vengence) which was made in honour of Sven and will be wielded by Ragnar to replace the blade he sacrificed to stop the summoning circle in Glantri. A truly remarkable weapon.

1st Kaldmont 1005

We have been summoned to Brinforth for a meeting with a messenger from the Republic of Darokin. Apparently they have been trying to contact us for months, but not being very successful. Maybe they need better messengers. We are needed in a city called Akesoli in northern Darokin, as they seem to be worried about a man called “The Master” who is from the desert lands and seems to be forming an army. This may well be something Reddrian might be interested in so we are making preparations for a journey. Azimi has locked herself away to research a spell to transport all of us at once given we have lost a lot of time already. It seems a little odd to be going on an adventure without Sven, but I noticed that Fergus was present (how could one not notice a 7’ tall man wearing black suit-mail) so maybe he can fill the void.

10th Kaldmont 1005

While we were waiting for Azimi to finish her spell, Kurin, Thorsgrim, Ragnar and I discussed the finer points of Leadership. I now feel much more confident with this skill and will hopefully be able to lead my armies more effectively (and captain the Hardball team to Championship victory!)

12th Kaldmont 1005

Azimi has finished her successful research (she must have got better at it since we first met, I wonder if she still remembers the money she “borrowed”…?) and has developed a Mass Teleport spell. So here we are in the capital of Darokin planning our journey north. I must remember to keep my distance from Fergus while he is riding his Griffon, as it seems the Griffons favourite food is horse! Poor Pellervo almost had a chunk taken out of him! Horrible beast…

14th Kaldmont 1005

After a couple of days of flying, we have made it to the far side of the lake and the city of Akesoli. We have found lodging in an Inn and after a light meal of roast lamb and vegetables, sausages and bread are heading for a well earned rest. Tomorrow we will see what we can do to help…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 40

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