Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 4

12th Felmont, Day 87

After the last few hectic days it was nice to have a day just to sit and relax. Arkayz proved to be a gracious host and allowed us our freedom around his manor. Azimi spent most of the day with her nose in her books, but the rest of us sat around with the rejuvenated Thorsgrim telling tales of heroes and villains. We will be well rested for our journey back to Ravenholm. I am almost disappointed to be leaving The Manor, but I am looking forward to returning home (funny to think of Ravenholm as home now) with the treasure to get us through the winter.

13th Felmont, Day 88

We set off on the Grey Mist today after a big thank-you and goodbye to The Manor. Jarl Olaf tells us we will be stopping in Rhoona, some four days “round the corner” to buy some supplies for trade in Norrvik. I can see why the Northern folk are all very fit and well muscled, all this rowing has got to be good for you. I don’t envisage writing much in the journal over the next few days as I am often very tired after a full day rowing and find it hard to hold a quill.

16th Felmont, Day 91

An uneventful trip so far. Although there has been one odd thing. I have been having a recurring dream of Knights riding toward a mountain in a sea of grass. The Knights have a white tabard with a lion crest and are wearing the same type of helmet that Kurin found in The Rock. Hardly surprising, I guess, that I dream of such things after the last few weeks. We are due to dock in Rhoona tomorrow. Will be nice to get out of the Grey Mist and have a decent meal (no offence to Mord, it must be difficult to cook for a crew of hungry Northmen…).

17th Felmont, Day 92

The crew of the Grey Mist (mostly Olaf if truth be told) spent most of today buying trade goods. We all had a good look around Rhoona, which is a busy frontier town full of Dwarves, Merchants and Adventurers. There were temples to both Odin and Freyja, but I was disappointed that there was not one to Thor. After talking to Thorsgrim, I discovered that being a warrior God, Thor doesn’t really like merchants that much, and with Rhoona being a trading town, I guess the feeling is mutual. There was a temple to the Ethangarian God Yamuga, the Yurt Dweller, which I found interesting, but Thorsgrim started muttering about heathens so we moved on. Azimi managed to find a book seller, Sven helped out with the trading and Kurin and Ragnar found somewhere to drink. It will be a short stop here, just tonight, while the boat is loaded. Tomorrow we head for Norrvik, then home.

19th Felmont, Day 94

These dreams of the Knights continue to haunt me. So much so that they are keeping me awake and I am starting to become quite exhausted. I mentioned this to Thorsgrim to see if he had any sage advice and it turns out he has been having them too! In fact the whole crew seem to have been affected. There is something fishy going on here and it’s not just Mord’s cooking.

22nd Felmont, Day 97

This world seems so full of tragedy and sadness. Tonight we morn the loss of another of our friends. Ragnar was felled in single combat by Olev the Black, a notorious raider. Olev had ambushed us as we rowed through the thick fog in the Vestfjord. His ship, the Black Pariah was faster than the Grey Mist so escape was impossible. We decided that a quick and decisive counter-attack was our best option. Ragnar, Kurin, Thorsgrim and I swung over to the Black Pariah using our magical Rope of Climbing with the intention of knocking out their Captain, Olev, who had the unusual reputation of being a bit of a coward. Unfortunately, the crew of the Black Pariah were very well trained and before we could all dispatch enough opposition to get a clear strike at Olev, brave Ragnar found himself alone, toe-to -toe with the reaver captain. I was too busy with my opponent to see what happened, but by the time I disposed off my pirate and joined Kurin and Sven, Ragnar was lying in a pool of blood at Olev the Black’s feet. Enraged by this, we attacked Olev and eventually Thorsgrim managed to crack his skull open. Even with his reputation, Olev was a fierce fighter and had knocked Kurin cold and given me a wound that would have cut me in two if it hadn’t been for Thor’s protection before we overcame him. With the fall of their captain, the crew of the Black Pariah were quickly overcome. This was the result we wanted, but at what cost? Another friend fallen, on their way to Valhalla. As much as I know that’s what Ragnar wants, it’s still hard to take. We take his body to Ravenholm, despite my suggestion that we put his body in the Black Pariah and set it alight in the tradition of Northern funeral pyres. What better way for a Northern warrior to be sent off to Valhalla? Apparently the ship is too valuable for that even though we don’t have enough crew to sail it properly. Olaf has divided the crew over the two ships and we will head toward Norrvik slowly. There is a sombre mood over the ships as we settle in for the night, the journey home now seeming much longer.

24th Felmont, Day 99

This world will never cease to amaze me. Tragedy one day and a miracle the next! Ragnar is back amongst the living! It seems that much like Thorsgrim, the Gods are not yet finished with Ragnar. We took his body to the Temple of Odin in Norrvik for preparation for his funeral. While the rest of us went with Jarl Olaf to help with the trading, the priests busied themselves with Ragnar. Much to our surprise and joy, by the time we returned, there was Ragnar standing as alive as the rest of us, not at all ready for his funeral! Although his left eye looked a little odd, it’s colour seems to have been drained, leaving him with a completely white eye (it freaks me out to be honest, I might have to ask Ragnar to wear a patch…) he seemed none the worse for wear. This, combined with the tidy profit we made in the trading, made for a great day. Olaf tells us that we will only stay in Norrvik for a few days while we load the boats with supplies for Ravenholm and find some crew for the Black Pariah. I think I will take the opportunity to have a look around tomorrow after a good nights sleep (hopefully without dreams of knights, grass and mountains). I never realised the life of an adventurer would be so full of ups and downs…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 4

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