Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 37

23rd Vatermont 1005

We travel to Ximes for the final item, The Potion of Time Travel. I will be glad to leave this place as it is starting to wear me down with it’s constant danger and despair. It’s as if its sole purpose is to torment the inhabitants and make their lives a misery… We stopped a rabble of men from hanging an innocent women last night. They were convinced that she was a “witch” despite not having any evidence. Luckily Thorsgrim was able to turn them around and they let her go. I still fear for her safety, as I’m not sure that those men will forget why they wanted to hang her in the first place. Still, we did the best we could.

26th Vatermont 1005

Thank THOR that’s over! We have escaped the cursed D’Ambreville resisdence and got back to modern day Glantri so we can continue our mission to find the source of monster attacks. Prince D’Ambreville was grateful for our help and gave us each a trinket of appreciation and will escort us to the Glantri army encampment. Anyway, the start of the day saw us arrive in Ximes and we went to see the Bishop as he was apparently the one to talk to about the goings on of Ximes. Unfortunately a service was in full swing and we were not allowed to see him. Kurin decided to go to a local tavern, but Ragnar, Thorsgrim and I decided to wait in the church. Azimi and Sven had a plan and disappeared to the back of the church. I’m not sure I would like to worship there. It seemed rather stuffy and the priest just droned on about guilt, the evil of magic and the joy of giving all your wealth to the church. Nothing at all like the glory of THOR! Azimi and Sven reappeared a few minutes later with the Potion. They were tight-lipped about what they had done, but they had the potion so we left.
After a bite for lunch (I have to say the wildlife in the forests here are very tasty) we preformed the ritual to summon the Tomb (and hopefully the way out) of Stephan D’Ambreville. Wonder of wonders, it actually worked! We journeyed through the Tomb which was as insane as the House, featuring amongst other things, a Blue Dragon and a seven headed Hydra…


Still, we got through it without any harm and have returned to the less crazy real world…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 37

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