Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 36

15th Vatermont 1005

We arrived at the tower of Sylaire after a quick breakfast of sausages, eggs, a loaf of bread and a freshly caught rabbit. The Wolves were met by another beautiful, if a little too tall, woman who already knew who we were. Obviously some sort of spell-user. Still, she said she had the Sword of Sylaire and would gladly give it to us if we would deal with the Were-Wolves plaguing the land. I immediately thought the worst and wondered if Sven had something to do with it. However, as the lady continued, we discovered that the pack-leader may be someone named Malachie as indicated on our paper from the House. We found that there was indeed someone named Malachie in a nearby village. We set off to find him, but were side-tracked by a were-wolf attack. We slew the beasts, but during the conflict, Sven had transformed, seems that Thorsgrim’s Remove Curse was unsuccessful. However, he was not a wolf, but a tiger! It seems he hates were-wolves, must be the cat-dog thing… Anyway, he tracked the were-wolves back to their lair and we entered, slaying the foul beasts and their wolf guards. Ragnar and Azimi chased the spell-wielding leader outside into the forest and returned with the rather gruesome trophy of his head. I wonder how easy it is to cast spells when you have paws instead of hands…We took this trophy back to the sorceress Sephora who, as promised, gave us the blade we sought.

16th Vatermont 1005

After a feast and comfortable rest in the sorceress’s abode, we journeyed to the nearby village where Malachie lived. Azimi was keen to get her hands on his spell book. We discovered that Malachie had a child. Azimi managed to convince her that we were friends and that everything would be OK. I’m not sure that she knew that her father was a skin-changer but hopefully she will be safe with Sephora. I wonder if the curse is passed down family lines? I hope that she doesn’t grow into a were-wolf and continue her fathers terror. I guess that Sephora will deal with that if she needs too. After dropping the girl at the tower we took to the air in search of the next item – the Ring of Ebon.

19th Vatermont 1005

I wish Pellervo was here. This broomstick is very uncomfortable and is having an undesirable effect on my behind…. We travel toward the town of Perigon as our clue tells us this might be where the ring is. A red comet has appeared in the sky and according to the few travellers we have met, it is a sign of doom. I don’t know about that, but it seems to be driving Sven crazy. He disappeared last night to do his tiger thing even though it wasn’t a full moon.

21st Vatermont 1005

There are were-creatures all over this cursed land. We have retrieved the ring from a serpent beast that was posing as the Abbott of Perigon. According to the White Wizard Luc de Champagne this beast had been terrorising the resisdents of Perigon for weeks. Luc was going to give us the Ring of Ebon to destroy the beast, but as we were chatting to him, the ring was stolen from right under our noses. A snake-like creature bit the ring off of Luc’s finger and fled up the tower of the church. We followed it only to discover the Abbott asleep in bed. Thinking the beast had escaped us, we started to leave, but the comet that appeared a few nights ago became visible from behind the clouds and started a transformation. The Abbott shed his human skin and became a large snake. It was no match for the Wolves of Ravenholm and was cut to pieces. A two-fold victory, defeating an evil that plagued the town and a further piece in our quest for a way out of this land. All-in-all a satisfying day.

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 36

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