Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 35

11th Vatermont 1005

After a few days of pleasant walking, we have reached the town of Vyones. Things were in a bit of an uproar when we arrived, as the town has been harassed by an evil wizard who is apparently bringing a great colossus to crush them. The Wolves have agreed to help them and one of the elders, a Gaspard du Nord is going to make a special powder that will disable the colossus. I don’t know what a colossus is but it sounds big. Gaspard is also going to give us the Viper Mirror which is one of the items we need to solve the puzzle of the House (along with a sword, a potion and a ring). We will need to collect the powder tomorrow, so in the meantime we stay at the inn and wait. I wonder if there is seconds of that lamb stew…

12th Vatermont 1005

I don’t want to meet another colossus again! The thing was monstrous, over 100’ tall, and made from the corpses of many people! Although we managed to defeat it, I was knocked out after it hit me with a club that could only be described as a tree. I thought my plan was sound. Azimi, Kurin and I were to fly around it to distract it from trampling everything while Sven got the powder and flew to throw it into its face. It was going well, until I realised I was the only one distracting it and got bashed by the tree! The next thing I knew, I awoke in a pile of rubble feeling like I’d been, well, hit by a colossus… The townspeople were happy that we destroyed it, but seemed a little unsure of our “magic”, so we thought it best we moved on as soon as possible. So we collected the mirror and now fly south to Sylaire which appears to be a castle that may hold the sword we need. The moon is bright and full tonight and I can almost see clearly enough to write my journal without the need of extra light. Reminds me of my childhood in the Shires, fishing at night for the tasty Reed Fish in the swamps near Ober’s Mimbur. After catching them we would lather them in butter and herbs and fry them over the campfire. Yummy. I might have a wee snack before bed…

13th Vatermont 1005

It seems Sven is afflicted with a curse. While he was on guard duty with Ragnar last night, he wandered into the forest by himself, telling Ragnar to leave him alone. Being a better woodsman than Ragnar, Sven soon lost him. We all went in search of him, but all we could find were the ruined, bloody remains of his clothes and most of his gear. Fearing the worst we collected his stuff, and not finding any other trace of him (Sven was the tracker) we headed back to camp. Thankfully he turned up to camp this morning, naked and looking a little worse for wear. He had no memory of the night after disappearing into the forest. Azimi suggested he had been afflicted with Lycanthropy, given the full moon last night and his behaviour. I have heard tales of these skin-shifters, turning into wild beasts and slaughtering for the fun of it. Thorsgrim cast a Remove Curse on Sven, so we shall see if that works. I would hate to think what would happen if he were to turn into the beast and attack us. I really don’t want to kill Sven, even if he has been turned to an evil skin-shifter.

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 35

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