Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 34

9th Vatermont 1005

We have made it out of the mad house and find ourselves in a wilderness. The magic portal we opened with our silver keys transported us to a forest surrounded road heading north and south. We decided to head north. It was a pleasant journey although I was still feeling hungry so I nibbled at my Bag I found in the House. The journey has been uneventful except for an encounter with a Phantom. It appeared as an illusion of a family of peasants which I unfortunately fell for, but the others scared it off. I don’t know if we’ll see it again…
Well, we did see it again. It has just attacked me while I was on guard writing my journal. It gave me a couple of horrendous wounds before Thorsgrim destroyed it with the power of THOR. I hope I can settle down for sleep after that. Maybe a bite to eat will help…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 34

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