Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 33

8th Vatermont 1005

What a strange day! We had been trekking through the mountains when we were suddenly enveloped in a mist. It clearly wasn’t natural, and when it cleared we were at the front of a large castle like manor. The mist was still surrounding the castle grounds and when one of the pack donkeys broke free and headed in panic into the mist it was seemingly ripped apart. We decided at that point to enter the castle. Inside we found Prince d’Amberville, the owner, or future owner I should say. He told us that we were all trapped in time and space (about 400 years ago) and he needs our help to get out. We agreed to find the way out for him and us. It seems that this mans ancestors were all insane.. As we journey through this house of horrors, we have fought Ogres in nightgowns, dog-headed men and cat people and chatted to a fair maiden sitting in a forest with a Unicorn. Azimi is convinced she is some kind of dragon, I don’t know how she can tell, maybe it’s a wizard thing. We have had a ghostly meal, which had strange effects on us and been given gifts by statues. I now have a magic bow and a Broom of Flying. Weird stuff. Now we rest our weary bodies before exploring further. We have found some silver keys, which will evidently open a gate to somewhere else where we will find the answer to getting out of here. I have to say, even after that ghostly meal, which was five courses, I am still a little peckish…I wonder if Thorsgrim has a Create Food spell left…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 33

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