Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 32

20th Kaldmont 1004

We met Eriadna, Empress of Alphatia in her grand palace this afternoon. She made us all honourary citizens of Alphatia and gave us a tale about Kelter Zerben. But the highlight of my day was watching a game called Hardball. I would very much like to bring this game home, I wonder if I could hire a trainer to take home…
Anyway, returning to Kelter’s story. It is quite tragic really. Kelter was questioned by the Alphatian authorities but managed to escape. The questioners determined that he was quite mad but for a good reason. Apparently his immortal Balthac betrayed him, or rather Balthac wasn’t Balthac but Hel, the immortal of Entropy. After organising the raid on Haldemar and freeing the native Neatherese, he fled the Hollow World. Apparently he had good intentions but this is where things went wrong. The collapse of the tunnel was intended to stop the colonisation of the new world and “Balthac” promised nobody would be hurt, but of course Hel doesn’t keep promises and many people lost their lives. I think this is what unhinged Kelter, he seems to be a kind hearted man and all this death would not have gone down well with him. Kelter has escaped for the time being, but I feel that we will hear from him again…
The Empress has offered the services of her Wizards to teleport us home, which I guess we will take up in time. I would like to have a look around first and see what there is to see. I’m told the markets are a wonder and you can buy anything you desire….sounds promising.

21st Kaldmont 1004

Promising indeed. I have purchased myself a Pegasus. I have named him Pellervo after a minor immortal of agriculture. He is only little, much like me, but will grow in time, unlike me. I will need to find someone to teach me how to ride him and I will be able to ride like the Valkyries! I have also found a man to teach me how to use my bow better, I think he said his name was Karburan but his accent was quite strong and I’m not entirely sure…Still, his Thyatian is better than my Alphatian.

23rd Kaldmont 1004

The Pegasus trainer, Trintillia, seems happy with my progress. Pellervo has taken to me and that is important as if the Pegasus doesn’t like it’s rider then there won’t be any flying. Or, there could be flying but with a bit of plummeting soon after….

25th Kaldmont 1004

While my Pegasus riding goes well, my archery does not. I am having trouble with Karburan and his accent. Methinks I might have to cut my losses and head home soon. However, I will persevere for a few more days in the hope something does come together. Good news though, I have found a Hardball trainer willing to travel with me, the only issue being his family, but they are more than welcome too. There is lots of room in Krenholm Tower.

1st Nuwmont 1005

I’ve spent a nice day celebrating the new year at the Palace today. I didn’t really mingle much as not many speak the Thyatian tongue. I still find all these important people intimidating. What does a “Little Warrior” know about politics? I wonder what the others are doing? I know Ragnar has taken off home in his ship Thor’s Holy Wrath and I have seen Azimi about. She tells me she is recognised as nobility here in Alphatia now and has been using the libraries to research wizardly things.

7th Nuwmont 1005

I have given up on Karburan, or he has given up on me, I’m not really sure, but either way we have parted company with me none the wiser about the shortbow. Still I have my new Pegasus and am quite skilled at riding him, if I do say so myself. Tomorrow I will be Teleported back to Krenholm with Syndylys the Hardball trainer and his family. Apparently his name is funny as his parents named him, as the custom is in Alphatia, hoping that he would be intellectual and artistic, but he is instead a big burly man who shouts a lot and struggles with deep thought. Still, as long as he can help me create a winning Hardball team, I don’t really mind.

8th Nuwmont 1005

It is fantastic to be back home. My family were pleased to see me and were appropriately impressed with my stories of our adventures. The Elders have done a great job in looking after the place (much better than me I’m sure) and things seem to be going quite well. There was great excitement when I introduced Pellervo to everyone, especially amongst the children. He was gracious enough to take some of them for a ride. I guess it’s time to settle back down and get stuck into making sure Krenholm runs well and look into sorting out an army. Given the events all over Mystara, conflict won’t be too far away…

11th Nuwmont 1005

Amongst all the boring stuff, we have started something more exciting. The Hardball training has begun and a field set up. A number of Hin and Humans have shown an interest, so I think the game will be a hit! I shall have to contact King Harald Gudmundson or maybe someone official about starting a national competition…

4th Vatermont 1005

I have been summoned to Norrvik. It appears the Wolves of Ravenholm are needed again. I shall fly Pellervo there tomorrow to see how I can help.

5th Vatermont 1005

Our mission is to journey to the West to investigate the rumours of Alphatian Wizards planning to release fearsome monsters on the unsuspecting peoples of Glantri. I would be happier leaving the Wizards to fight amongst themselves, but given that innocent bystanders may get eaten, I think we need to go. Azimi is going to Teleport us to Glantri and we shall see what we see…

6th Vatermont 1005

We made it to Glantri City safely and will head out on horses tomorrow heading south…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 32

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