Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 25

6th Felmont, Day 417

It was just as well that Gregorian was invisible last night as the Captain of the ship we sank yesterday apparently survived. He crept up on our camp during the night and tried to kill Azimi. Fortunately, Sven was alert and we defeated the villain. I don’t know what would have happened if he had of found Gregorian. In the morning Azimi cast Invisibility on all of us so we could have an easier trip with our enemies not being able to see us. All went well until we reached a ruined monastery, apparently the site used before Ruathin was built. A group of Monks had lost a wheel from their wagon, but I got the feeling that they were not as they seemed. As we got closer I could feel anger welling up in me as I sensed their evil intent. They wanted to kill us! I couldn’t hold my anger in and charged at them. This is not the first time I have felt this. I do not understand why it happens. Thorsgrim assures me that it’s not the “Berserk” illness as that would happen at every fight. Is it THOR guiding me against evil? I do not know, but it is a little un-nerving.
We should reach Ruathin and the end of our Quest tomorrow morning. I must try to get some rest as we don’t know what will be waiting for us…

7th Felmont, Day 418

We arrived at Ruathin to be greeted by a sea of tents. It seems word of our deed had been heard by most of the Lords of Vestland and they had gathered here. My initial thought was that Ruathin was being attacked, so I was glad to find that it was a peaceful gathering. We took Gregorian and the Sorona to Patriarch Annaks and told our tale. There was much rejoicing and celebration. However, after hearing of the traitorous actions of Vana Cullen, the council issued a warrant for his capture for his treason against Vestland. Hearing that Cullen had been at Ruathin, The Wolves wanted to chase him down. He owed us for the misery he had caused, mainly to Sven. I really hope he finds the twins. It makes me angry that people could even contemplate harming children…
So we chased Vana Cullen to the Dancing Damsel Inn where we captured him. It was not a hard battle as Thorsgrim used the power of THOR and Held the fiends. Sven took Cullen’s head back to Ruathin. Somewhat gruesome, but I can understand his feelings. With the traitors captured and bought to justice, all that remains is for Gregorian, Tenitar, to be crowned. The ceremony is tomorrow, I can hardly wait…

8th Felmont 1001, Day 419

So much has happened today that my thoughts are all a jumble and I don’t know where to begin! Firstly Thorsgrim is not Thorsgrim! Well, he is but that is not who he truly is. He is the brother of Gregorian, Tenitar rather, and is really Tendar the Black Prince! He still remains a Godi of THOR, and with his new found rank will be able to spread THOR’s word further. I hope he’s not too busy to hang out with me, but then I might be busy too as the new High-King has given The Wolves titles and land! Can you believe it? Jarl Skrogg “The Mighty” of Krenholm as Tenitar named me! I’m not sure what it’s going to involve, I think it might be a bit like what the Sheriffs do back in the Five Shires. Maybe I should go back there and find out…There is a fair amount of land needing leadership as the traitorous lords are brought to justice, like Vana Cullen was. Ragnar, however, declined any land as he sees his future as a Paladin of THOR, wandering the land, sailing the seas I should say, spreading THOR’s word. I have to admit that does appeal to me but another part of me likes having a home. I wonder if my lands could be a new Shire. Maybe I could found another clan! I should definitely return to the Five Shires and talk to the Elders…
Secondly, the King is Crowned! All hail High-King Harald Gudmundson of Vestland as Tenitar has renamed himself. I feel very proud that we could make this happen and am grateful to all those we met on the way who helped us. It just goes to show that with a brave heart and faith in THOR, anything is possible! Even if you are only a Little Warrior. I wonder how Bardi is and whether he will sit in port and tell his mates "Yes, I know Skrogg “The Mighty”, I always knew he would go far…" I must journey to Sudorn and say Góðan dag to Bardi “The Golden” and his crew.

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 25

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