Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 24

28th Klarmont, Day 411

We have found the King!! Rather, the Heir as he hasn’t been properly coronated yet, although he is wearing the Sorona. It is none other than our friend Gregorian, the custodian of the Stones of the Sky! Hard to believe that we have spent many days and nights in his company and we had no idea that he was the true Heir of Vestland. Reminds me that there is still no sign of Azimi, I do hope she is alright, I’m sure she will be surprised at this turn of events. I am too excited and emotional to write much tonight, so I’ll leave the sorcerous tower of Ala the Sea-Witch for another night…

1st Felmont, Day 412

We have taken to the sea again and are headed to Ruathin. Ragnar has claimed the Sea-Witch’s boat although it is a bit tricky to sail both boats with the crew we have. I hope we don’t run in to any storms like we did a few days ago…
Anyway, the lair of Ala the Sea-Witch was full of Lizard men and Trolls and much dark sorcery. Ala, unfortunately, has escaped us but we did defeat her apprentice which I guess is a start. We discovered Gregorian at the top of the Tower in an apparently magically induced sleep. Thorsgrim, guided by THOR, put the Sorona on Gregorian’s head and was rewarded with a flash of light and the awakening of Gregorian. The power of the Sorona had dispelled the black sorcery of Ala and Gregorian’s mind became clear. We explained who he really was and with the Sorona on his head, he knew the truth of our words. So we head to Ruathin where he can be crowned properly and we can restore order to Vestland! I hope we don’t encounter any trouble on the way, it would be disastrous indeed for something to go wrong now!

2nd Felmont, Day 413

Today was Kurin’s birthday. I thought we should give him a dunking in the Northern tradition, but he just scowled at us and threatened to unleash his Dragon if we even thought about it. Gosh, I think some of us need to lighten up.
Azimi found us today in her usual overly magical way. She flew from the heavens like a Valkyrie (not really, but it sounds more flavoursome…) after having spied us through her Crystal Ball and Teleported above our location. We told her of our adventure in the Sea-Witch’s Tower and she was more than pleased to see Gregorian, very pleased in fact. A strange look passed over her face, almost like she was calculating something, as we told her Gregorian’s story, but she seemed pleased at the turn of events. She had a story of her own which I’m not sure I believe entirely. Sometimes Azimi is prone to exaggeration and an unbalanced view of her own powers. Still if she rescued Sven’s children then she is worthy of praise. We Hin have always been suspicious of magic and told to avoid it, but Azimi has shown that magic can be used for good. Maybe it’s not the magic itself that’s evil, but the people who use it.

3rd Felmont, Day 414

A fine day of sailing. THOR is guiding our way and we should reach Ruathin in no time.

Hey, ho, the way the winds blow,
through rain and lightning, thunder we go.
God of the hammer, joy and laughter,
Thor, Thor, Thor.

4th Felmont, Day 415

Another great day. We are all in great spirits as we draw nearer to land. We should reach Norrvik tomorrow, although we dock on the other (northern) side of the bay where there is a road to Ruathin.
We learned another song today…

I was raised up from my childhood to love the Gods of my home,
I will worship, I won’t forsake them, no matter where I roam.
I am grown now to my manhood, and I set sail in the fjord,
When I reach that battle ’cross the sea, I will raise my sacred sword.

I am going to Valhalla,
I am going to Valhalla,
I am going to Valhalla, when the Valkyries take me home.

As I wander, through this wide world, I will spread Thor’s holy name,
I will worship and I will plunder as I go to seek my fame.
I will pillage and I will slaughter, and when I’ve had my way
I will raise my hands up and give thanks that I lived through another day.

I am going to Valhalla,
I am going to Valhalla,
I am going to Valhalla, when the Valkyries take me home.

On one day, I will wake up and rise to greet the dawn.
I will walk on that field of battle, but my luck will have gone.
I will face that final challenge, and the courage I won’t lack.
I will raise my broad-axe in my hand as another hits me in the back.

I am going to Valhalla,
I am going to Valhalla,
I am going to Valhalla, when the Valkyries take me home.

5th Felmont, Day 416

Our arrival at the Ruathin dock was hampered by one of Vana Cullen’s ships, it’s black sail showing the Estine eagle in defiance of the King. It moved in to attack and we readied our weapons. Kurin, however, had other ideas. He summoned his Dragon and with a Protection from Normal Missiles from Azimi cast upon the Dragon, he flew towards the doomed Longship. Crossbow bolts and arrows bounced harmlessly of the Dragon’s hide as it passed several times over the ship breathing fire down on the helpless crew. I feel sorry for them as they stood no chance to prove themselves to the Gods, but then them being traitors, would the Gods notice? We finally landed at the dock to find our friend Colgrim waiting for us with our horses and pony. The man proved trustworthy and true to his word so we gave him his payment and a little extra as thanks. We have set up camp to rest before the journey to the monastery. We need to be careful as it seems our enemies know we are coming. To this end, Azimi has cast Invisibility on Gregorian to protect him overnight. I hope he doesn’t sleepwalk, as we will never be able to find him…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 24

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