Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 21

20th Klarmont, Day 403

Despite my urgings, Thorsgrim still wore the Sorona on our travels this morning, but our encounter with a merchant train has convinced him of our need for secrecy. The merchants were falling over themselves to please him, thinking him some sort of royalty. He now agrees that the Sorona should remain hidden, although one benefit was that he got his horse for free. Towards the end of the day we met our friend Rolf of the Royal Council Guards. He was pleased to see us and asked after our quest. We decided that he was a trustworthy sort so we showed him the Sorona. He was awestruck. He assured us that his troop of Guards were now all loyal and it would be his honour to escort us to our destination. We told him of the plot by the Duke and he agreed that Seaforth Tower should be our first stop. He said he could take us to the border of the Duke’s lands, but couldn’t take us further as it might cause a stir. We gratefully accepted his support, one never knows when a small army could come in handy.
Azimi gave us an update on Sven’s children. It seems that they are being held in sea caves near the village of Dovefell, which is not that far from Seaforth Tower. THOR guides us ever closer…

22nd Klarmont, Day 405

We have reached Seaforth Tower and are now awaiting low tide so we can enter the sea caves under the castle. Seaforth is a typical fortified tower surrounded by a solid stone wall. It sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean with no obvious way in except for the front gate. The Tower seemed impenetrable, as any good Northern castle should be, so we scouted around for alternative entries. Eagle eyed Sven spotted the cave in the side of the cliff. We have climbed down the cliff to a small ledge on which we remain hidden from the Tower and above the sea. The tide looks to be going out and should be low enough for us to enter just about dusk…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 21

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