Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 18

9th Klarmont, Day 392

Yet another day of travel. I think my bottom will be as hard as my armour soon, all this riding is certainly having an effect. Azimi spent much of the day lecturing us about the Heldann Freeholds. I’m sure I missed most of her talk as her voice became quite mesmerising and I found myself day-dreaming about finding the Sorona and bringing it back victoriously to Norrvik. From what I gather, the Heldann Freeholds were a collection of primitive tribes until about 50 years ago when worshippers of Vanya, some sort of warrior-princess, conquered the land. These worshippers have become know as the Heldannic Knights and rule the Freeholds with an iron fist. They have supressed the worship of the traditional religions, even going so far as to outlaw Freyja with her devotees being burnt at the stake! The Knights come from a group of people called the Hattians, who originated in the Heldann region but over the centuries have been enslaved and transported around the world before settling in southern Thyatis. So I guess it’s a kind of home-coming and they are understandably reluctant to let their ancient homeland go. I hope that if we show proper respect, the Knights will leave us alone in our quest. They don’t seem to be a people one wants to mess with. I shall try to find out more about Vanya and her knights, being neighbours we should know a little more about them…

10th Klarmont, Day 393

Is their no end to treachery? The traitors to Vestland seem to be everywhere! We met a patrol of Council Guards (who I thought would be totally trustworthy) today. Their leader, Rolf (who, I can assure you, is totally trustworthy), was most pleased that we had helped his patrol member Arlson and offered his help for our quest. Wanting to keep our quest secret, we thanked him for his offer but declined. As we were parting, Azimi alerted us to a patrol member riding off by himself. Azimi had been using some of her mind-reading magic during our conversation with Rolf and had noticed something unusual about this fellow. As much as I mistrust magic, it has been helpful to us and has enabled us to ferret out miscreants and traitors. Maybe I need to find out more about this magic stuff… We quickly ran Ulfson (the traitorous guard) down. I say we, but I fell off Tanngrisnir after Azimi had cast Haste on our mounts (magic again!) and by the time I caught up Ragnar had dispatched Ulfson in a trial by combat. He must have put up a grand fight as Ragnar was quite badly wounded, but nothing that Thorsgrim and the power of THOR couldn’t handle. Turns out Ulfson was working for the Duke Vana Cullen and was ferrying messages around on his behalf. Once again Rolf thanked us and promised a purging of the Royal Council Guards to root out any more traitors! Good show Rolf!

12th Klarmont, Day 395

We have been travelling through the foothills of the southern Heldann Freeholds and the object of our visions has shown itself. Azimi seems to be leading us in the right direction. On the clear days we can see why they are called the Red Fangs. The twin mountains are surely only a few days away. What will we find?

14th Klarmont, Day 397

We have reached the twin Red Fang Mountains and we can dimly see the Lake in the valley through the mist. We have decided on an early camp in a shallow cave to regain our energy and prepare for tomorrow. No-one knows what to expect so it’s best we prepare for anything. There is an air of anticipation, could our quest be nearing it’s end? What dangers will there be? Tomorrow, all will be revealed…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 18

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