Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 17

3rd Klarmont, Day 386

We head home towards Ravenholm after yet another eventful night and day. It seems we are having most of our adventures at night at the moment. I wish I had the dark sight of the Hin Masters, it would make things much easier… Anyway, to continue with the unravelling of our web of deceit… We arrived at the Damsel a little after nightfall. The common-room was full and Sven’s friend Bjorn was present as too was Count Lars Longfellow, one of the “rebellious” Lords. I’m not sure what events happened in what order last night, but the end result was Sven being badly beaten and Bjorn and Lars leaving hastily. I’m not sure whether these were connected as I find it quite difficult to see through crowds of Humans and I’m still not used to the noise of Inn tap-rooms. The others tell me that Bjorn was panicked by our presence and questioning and has unfortunately escaped us. Lars too was panicked by us, but for a different reason. It seems he feared that we were there to arrest him for his not-quite-legal taxing and other dishonest activities and was so worried that he actually attacked us on the road. He and a handful of his heavily armoured horse knights charged down upon us. Their initial charge was at our flanks as standing in the middle of our group, I was totally ignored. A feeling of nausea and dizziness came over me as Azimi used her magic again. We all moved faster than mortals should and quickly brought down the knights and their archer companions. We captured the Count and three of his cronies and confiscated their mounts. We are taking them back to Ravenholm for Olaf to look after while they await trial for their misdeeds. As I munch on a piece of dried meat (I think it’s beef, but Kurin jokingly said it smells like rat, at least I hope he was joking…) I find myself looking forward to seeing my bed again (only two more sleeps…).

4th Klarmont, Day 387

Not such an eventful day, but we did meet a couple of soldiers of the Royal Council Guards. These guys are charged with keeping the peace in the name of Vestland and are loyal to the Royal Council and High King (when we find him…). The two we met, one named Arlsun, were on a journey to Norrvik but had been attacked by bandits and had their horses stolen, as well as being beaten quite severely. We did what we could for their wounds and gave them two of Lars’ horses to help them on their way. I’m sure Lars Longfellow won’t object (he didn’t at the time, although I could see he wanted to) and he could consider it his first step to redemption.
Only one more sleep till my bed and some decent food…

5th Klarmont, Day 388

Back in my bed again… pure bliss, and a meal of roast boar and veges. Life doesn’t get much better. Just a quick stop here at home to deliver Lars and resupply. I think Olaf was impressed that we had captured Lars and was honoured that we chose to leave him at Ravenholm. Although Thorsgrim said that “the fool” probably doesn’t know what to do with him. Obviously Thorsgrim still hasn’t warmed to Olaf.

6th Klarmont, Day 389

Today we met a group of pilgrims travelling to Stones. They offered their company, I think mainly for the protection we would give them, so now we journey with them. It is good to talk to others about the goings on in the World. It seems that bandits are harassing travellers more than usual and that local Lords are taking advantage of the High King’s absence (we already knew that!). They were also full of stories of the Gods and Heroes. Maybe someday we will be the tales told by wandering pilgrims journeying to holy places…

7th Klarmont, Day 390

Our only encounter of note today was with a Gypsy caravan. I had heard tales of Gypsies and how untrustworthy they were, but these folk seemed nice enough. One of them offered to read my fortune. I thought that no harm could come of this so I went into the Fortune Tellers caravan. She told me of dark visions and a noble quest and that glory awaits and I will be achieving great things. Sounds like our quest will be successful!! Even though my companions tell me it’s all made up, I can’t help feeling buoyed by the thought that we are fated to find the Sorona.

8th Klarmont, Day 391

As we reached the Stones of the Sky today, I had the most wondrous vision. I saw a lake nestled between two mountains, the light from the sun glistening wonderfully on the still water. Apparently everyone had the same vision and after a friendly catch-up with Gregorian (Azimi being a bit friendlier than really necessary) he told us that often The Stones will give a vision of import to visitors. It seems we have a clue as to the location of the Sorona. Gregorian told us that the two mountains with the lake in between sounds like the Red Fang Mountains in the Heldann Freeholds. So it seems another journey is required. After an evening of tales and song we retire for a much needed rest before our journey into the uttermost North…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 17

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