Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 13

6th Vatermont, Day 277

We met some truly strange creatures today. They were like bears, but covered in feathers and had owl beaks. Azimi called them Owlbears, which makes sense, and they are said to be the creation of a demented wizard. Whatever their story, they were aggressive, viscous and clearly ravenous but no match for The Wolves (I think that name is growing on me).


I wonder what other weird and wonderful creatures are lurking out here. How many of them are friendly? There seems to be a lot of nasty animals, but I guess that’s the nature of survival of the fittest. Still it would be nice to encounter something not wanting to rip my head off…

7th Vatermont, Day 278

We are camping not far from the castle-village of the Viscount of Flinhagen. We had hoped to stay at an inn but the Viscount is imposing a 10% tax on everything coming through his gates! Outrageous! More signs that the Northern Reaches are coming apart at the seams. The sooner Brother Starkad is successful in his quest for the Sorona of Vestland the better. Maybe we can help him. No, we must help him! I hope other villages are not in a similar state. We have three more days of travel and I would quite like a decent hot meal.

10th Vatermont, Day 281

Rhoona is in a worse state. The Duke has not been heard from in some time, nor surprisingly, has the traitor Draco Stormsailor. The people seem panicked and don’t know whether to stay or go. If only we could tell them we have almost finished our quest, but we don’t want to alert our enemies. We met with Erik at our second home, The Red Dragon Inn. He seemed no wiser about the phylactery than we did and suggested to re-enter the Temple to find out more. Our crude map of the Temple suggests there may be a secret room we didn’t get a chance to check out. Azimi has a plan to get us into the Temple without being seen, involving a Phantasm spell and her Passwall Scroll. I have to admit that I preferred Ragnar’s plan of a pillage and burn raid, much happier trusting in Thor and my sword-arm. I’m a little nervous about this cloak and dagger stuff, but I will have to trust in Azimi. She hasn’t really let us down yet and she has shown, on occasions, that she is not a total coward.
I have just had my first decent meal in almost two weeks. We decided not to stop at the Barony of Gallma or the village of Krenholme on our journey back to Rhoona, figuring the less people who saw us the better. One never knows where spying eyes may be. Who knows, after a good nights rest I might feel better about the Temple raid tomorrow.

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 13

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