Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 11

27th Nuwmont, Day 270

Truly the Duke of Rhoona is mad. Following his proclamation that to honour the sun, nothing shall be burnt at night, he now wants all the meat in Rhoona to be consumed by horses only! I cannot imagine ANYONE in Rhoona (Horses included) would be happy with that. I am glad we left today in search of the stronghold of the Cretians and hopefully the answer to the Duke’s curse. Hopefully we can return in time to stop further absurdities and the total disintegration of Rhoona. Before we left, I wanted to honour Thor somehow. I thought that decorating his gift to me, the Sword of the Rock, would be the best way. So I purchased a new leather scabbard and had some of the gemstones we have found inlaid onto it. I can see the gems glinting in the firelight as I write and I marvel at how far I have come and the things I have seen.

1st Vatermont, Day 272

After a day and a bit of almost pleasant travel (the nature of our quest bringing the mood down somewhat) we encountered what I’d been hoping for since moving North. TROLLS!!


It seems all the stories I’ve heard about them are true. We engaged the beasts and quickly had them both downed. The trouble was they didn’t stay down, their wounds healing impossibly fast. We would have been in a bit of bother if it hadn’t been for Ragnar’s flaming axe. The fire seemed to stop their regenerating abilities and they were soon piles of ash. I don’t know if they were as tough as I’ve been led to believe, but then with my fellow Wolves of Ravenholm (a sort of unofficial name for our group) nothing seems to be that difficult. So now I have fought some beastly Trolls, I feel more like a Northern Warrior and more hopeful that Valhalla will think me worthy.

3rd Vatermont, Day 274

The journey through the spring forest does wonders for my soul. The last two days have been very pleasant and I’ve almost forgotten about the world and its troubles. Although the travel has been uphill and a bit rugged at times, the scenery is magnificent and the sights and smells take me back to my childhood, running and playing without a care. Tomorrow, however, the terrain is to turn more mountainous as we near our destination, so I might sit up a little and enjoy my surroundings while I can.

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 11

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