Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 10

26th Nuwmont, Day 269

Lunchtime… We have landed in Rhoona and booked ourselves into the Red Dragon Inn. We have heard all sorts of rumours about the Duke and his bizarre behaviour. We met Erik, a priest of Freyja, who said that the Commander of the Dukes Guards (Draco Stormsailor) and the Ethengarian temple were behind it all. I’m not sure how he knows this, but it will be a good place to start. From what I understand of Yamuga, it would be unusual for them to be up to no good, but you never know how these foreigners think… I was just finishing a delicious lunch of fried fish and veges when a herald started speaking outside. It seems that Rhoona is on the verge of war with Rockhome! All Dwarves are to leave Rhoona within the hour and any found after then will be imprisoned, shaved and stretched on the Rack! Such madness! We plan to investigate the Barracks first, but will need to find a disguise for Kurin to avoid arrest.

Chapter 10, part 2

We have discovered foul treachery and dark magics! The Duke has been cursed by a seemingly indestructible monster! It seems that the High Priest of the Ethengarian God Cretia, Xanathon, is behind it all and what is worse is that Draco Stormsailor, the Dukes trusted Commander, is in on it too. The temple is not dedicated to Yamuga as we all thought, but to Cretia the Lord of Chaos, The Mischief Maker and Great Destroyer! Need I say more. Draco is planning to become the next Duke with the help of Cretia! I’m not sure how starting a war with the Dwarves is going to achieve this. Maybe he plans to intervene and save Rhoona somehow. What I do know is that both are evil fiends! After infiltrating the barracks, we discovered that Draco had be having secret meetings with the High Priest of Cretia and the pair are planning to take over Rhoona. We cannot allow this to happen! Proof of Draco’s monstrous activities was found in his “Trophy” room. Amongst his grisly trophies were several Dwarf heads and even a Unicorn! He obviously cares not for Dwarven kind and this was enough to condemn him in Kurin’s eyes. However the telling evidence was a series of coded letters which Sven was able to decipher, so we grabbed these to take them to the authorities. I’m not sure which authorities as I’m not sure who we can trust. We discovered something else in the barracks too. When we were battling some guards (non-lethally, as we didn’t want to kill them for just doing their job), I was overcome with a feeling of great hatred and lost all control over my actions. After the opponent Sven and I had been fighting (a thief of sorts I think as he had back-stabbed Thorsgrim) was felled and lay on the floor, to my horror, instead of leaving him, I thrust my sword through his helpless body to kill him. I have never felt so shamed in my life. I could not control what I was doing, it was like I was a spectator in my own body. Talking to Thorsgrim of it later, he said it sounds that I had gone Berserk. He said some warriors got into battle frenzy and could not control themselves until all opponents lay at their feet, sometimes allies too! I’m not sure I would like to be one of these Berserkers, but if that’s what Thor wants from me, then so be it…
Our next stop was the Temple of Cretia, to see if we could break the curse. What we found, as I mentioned before, was an indestructible monster. The High Priest had by some dark magic ritual, made himself immortal. None of our blows or spells could affect him and he just laughed at us! However, we did discover through his gloating, that his life-force was secured in a hidden location far from Rhoona. Fortunately for us, Azimi and Sven had spied a map of sorts on his wall that seemed to indicate some sort of stronghold in the Mountains between the Ethengar Khanate and Vestland. This will be our next stop. In the morning we shall load up on what provisions we can find and journey to this Stronghold. We should also thank Erik of Freyja who healed our wounds and gave us sound counsel.
On a side note, I think Azimi makes a cute cat. During our raid on Cretia’s temple, a Wizard turned Azimi into a cat. Fortunately it was only temporary and she is back with us in human form. Still, it was nice and quiet for a while without her constantly explaining everything like we are stupid (I guess to her we are) and the lack of short jokes….

Chapter 11

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 10

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