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House Rules

  • Using Basic D&D rule set (D&D Rules Cyclopaedia) with Gazetteer rules
  • After rolling ability scores ANY score can be adjusted (still cannot drop ability below 9)
  • Maximum HP at first level.
  • Abilities affect saving throws, see Ability Scores and Saving Throws.
  • Death, at 0HP character is unconscious and mortally wounded. PC may make a saving throw vs death ray at 0HP, failure is death, otherwise if not attended in one turn (magic or skill) PC will die. Critically wounded PCs have disabilities until Cure Critical Wounds is cast.
  • Additional Demihuman Classes are allowed.
  • Weapon Mastery not be used (unbalances the gameplay)

From The Northern Reaches:

From The Principalities of Glantri:

From Thyatis

From the FIve Shires (for Halflings)

From Darokin


Dominions follow rules laid out in CM2 Deaths Ride / D&D Cyclopedia.
For mass combat two systems are used:
Large Scale – Out of play combat (War Machine rules from D&D Cyclopedia, pg117
Medium Scale – PC’s actively involved (BATTLESYTEM 2nd edition).


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Main Page

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