Kurin's Book of Grudges

Chameleon Men: Must come back and show them the wrath of dwarves. We do not take kindly to threats to ourselves, nor the people in our group. While the brave Skrogg showed them what’s what, I feel a bigger example needs to made.

Renn, The Dragon Rider: This loud mouth braggart arrived while we were defending ourselves from a pack of starving lions, which we were carefully dealing with. The man was riding a dragon, by Kagyar’s beard! Upon dismounting he opened his mouth and that’s when I took a dislike to him. Granted he is a bag of hot air and seems harmless enough, but unless he puts his weapon where is mouth is soon enough, my grudge shall be made fully aware too him.

Azemi Azimi!!: I am not sure whether to add this bint into my book of grudges or not. So far, she has yet to prove worthwhile to the group, even though she professes to be a mage of some skill. All I have seen is a well thrown vial of oil at Skrogg, who miraculously came away unhurt, and now the bloody dragon got free on her watch and attacked us. The bridle appears to be missing. Maybe it bit through and it just happened on Azimi’s watch, but I don’t know. Kagyar guide me on this – I shall watch and observe this witch and deal with whatever comes with your blessing.

Vampires Whilst clearing a castle we were attacked by a Vampire and on his death he touched me and I felt my life draining from my person. When I came to I felt weak and not myself. By Kagyar’s long white beard, I shall slay every Vampire I come across. No body should have to experience this.

The Duke Of Rhoona That moldy nib chewing tunnel worm of a Duke has claiming that Dwarves are a blight on society and has banned them from his kingdom and has started to shave the beards off my fellow kin. If I ever get my hands on him I’l l. ……

Kurin’s Story

Kurin's Book of Grudges

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