Kingdom of Vestland


General Info:

Kingdom of Vestland: Capital Norrvik
King: None at Present, Currently being managed by the Council of Regents

Vestland was created when King is Ottar the Just, with the motley group of Jarls, defeated the mighty armies of the Ostland king, King Finnbogi, at the battle of Brigleford (where the king and jarls were captured).

The House of Ottar have pursed government and social policies which have made Vestland a growing economic power. Even encouraging an influx of foreign settlers (most notably, Rockhome dwarves), enriching Vestland’s culture and technology. The capital Norrvik contains the only College of Spellcasting in the Northern Reaches.

The last High King of Vestland disappeared 5 years ago when campaigning against Heldannic Knights in the Heldann Freeholds. Since then tensions in Vestland has risen. Maramet’s heir, Thendel, inherited Vestland. With the disappearance of the Sorona (the great mystical crown of the High King) Thendel found himself without the self-evident symbol of righteousness and the bereft of it’s legitimacy.

Many nobles acknowledged Thendel’s claim, but others stopped short of paying homage. Within a few months the superstructure of the realm began to crumble and seeds of anarchy were sown. To stop civil war, Annacks, spokesman for the orders of Odin, Thor, Freya and Freyja (based in Ruthinian) proposed the Thendel become Prince Regent until the Solona could be found. Against better judgement Thendel proposed a great quest to recover King Maramet’s body and the Sorona. But along the Northwest frontier he was ambushed by Ethengarians.

After Thendel’s death, Annacks and other dignitaries established a Council of Regents in Norrvik. Now after five years, the power and influence of the council has dwindled. In some cases the regents have simply been unable to discharge the duties of royalty. In cases of feudal succession their proclamations have often been ignored. Furthermore, all attempts to recover the Sorona have failed.


pp = Schilder (5gp)
gp = Guldan (1gp)
ep = Hellar (2ep=1gp)
sp = Floren (10sp=1gp)
cp = Oren (100cp=1gp)

Kingdom of Vestland

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