Azimi's Journal3

I have found that travelling though the mountains is inherently risky, but being surrounded by warriors is a blessing and a curse. Seeing the benefit of armed protection is good, but their decision making is obviously limited to the intellectual prowess that is stunningly lacking. Point in case, was the horrible misadventure with ice oozes inside the cave. Their were warning signs outside, but the warriors with a “LO” and “Thor wills it” stroll on in. Renn who I had previously thought as a bit a braggart truly proved himself to amazingly stupid as well. As the warriors investigated some “dragon eggs” they came alive and dissolve his head in a horrible grotesque head melting accompaniment. Seeing this I nearly vomited, but still managed to cast a magical missile at the ooze. As the warriors, bashed and hacked I waited back only to see only the magical fire weapon of Ragnar’s Axe seemed to hurt them. Ragnar then fell, and I saw that Kurin seemed unable to make the Axe blaze, I was first to respond rushing past yelling at him to say the command word. However, the ooze saw me and hit me with a pain I can’t repeat here. It shames me but my crying, stamping and pouting the magical healing offered to others was only given to me after they had been treated. However, I now know that only the foolish get into combat and I will resolve to avoid it as much as possible. I merely watched as they buried the body of Renn under a pile of rocks, I only put one stone on as Thorsgrim kept on harping on about Thor this and Thor that.

Travelling away towards the lair of the beast it attacked us as we traveled up a rock ravine, but Ragnar was picked up and managed to smite the beast as a hero of yore, before falling into the snow. My horse bolted under me interrupting my spell. As a relief the beast flew off. Later we did camp and I was able to use my vast medical knowledge to assist the injured, mostly cold burns and snow drop. The warriors were most insistent on looking from the dragon lair, but we did find a treasure outside, a backpack with a travelling spell book in it. Oh, the pleasure of being able to find more spells, such power. 5 new spells for me to test and try. With great carefulness we traversed up to the lair and entered after Thorsgrim provided some frost protection and a bless. I protected myself from evil as well before I followed the warriors in the cave. I was amazed at the bravery of Skrogg and Ragnar who led the party out and then wounded the beast enraging it. The other warriors joined the attack as I penetrated it’s obvious magical defenses with a magical missile spell. The beast was slain by a leaping skrogg and his magical sword.

The dragons horde was the most beneficial, with my magical detection I discovered magical objects, and even helped to secure the stalagmite’s with my magical spells before more wealth than I had ever seen and magical objects emerged. I was able, during the rest to probe the magical properties of the objects to discover a Rod of the Wym, unfortunately attuned to lawful folk, a staff of the elements and a crystal ball. The warriors concerned themselves with counting money and packing coins.

The travel off the mountain lair was extremely painful, as the cold seemed to creep into my very bones. Ragnar began to lead us out of the mountains, but I have become alarmed at his mathematical calculations. Truly is brains are in his muscles as clear as night and day we begun to emerge on the wrong side of the mountains. I began to observe him and even correct some of his most obvious mistakes, eventually taking over in navigation entirely. I did use the crystal ball to observe a horde of Khanates hanging around a lion castle in the plains, and have marked it on the map of a future place to investigate. Skrogg under my tutelage has now began to speak Heldannic. I am proud of my wee student, bless his little heart.

Food has become a scarcity, but Sven has proven himself a useful hunter and provided some lovely game food, supplementing out dwindling supplies. Thorsgrim and Kurin are unusually quiet, but somehow distracted. I don’t know why. However, they seemed to pick themselves up after I directed them towards Ravenholm at last.

Arriving back at Ravenholm was again joyful with many folk rushing out to greet us. I am amazed to see so many new faces and even have seen more halfling folk. I was desperate to train in the staff to defend myself as I have seen Thora again with head held high storming through the village. I have managed to convince Kurin to give myself and Sven a ride on his magical dragon towards Norvick.

I have now spent many days working my muscles with the Weapon Master Odinsplitter, a kindly old man who loves to teach, and I have made my mind up to visit him again in the future. He seems to love the defensive nature of the staff and drilled me extensively in it’s defense properties. Surprisingly, I have found myself loving the physical exercise. He gave me a kiss good bye today and said that I was his favourite student.

With Sven’s help I have purchased and goodly number of books on the properties of magic and hope that it will be enough to assist with more magical research. Kurin has again given us a ride back to Ravenholm on “Hammer” the Dragon, but kept talking about his working with his mentor Broic. Dwarve’s do seem go on about silly things.

I has now been a couple of weeks since arriving back at Ravenholm and i have spent it in the majority in my house doing research into creating a lighning bolt. I borrowed money off Skrogg and was making real progress until Thora again came round. She had heard that Ragnar had again been knocked unconscious by the ooze up and the mountains and was very angry that I hadn’t immediately told her. Thora knocked at the door as I was in the middle of my studies, I opened the door to see Thora smelling of mead in the doorway. Before I could react she grabbed my hair, pulled it sideways the then threw me across the room, closing the door to the outside village. I came up to my feet in a fighting stance as Master Odinsplitter taught me, only to find her fist hitting my temple sending stars infront of my eyes. The next minutes are a nightmere blur of punches, before unconscious came over me. I woke sometime later lying sprawled on the mat in front of the fire with Thora sitting beside me. I flinched awake discovering that she had applied a cream to my facial bruises. Thora apologized for loosing her temper saying that she didn’t mean it, just that that I shouldn’t make her do it. Frozen in fear she did kiss me in a way that a man kisses a woman, and then did pat me all over. My mind shut down as she did many things too me, before saying that it was out little secret and leaving. I did cry and sob all night, and worst I had to inform Skrogg that the magical spell creation did fail and I lost all of his money. Seeing his little face look disappointed, was too much and I burst into tears. As such a nice fellow he could never understand the tears were not for the failed magic, but for my terror of Thora. He just held my hand and patted it saying that it was alright and better luck next time, sobs continued to rack me as his sad little face looked on.

I have now recovered much and put some sturdy bolts on my door and don’t answer it for anyone. I have found myself possesed at the ale house, and looked on as a voice that wasn’t mine spoke. We did then all work together to fit on the back of Kurin’s dragon to visit the mages tower. Flying is truly the only way to travel! The mage then used me again to open a gateway, and I must learn how to ward myself from these magical attacks.

We have now traveled far inland to Darokin where they speak with a silly accent, and I know that I must hide my Galantri accent from them. We have boarded a boat and I am writing this from inside the cabin. I am practicing everyday with the crystal ball extending my powers with it. I Hope the castle investigation will be worth it!

Azimi's Journal3

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