Azimi's Journal1

Journal One

Azimi furious at being left behind at the manner began by desperately looking library volumes in a vain yet sophisticated attempt to being the process of acquiring new knowledge and lost arts. However, the nagging guilt that something was amiss she unselfishly agreed to return the bags of loot to the ship.

Spending her well earned research time, she still suffered the guilt that the manner house lord had given a temporary loan of horses for the expedition towards the rock. She dutifully saddled the horses, tied them together and trotted out towards the trail in an attempt to find the Heroes of Ravenholm. Encountering them on the path it was revealed that they had been attacked by harpies and had prevailed against such odds, Azimi found herself humbled by such warriors of renown! Thorsgrim seemed to rant about Thor, piousness and honour etc, but his eyes kept lingering on Azimi’s legs and hips. Azimi flashed him an insolent grin and was rewarded by a flush in Thorsgrim’s cheeks as he turned hurriedly away. As they travelled and Azimi’s memory turned inwards a group of sprites appeared and began to flutter about the party inviting them to play, Azimi speaking in Elven accepted the invitation and began to play against much muttering from the warrior types. The sprites warned the Heroes that a large creature resided up a head and care was needed.

Further up the trail an Ogre could be seen obviously doing something on a rock up ahead. Azimi dismounted as she didn’t trust the stead she was on as other weapons were readied. Ragnar called and challenge and beast began to run towards the Party, Arrows, Bolts and insults all felt their mark on the creature. Azimi was particularly pleased that a poisoned dart hit home, but failed to stop the beast. As the Ogre ran into combat the quick work of Kurin the dwarf bashed its knee as Skrogg hit its other hamstring. The beast bellowed in pain and dropped its head allowing Ragnar to lop its head off with a mighty chop of his Long Handled Axe. Where the ogre had waited was a small sack with 40 gp.

As they carried up the trail out from a long nearby rushed a couple of swarms of rats. Azimi screamed as her fear overtook sanity, she jumped off her horse and began to leg it. A pack of Rats began to chase her. Screaming all the way, her fear enabled to outpace the rats and turn and run back towards the party who had dismantled and squashed the first pack. As Azimi sprinted on yelling “save me, save me” the warriors attacked the second swarm squashing them quickly. Azimi, chest heaving (Thorsgrim looking again she noticed) returned to the Heroes. Some wounds were bandaged.

Up ahead some chameleon men stopped the heroes demanding that they stand trial for crossing their land. They demanded that the party surrender. Azimi seeing the odds, against them immediately dropped her staff raising her hands. The warriors, demanded death and glory and it was only until the five of the chameleon men somehow reappeared behind the party hold a knife to Azimi throat, that the warriors agreed to hand over their weapons. They were bound and blind folded and led towards their lair. Inside they were briefly kept hostage before standing trial. The trial chosen was Skrogg who was to enter one to one combat in a ring armed with a club. Skrogg surprising everyone bashed the boasting Chameleon man in the groin causing a funny collapse and success by trial. They were led back to their weapons.

The Heroes carried up the trail until a covered bridge was found. The arch warned that men must pay a cost in crossing. Azimi, Skrogg and Kurlin crossed easily, but the human warriors were attacked. Eventually after much splashing, the Heroes managed to cross and defeated two Water Weirds who had almost drowned Ragnar. Azimi applied first aid managed to saved him. To which he gave thanks to ODIN.

The Heroes continued until a lurking figure could be seen on the mountain path ahead. Sven hid as the other carried on. Amazingly Sven managed to completely surprise this one lone dwarf miner who was watching the group. He offered a game of betting gems on an axe throw with Kurin. Kurin threw extremely well, but had just lost all the party’s gems. Azimi outraged at this obvious charlatan, cast her first (and only magic spell) Charm Person. The dwarf immediately became her friend and agreed in friendship to the double or nothing axe throw. Kurin seeing his previous error won. Azimi asked her new friend to stay to help protect her from the dangers in the wild. Thorsgrim began spouting warrior claptrap about “Honor the host etc”, but his eyes continued to switch to Azimi’s shapely bottom. Honor the host indeed!

Day ends with Thorsgrim pitching a tent all by himself.

Adventure Two

Waking up on the cold morning with mist all around didn’t fill me with fine feeling of adventure. Moreover, we had to walk our horses through the endless crags and rocky outcroppings as my skills in riding are still limited. As the mist cleared we could finally see the goal of the adventure. The rock towering above the valley like a doom to all. As we approached, I made certain that I was surrounded by Warriors on all sides. However, Thorsgrim sill continues to stare at my bottom whenever he can. I only guess he is having unpure thoughts again, perhaps his god will punish him. Anyways, as we approached, I could see a beautiful woman chained to a rock. I mean, semi beautiful in a kind of homely way. She started going on about being a prisoner etc, but all I could think of is that if it was as cold as it was last night, she would have frozen to death will the clothes she was wearing. As the Warriors began to lap up her diatribe, magical daggers began to appear, fly in and attack. Ducking and diving, I managed to get my staff up in time and with the skill that can only come with frenzy of survival managed to bat it out the way. As the other heroes were still being attacked I decided that only the truly stupid sit still and get attacked so maneuvered myself nearer to the woman outside of the range of the flying daggers. As a precaution I got out my blowpipe. As soon as all the magical flying daggers were dealt with, the chained woman dropped out of the illusion and became a Hag. I knew it, my pipe was ready and with amazing accuracy hit her in the neck, unfortunately, my dart failed to penetrate her neck and she carried on. The Heroes very quickly chopped her down. Afterwards the little halfling found a short sword in the crevice in the rock. It had nice runes on it but, I will have to read that later.

Kurin the dwarf, who I have suspicions of being a Dwarven Cleric from rockholm found the entrance way, via an illusion into the rock. Inside was a large chamber. Across the chamber were several chests and 4 statues of kings. Amazingly, the statues came to life. Realizing how dangerous they are I positioned myself behind the line of Warriors, near Sven who was taking pot shots with his crossbow. Thinking hard at the time I thought about what I could do as my darts would have been ineffectual against such stone skin, my charm person spell wouldn’t work and getting into a combat would be foolish, I decided to throw some oil at the creatures. The warriors stood firm and shot and hack the statues. My first oil throw, and I freely admit that I was never that good and throwing things, missed badly and I have to get closer. As I threw my second oil, the statue fighting Skrogg moved suddenly and pushed him into the path of my oil. I was horrified as he was hit, It was an accident. He seemed to suffer burns and then got hit by the creature collapsing to the ground. The living statue began to turn it’s horrible eyes on me. My blood ran cold, and fear found it’s way to my heart, but Sven appeared by my side with his sword drawn. Seeing that help had arrived I cleverly ran off distracting the beast who promptly miss Sven. Seeing the combat take an ugly turn I looked for a save place to be and ran towards the chests, hoping to find a clue to make them stop. As I stood there Ragnar the mighty warrior split his statue he was fighting in two and then moved assist Sven. I was absolutely amazed to see little Skrogg stand and start fighting the living statue again. I can only say that Halflings must be truly tougher than I ever imagined. Thorsgrim, fell fighting his statue, I guess that Thor must have deserted him, due to staring at my body constantly. I won’t tell the others, but I will miss the attention he was giving me. Kurin enraged at seeing his fellow warrior slain strode forth and smote the crystal statue shattering it, I’m glad he never looks at me the way he did when Thorsgrim fell.

Afterwards, I used the bandages I always have on hand to bandage the injuries as best I could. I was astonished to see no injuries on Skrogg at all. I suspect that the sword he has is mighty indeed. The other warrior’s joked that I would have to use my clothing to bandage them, but I’m not so foolish as that. Ragnar put his hand on my thigh, but I was able to simply slap his hand off me. I know that he means nothing by it, plus his wife the shield maiden is absolutely nasty. I solved the riddle of the chests, but no one seemed to notice, and we opened the least attractive one showing a mountain of treasure and even better, a scroll and some books to read. At last some intelligent prize worth having. I can’t wait to see what is inside.

Oh yes, a portal opened to the mages garden and we had to pack the body of Thorsgrim onto the horse. Not that I was actually lifting, but I did hang my head in a position of reverence so no one could see that my feelings. We travelled back via the portal, but thanks to my training I was able to ensure that all the heroes we able to pass through. Back at the Mages tower, I was able to spend some time analyzing all the items to tell the other heroes the magical properties of all the items. But best of all I now have three new spells. I guess adventuring some toughen up my powers as I seem to be able to store more magical energy now. Strogg sword nearly killed me when I just lightly touched it, I won’t make that mistake again. Must dash as the books of Tuma beckon me to read them.

Azimi showing her injury after looking at Skrogg’s sword

Azimi's Journal1

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