Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Dragon Slayers

Into the tomb

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 42

Kurin with his military entourage was busy trooping through the mountains the remains.

Outside the Elven King tomb the PCs entered after casting all sorts of enchantments on themselves, Just in Case. Unfortunately, the mage Azimi failed to understand the wardings around the tomb doors to discover that those who entered who had all of their enchantments dispelled. Continual lights were re ignited and temporary protections were put into place.

It was decided to explore the tomb and remove any times that someone had carelessly left behind. The first room had a sarcophagus of an elven princess who seemed to be un touched except for Skrogg attempting to break into lid and resisting a curse.

The next room (as all doors were opened by the hard ball playing Skrogg) contained another sarcophagus, but the detect evil by Ragnar detected a presence floating in the corner of the room. Thorsgrim cast a True sight to see a gaseous form of a vampire waiting there. Before he could attempt to destroy it, the vampire fled leaving the party to rob the sarcophagus of items of interest including a scroll, a Girdle of Giant strength (analyzed by Azimi), a helm of understanding languages and reading magic, a wand and potion, plus lots of cash. A actual treasure horde.

The next two rooms around the outside were searched but found nothing except for normally dead elves. However, the third room contained an alter and three wraiths that attacked. The first was slain by Skrogg the Strong, unfortunately one reached out and grabbed him draining his life essence. Thorsgrim luckily destroyed both with a word from Thor. Puff puff!

Further down the corridor another room was searched, but the secret door was discovered by Throsgrim, under the influence of truesight. However, the Vampire returned to drain the life of poor brother Stargard standing guard in the hallway. The vampire was slowed by Azimi before turning to a pile of gently floating ash by Thorgrim. Poor brother Stargard feeling weak and drained was turned inivisible by Azimi to protect him. The heroes continued through the secret door to find a possible golem guarded warded door.

Using ESP Azimi hear the dream thoughts of a large dragon behind the doors. A plan was hatched. The ever useful scroll of portals opened a hole in the wall where Ragnar and Skrogg rushed in. Skrogg shot the beast with an arrow as Ragnar flounded on the large pile of coins. Fergus was Dimensioned Doored behind the beast with his mighty sword, hitting the beast as it hovered and attacked with tail, wings, claw and bite. Thorsgrim threw his hammer striking the dragon. It the next round Azimi cast a Power Word Stun, dropping the beast onto the waiting mighty sword of Fergus, slaying it outright.

Soon the Immensity of the treasure was discovered including the +5 sword and +5 plate of the elven king (to be returned to the king of elves) and even a staff of power and potion of poison. Skrogg the Strong received a ring granting the powers of Dancing in the dark while protected from Evil.

The elves in the floating light boat above loaded the massive horde on board and returned to the Elven King who agreed for Elves to join the war.

Day ends.

Dance on Skrogg!!!


Ragnar did absolutely nothing but detect some evil intentions from the vampire and do his best impression of a Monty Python Guard against the Dragon…..

CHARGE! Hey!, Grab, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE Thwack.Thump.Slide.bump”

And no +5 Mithril Chainmail. What the hell sort of Elven tomb horde was that?

Dragon Slayers
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