Mystara and the Path to Immortality

A well earned rest

Conculsion to the invasion of The Master

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 46

Dated: 3rd Thaumont 1006, Late Spring.

Suddenly, The Master stops fighting and looks up, ignoring you. He speaks to a presence only he can see, “I need more time! You promised me power enough to do your will! It isn’t fair to take it away now! I was faithful to you! Don’t abandon me! Don’t …. no! NO!”

With the last plaintive cry, The Master begins to decay before your eyes. The flesh melts from his bones and the skeleton itself begins to crumble. Within moments, only a pitiful pile of dust and spreading stain of decay on the carpet remains."

The final confrontation ends with the death of Alrethus the wizard (second in command) and The Master turning to dust.

As the heroes real in horror at the scene the keen of eye notice that the stain forms into a shape of a snake with wings. Kurin and Thorsgrim immediately snarl in recognition, the symbol of Atzanteotl, an Immortal of Entropy.

A commotion can be heard from outside. As Azimi starts looting what she can, Sir Fergus lumbers (in a rather dented suit of armour) to the opening. Lifting the flap, a scene of chaos is relieved, giants lumbering around with various commanders giving all sorts of contradicting orders.

Sir Fergus calls over his shoulder.

“We don’t have time for that witch, sorry, my Queen. We’ve got an army on the way.”

“I can’t run any more, I’ll hold them off while you get to that Airship. Now go, go!”

The remaining heroes cut a hole in the back of Masters Tent and started making for The Masters private Airship. Azimi summons her magical energy and as Sir Fergus prepares to sell his life for his friends the very air in front of him splits apart. A magical doorway leading to the deck of the Airship. With a glance back at Azimi Sir Fergus strides onto the deck of the Airship much to the surprise of a very panicked looking crew. Azimi, seeing an “army” of giants heading her way, found flight better than valor, takes off after the Wolves of Ravenholm, out the back of the tent.

Navigating the chaos of the camp the heroes arrive at the Airship to find Sir Fergus astride the deck barking orders at the crew. It is somewhat intimidating having a 7" giant, armed with a great two-handed sword, covered in blood appear in your midst. With the screams and chaos below, it didn’t take Sir Fergus long to convince the crew that a change in management is a good thing. Much to the disgust of Sir Ragnar, who was mumbling something along the lines of ….. my one chance …. gone.

His mood brightened when he realized that he was the only party member who could attempt to pilot the Airship. GM – yes Sir Ragnar gets an Airship

As the newly acquired Airship tokes flight the heroes lick their wounds. Below them chaos reins. The power that held the forces together was disintegrating fast. Each faction trying to seize as much power as it can. Thorsgrim could be heard saying, “such is the nature of evil”.

The news of the death of The Master has spread quickly. As the hero’s arrive at the battle between the forces of the “good” nations and the Legion of Doom, the PC’s forces are hard pressed (surrounded and outclassed). The news could not have come at a better time. For the news hits like a wave, demoralizing the Legion of Doom, and like a wave on the rocks the Legion of Doom disintegrates.

Wild cheering greet the PC’s. With the PC’s help the allies are able to extricate their forces from the field, leaving the remnants of the Legion of Doom fighting themselves. With the head of the snake removed the PC’s decide to get their forces back to Darokin City and try and relieve it.

Arriving back Darokin City they are greeted by an aftermath of another great battle. The forces of Karameikos, allied with military units from the Five Shires, Alfheim and Glantri hold the field. Over the next few weeks, the over extended Desert Nomads are slowly driven back. The “Wolves of Ravenholm” are welcomed as befit great heroes. They are Knighted by the Darokin emperor and given military honors and decorations. In addition each party member is given an estate in Darokin that provides an annual income of 10,000gp. The estates are held in their name, all funds given to whoever they wish, even if they choose not to live there.

Thorsgrim has numerous dreams of a large meteor heading for Mystara. Each dream is always accompanied by lighting. DM – Thorsgrim may which to contact Thor or their mage friend Rheddrian.

Darokin survives, just, but Mystara and its nations are changed forever, politically, economically and socially. In the mean time the PC’s get a well deserved rest.


Hooray an Airship. Ragnar and his Paladin companions immediately leave on a grand tour of the world to see how many buckets of poo can be dropped on unsuspecting evil doers

A well earned rest

You’ll have the best seats in the House for the annual Hard-Ball competition between the Krenholm Salamanders and the Rockholm Badgers!

A well earned rest

The Paladins of THOR shall raise a Hard-ball team and kill all those dare oppose them. IN THORS NAME!!

what? …….what do you mean you cannot kill the opposition?

A well earned rest

Blood Bowl™ before the evil corporation of .. took over

A well earned rest
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