Skrogg "The Mighty" Firmfist

"Valhalla, I am coming!"


5th Edition Character Conversion:
Class: Fighter (Champion) Level 13, Paladin Level 1
Alignment: Lawful Good
Race: Lightfoot Halfling Background: Far Traveller
Initiative: +5 HP: 117 Speed: 25
Hit Dice: 14d10 Armour Class: 23 (Dragon Scale 15, Shield + 4, Dex + 3, Defence)
Proficiency: +5

Stats: Str: 18, Dex: 16, Con: 14, Int: 18, Wis: 9, Cha: 14
Saves: Str: + 9, Dex: + 3, Con: + 7, Int: + 4, Wis: – 1, Cha: + 2

Proficient Skills:
Animal Handling (4), Athletics (9), Insight (4), Perseption (4), Performance (7), Stealth (8), Survival (4)

Sword of the Rock: + 11 to Hit, d6 + 6 Piercing
Mjǫtuðr Rǫnd+2: + 11 to Hit, d4 + 6 Piercing damage
Bow of the Statue: + 9 to Hit, d6 + 4 Piercing
Troll Cleaver: + 9 to Hit, d6 + 4 Slashing

Medium Armour Master, Skilled, Stat Increase, Stat Increase

Common, Heldanic, Halfling

Halfling Features
Size: Small
Lucky (re-roll 1s)
Brave (advantage vrs fear)
Halfling Nimbleness (can move through space of any creature larger than me)
Naturally Stealthy (can hide when obsured by a creature larger than me)

Champion Features:
Fighting Style: Defence ( + 1 AC while armoured), Two Weapon Fighting (add stat damage to off hand attack)
Second Wind (bonus action to heal d10+Level hitpoints once per short rest)
Action Surge (extra action once per short rest)
Extra attack (x2)
Indomitable (re-roll failed save twice per short rest)
Improved Critical (19 or 20)
Remarkable Athlete (add half prof bonus (rounded up) to Str, Dex or Con checks that don’t already use prof and increase distance of running long jump by Str bonus)

Paladin Features
Divine Sense (3x per Long Rest)(Detect location and type of Celestial, Fiend or Undead within 60’ or place or object that has be consecrated/desecrated with Hallow spell)
Lay On Hands (5hp or cure poison/disease)

Attuned Items
Sword of the Rock
White Dragon Plate+1
Ring of Wound Closure

Non-Attuned Magic Items
Mjǫtuðr Rǫnd+2
Bow of the Statue
Boots of Elvinkind
Potion of Longevity
Bag of Unending Nourishment

Normal Stuff
Backpack, containing:
3 Small Sacks
1 Large Sack
Water-skin (full)
3 Vials Oil
3 Torches
Bejeweled Cutlery Set (9000gp)

Money Pouch (under Armour, around neck)

Gold Wolf Armband
Bejeweled Scabbard

Pouch, containing:
Copper Coin with continual flame
Small journal, Quill and ink pot

Basic Version:

Class/Race: Halfling
Level 8 (Attack Rank F)
Age 28 (born 12th Flaurmont 977) Gender Male
Height 3’1" Weight 65lb Hair White (was brown) Eyes Blue
Alignment: Lawful
THAC0: 11
Full HP: 44
AC: 0/-5 (White Dragon Plate+1, Dex, Mjǫtuðr Rǫnd+3, Ring+1)
Experience Points: 1,718,680 (+10%). (1 800 000 for Attack Rank G)
Scars: 5 (black streak through hair from Wraith, hair now completely white, has a slight limp after fall 100’ when battling a Lich, sword wound from Baron “Black Eagle” Von Hendricks)

Languages: Common (Thyatian), Common (Darokin), Common (Heldannic) and Alignment (Lawful)

STR: 16 INT: 18 WIS: 9 DEX: 13 CON: 13 CHR: 13
DeathRay/Poison: 1/-3 Wands: 1 Paralysis/Stone: 1 DragonBreath: 3 Spells/Staff: 3(1)/3

-2 AC verses “L” opponents, 90% hide in Woodlands, 33% hide indoors, +1 to initiative, Set Spear combat manoeuvre, +1 to hit with missile weapons, half damage from spells and spell-like effects, Fighter Options, 2 attacks possible. Requires twice the amont of food to sustain him normally.

Troll Cleaver THAC0: 9 Damage: 1d6+2
Bow of the Statue THAC0: M=4, Other=6 Damage: 1d6+5. Delay at Short (R 80/130/170)
Sword of the Rock THAC0: H=3 Other=5 Damage: 1d6+8 (H: -2AC/2, Disarm(save+2))
Mjǫtuðr Rǫnd THAC0: 2 Damage: 1d4+6

Weapon Proficiencies
All weapons, Expert in Short Sword, Expert in Horned Shield, Expert in Shortbow

Non-Weapon Proficiencies
Muscle (Str 16), Alertness (Dex 13), Singing (Cha 13), Music-Stringed (Cha13), Bravery (Wis 9), Pegasus Riding (13), Leadership (13), Hardball (13)

Money Carried
PP GP SP CP Gems see paper character sheet

Items Carried
30 Troll Cleaver
30 Sword of the Rock+2
10 Bejeweled Scabbard (2×50gp and 1×500gp gems)
20 Bow of the Statue+1
7 – 14 Arrows
250 White Dragon Plate+1
20 Mjǫtuðr Rǫnd+3
10 Gold Wolf Wrist(arm) Band
- Ring of Life Protection+1 (6 charges)
- Ring of Survival (125 charges)

10 Elven Boots

20 Lute

20 Bag of Unending Nourishment

20 Backpack (holds 400cn) containing: 121cn
3 3 Small Sacks
8 1 Large Sack
5 Water-skin (full)
30 3 Vials Oil
5 Tinderbox
60 3 Torches
10 Bejeweled Cutlery Set (9000gp)

2 Money Pouch (under Armour, around neck)

2 Pouch (holds 50cn) containing: 41cn
1 Copper Coin with continual light
40 Small journal, Quill and ink pot

Enc Total = 593 (Speed 90 feet/turn, 30 feet/round)


Skrogg Firmfist was born with the name Olly Tangleberry to a blacksmith in the town of Ober’s Mimbur in the High Shire. He was a rough and tumble child, most unlike his 6 brothers and sisters. He loved hearing tales of other Realms from the travelers and treasure hunters that passed through Ober’s Mimbur and was most fascinated by the Northern Reaches. So much so, that as soon as he could afford it (after saving money from working at the forge and also making some of his stuff) he renamed himself (with what he thought a good Northern name) and set of on an Adventure to find the Northern Reaches. He is most taken with the God Thor and wishes himself to be a great warrior and to be carried to Valhalla by the Valkyries when he dies. He has heard much about the lands North and is trying to live his life according to the Warriors Code (from an oath he heard one traveller speak about…)

“Honour thy lord, and avenge any injury upon him.
Honour thy word and oath.
Honour thy friend and fellow warrior and desert him not in his need.
Honour the hospitality of thy host and make no breach of the peace.
Honour the stranger, give him shelter and protection.
Honour thy name, and make no false pretence upon it.
Be fearless.
At the end, hope for death in battle, weapon in hand, the bodies of thy enemies heaped about thee.”

Upon arriving in Ravenholm Skrogg has attached himself to Thorsgrim who he views as a true devotee of Thor. Skrogg can often be found at Thorsgrim’s house whether Thorsgrim likes it or not.

Skrogg’s Journal

As reward for helping return the Sorona to the High King of Vestland Skrogg was granted the title of Jarl and dominion over Krenholm which has become the seat of Clan Firmfist

Dominion of Krenholm
- Borderland 3/6, Tower, 362 families, 3 resources (A, V, M), Income (3620gp + 362gp + 2172gp)
- New Shire, Halflings, 154 families, 3 resource (A, A, V), Income (1540gp + 154gp + 770gp)
Total Income (Std:5160gp Tax:516gp Res:2942gp) XP: 3458xp / month

With the establishment of New Shire (a homeland for the Hin outside The Shire) families have started arriving.

130 Halfling Troops have offered their support to defend the new land without pay.

Skrogg "The Mighty" Firmfist

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