Silanda Feadiel

Elven Friend of Bronic and Weapon Smith


Class Shadow Elf Level 8
Age 127 Gender Male Height 5’ 0" Weight 100lb Race Shadow Elf
Alignment: Neutral THAC0: 15
Full HP: 29 AC: 1 (Magic Scale Mail+Dex)

Languages: Elven(Shadow Elf), Gnoll, Orc, Hobgoblin, Common and Alignment

STR: 14 INT: 17 WIS: 7 DEX: 16 CON: 8 CHR: 12
DeathRay/Poison: 8/9 Wands: 8 Paralysis/Stone: 9 DragonBreath: 9 Rod/Staff/Spells: 11/11/12

Infravision 90’, Languages and Detection (secret doors 1-2 on d6)

Searcher THAC0: 10 Damage: 1d12+4 (+2, H -2AC/2, Deflect(2), Disarm)
Short Sword THAC0: 12 Damage: 1d6+3 (+2, H -2AC/1, Deflect(1, Save+1), Disarm)
Heavy Crossbow+1 THAC0: 10 Damage: 2d6+1 (+2, M -1AC/1, Stun (s))

Spells Known/Memorized Shadow Elven (GAZ13 pg29) 4 3 2 2
Read Magic, Magic Missile, Locate, Charm Person, Longstride+, Detect Magic, Analyze
Mirror Image, Invisibility, Phantasmal Force, Detect Invisible
Protection from Normal Missiles, Hold Person, Fly, Haste
Enchant Weapon, Fear

Weapon Proficiencies
All Weapons, Skilled in Normal Sword, Skilled in Short Sword, Skilled in Heavy Crossbow

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (6)
Craft – Weapon Smith(DEX), Find Traps(DEX), Move Silently(DEX), Weapon Master (Normal Sword), Alternate Magics(INT), Rapid Fire(DEX).

Money Carried
PP 10 GP 1 SP 5 CP Gems: 6×1000gp, 1×100gp

Items Carried:
Searcher , Heavy Crossbow+1(Speed, 1 / day Haste for 1 turn), Scale Mail+3, Potion of Extra Healing
Adventuring Gear (Back Pack, Clothes, Boots, Cloak, Tinder box, Wineskin, Stakes and Mellet, Rope 50’, Sack, Plate, Knife, fork, Spoon, Pot, Tent)


Silanda is a very fair skilled elf, in fact he is a Shadow Elf, years ago while adventuring (cough, within the dwarven realm of Rockhome) he discovered a dwarf injured in a fall. Being a Shadow Elf the hatred of dwarves runs deep (shadow elves believe gems store the souls of elves, dwarves mine them). As Silanda planned to kill the creature something stayed his hand, believing it a sign from Rafiel, he healed the dwarf with a potion.

Upon recovery discovered the dwarf was Bron-ic, and they shared a passion for crafting. Throughout the years they became fast friends, adventuring and traveling together. Finally they reaching the point where they planned to set up a Armourer and Weapon Smithing business.

But being a Shadow Elf has its complications …… but in the Northern Reaches he is accepted (well not despised), because of his exceptional skill in crafting but also their skill in battle.

Silanda Feadiel

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