Bronic Stonebrough

Dwarven friend and Ravesholm Smith


Class Dwarf Level 12
Age 107 Gender Male Height 4’ 4" Weight 165lb Race Dwarf
Alignment: Lawful THAC0: 13
Full HP: 69 AC: -2 (Magic Plate Mail+Shield)
Experience Points: 1,000,000 +10%

Languages: Dwarvish, Gnomish, Goblin, Kobold, Common(Thyatian), Alignment(Lawful)

STR: 13 INT: 14 WIS: 16 DEX: 10 CON: 16 CHR: 12
DeathRay/Poison: 2 Wands: 3 Paralysis/Stone: 4 DragonBreath: 4 Rod/Staff/Spells: 5

Infravision 60’, Languages and Detection (stone work traps 1-2 on d6)

War Hammer+2 (Expert) THAC0: 6 Damage: 1d8+5 (M -3AC/2)
Battle Axe (Skilled) THAC0: 8 Damage: 1d8+3 (M -2AC/2, Delay)

Spells Memorised

Weapon Proficiencies
All, Expert in War Hammer, Skilled in Battle Axe

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (9)
Mining (Int), Engineering(Int), Military Tactics(INT), Codes of Law and Justice – Dwarven(WIS), Craft – Weapon Making(INT), Craft – Armorer(INT), Blacksmithing(INT)
Counsel(WIS), Teaching(WIS),

Money Carried
PP 10 GP 1 SP 5 CP Gems: 6×10gp, 1×100gp,

Items Carried:
War Hammer+2, Hand Axex2, Shield, Holy Symbol.
Plate Mail+3 of Electricity (once per day, attacker takes 6d6 save for half).
Potion of Fire Resistance.
Adventuring Gear (Back Pack, Clothes, Boots, Cloak, Tinder box, Wineskin, Stakes and Mellet, Rope 50’, Sack, Plate, Knife, fork, Spoon, Pot, Tent)

Ravenhom Smithy

Size: 2x Master, 10x Dwarves
Income (14(Weapon Making) – d20(skill roll)) x 4 (Influential family) x 50% (1/2 expenses)
Average Income 14 – 10(roll) x 4 x50% = 8gp / Dwarf / Month = ~80gp / Month


Bron-ic hails from the Influential family, a retired General within the Buhrodar clan (based in Rockhome).

While growing up suffered a minor accidental injury from a fall but resulted in no major disability, due to the timely invention of Silanda. This incidentally earned him his last name Stonebrough. Bron-ic and Silanda became fast friends (despite the fact he is a elven fairy) traveled the known world together.

After a period of time settled down and opened a Smithy (with Silanda) in the village of Ravenholm. Bron-ic hopes his influence and skills will foster the good relations between the dwarves and people of Vestland. Ravenholm (situated) near Trollheim also provides an opportunity for adventure when smithing work becomes stale or boring.

Recently he taken his nephew, Kurin Stonebrough, under his wing working the forge and passing on his teaching. He has known and helped the party members for a number of years.

With the establishment of “Old Rock” Bronic has agreed to help his Nephew as Senschal of Dominion of Finhagen.

Bronic Stonebrough

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