Azimi Bint Afaf Ibnnah Al Zarah

"Aren't I beautiful?"


Class: Wizard Level 17th
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human Background Noble
Initiative +3 HP 130 Speed 30
Hit Dice 17d6 Armour Class 16 Proficiency +5
Experience Points 244,623

Stats  Score   Modifier   Save 
Strength  9  - 1  + 2
Dexterity  16   + 3  + 6
Consitution  16  + 3  + 12
Intelligence   20  + 5  + 14
Wisdom  10  + 0  + 9
Charisma  16  + 3   + 6

Saves include magical bonus

Proficient Skills:
Arcana (10), History (10), Investigation (10), Medicine (5), Persuasion (8)

Staff of Power + 6 Attack, d6 + 1 Bludgeon
Dagger + 1, + 9 attack. d4 + 4 piercing damage
Firebolt, +12 attack, 3d10 + 5 fire damage
Eldritch Blast x3, +10 attack, d10 + 5 damage

Keen Mind, Spell Sniper, Elemental Adept, Magic Initiate – Warlock ( Eldritch Blast, Minor llusion, Hex), Resilient (Con)
Languages: Common, Heldanic, Galantri, Elven
Wizard Features:
Regain half level worth of spell slots during a short rest (1/long rest)
Ritual Caster
Wizard Archetype: Evocation
Exclude 1 + spell level creatures from you evocations
Cantrips deal half damage on a save
Add Int bonus to Evocation Spells
Overchannel: 5th level spell or lower can do max damage 1 per long rest. If used again within long rest take 2d12 necrotic damage for each level of spell cast

Special Abilities: Resistance vs poison, Advantage vs poison Saves

Spell Slots: 5, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1
Firebolt, Prestigitation, Shocking Grasp, Acid Splash, Mage Hand, Light, Eldritch Blast, Minor Illusion, Blade Ward, Dancing Lights, Mending, Message, Ray of Frost
1st Level:
Magic Missile, Mage Armour, Sleep, Charm Person, Disguise Self, Absorb elments, Identify (Ritual), Comprehend Languages (Ritual), Detect Magic (Ritual), Find Familiar (Ritual), Hex, Alarm
2nd Level:
Scorching Ray, Knock, Invisibility, Detect Thoughts, Detect Invisibility, Mirror Image, Levitate, Hold Person, Arcane Lock
3rd Level:
Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Dispel Magic, Haste, Fly, Protection from Energy, Bestow Curse, Counterspell, Water Breathing (Ritual)
4th Level:
Wall of fire, Polymorph, Dimension Door, Stoneskin, Stone shape, confusion, Fabricate, Arcane eye, Hallucinatory Terrain, Banishment
5th Level:
Teleport Circle, Conjure elemental, Hold Monster, Passwall, Cloudkill, Wall of Stone, Wall of Force, Seeming, Cone of Cold
6th Level:
Disintegrate, Flesh to stone, Move Earth, Chain Lightning, Glob of Invulnerability
7th Level:
Simulacrum, Teleport, Mirage Arcane, Symbol, Planeshift
8th Level:
Anti Magic Shell, Control Weather, Power Word Stun, Clone
9th Level:
Shapechange, Wish

Magic items:
Attuned: Staff of Power, Ring of Protection + 1, Ring of Spell Turning
Non Attuned:
Broom of Flying, Braces of Defense, Ring of Regeneration, Potions of Healing x 2

Money: 8 pp, 33 gp 10 ep, 17 sp, 0 cp. 10,000gpx1 1000gpx1, 500gp x9, 50gp x8 10gpx9 gems,
Stashed at home: 17,544gp, Gem 50,000gp

6 Noble Class Clothes, Boots, Belt,
4 Staff of Power (20 charges)
1 Arcane Focus
0 Braces of Defense
4 Broom of Flying
1 Dagger of Venom
0 Ring of Spell Turning (8 charges per day)
0 Ring of Regeneration
1 Potion of Healing (2d4 + 2) x2
1 Potion of Superior Healing (8d4 + 8)
1 Scroll case containing: Passwall, Knock, Fireball, Wall of Fire.
2 Component Pouch x2 (Capacity 6 lbs: used 50, used 17)

5 Backpack (Capacity 30 lbs 1 cubic foot. Used: 8 1/2 lbs)
3 Spellbook,
5 Waterskin (4 pints liquid)
0 Ink
0 ink pen
0 paper (20 sheets)
1/2 Large Sack. (capacity 30 lbs)

Enc Total: 34

Azimi’s Journal

Azimi Bint Afaf Ibnnah Al Zarah
Mighty Daughter of Chasity Daughter of The Shining One


Queen of Vestland

Jarl of Brinsforth
Magist to Royal Court of Vestland
Council member of Jarrvik School of Magic (Royal Warrant)

12 Apprentices (Levels 1-3)
6 Retainers (Clerics & Fighters Level 5+)

Retainers have: Whip +2, Mace +1, Ring of Protection +1, Dagger +1, Dagger +2 x2,
Wand of Fireballs (20 charges). Wand of Lightning Bolts (20 Charges), Bastard Sword +2, Wand of Trap Detection (20 charges). Wand Magic Missiles (9), Braces AC2

In Library: Quil of Copying, Crystal Ball, Staff of Power, Staff of Wizardry, Dagger +2

Dominion of Brinforth
- Borderland 2/6, Small Tower, Brindenfjord (128), 348 families , 2 resources (A, M), Income (4760gp + 476gp + 1904gp)
Total Income (Std:4760gp Tax:476gp Res:1904gp) XP: 2380xp / month

Brinsforth Treasury: 114,656 gp

Dominion Confidence Level: 81 +150 = 231 + d100


Living on the whim of the moment is one of the main tenants of Azimi, she believes herself to be a magic user of amazing potential, and woman of supreme beauty, even more than is actually true. Unbelievably, Azimi’s believe in herself is so strong that she won’t hesitate to use violence/magic to achieve her quest for knowledge and power.

Get what she can and give nothing back, however this has not stopped her from running away if someone truly threatens her. She only gives a passing observance towards those religious types who blather on about this Immortal or that Immortal, not to cause offence, but generally she doesn’t have time because the Azimi’s world is more important than theirs.

If someone was to threaten or insult her she often lets the insult go at the time and will actively beginning planning her vengence. Often pursing her lips and picking her teeth with her little finger. However, planning was never really her strong suit, becoming bored with the whole process of vengdetta, leaving the slight unanswered, but remembered. It is more likely that she will repay the slight with her constant and unbelievable ability to lie. In fact, if truth could be told, she seems almost incapable of telling the truth, ever. Oddly, if you take the opposite of what she says, it is more likely to be the truth than a lie. Being a constant and unabated liar, means that she herself believes that everyone is always lying to her, making her highly suspicious of everyone. However, despite all her faults, Azimi is incredibly open minded, as long as anyone compliments her she will accept them wholeheartedly. Someways like a cat always seeking attention, but never for long.

Azimi’s family have been living in Vestland region of Zealand for generations often acting as knowledge keepers or court mages towards the Hennesdalir clan , As that clan rose in power so did Azimi’s family, who had travelled from Emirates of Ylaruam. The family have always claimed that they were newly travelled into Vestland, and therefore call themselves “New Zealanders” after the local province.

Following the family tradition she was sent away for the Great School of Magic in Galantri, before returning to the Northern Reaches seeing personal gain. This was heightened by the fact that she ran out of funds at the school and requires money to continue. Oddly, when she came of age, as is in the northern tradition, no one gave her any funds, seeing her as a lying brat constantly pushing the bounds of decency and lawfulness. The only person who gave her any funds was the old wise family servant, Old Nann who had looked after Azimi since she was in the cribb. Azimi’s only truly trusts Old Nann, she would truely do anything for the old crone whom had adored and looked after Azimi after her parents had largely ignored her. This even involved following Old Nann back to her home village of Ravenholm when she was dismissed by Azimi’s family.



Azimi Bint Afaf Ibnnah Al Zarah

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