Mystara and the Path to Immortality

We are sailing

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 28

As the brave x heroes of Ravenholm sailed from the village, waving goodbye to the well wishes they traveled down the coast with incredibly favourable winds powered by the concentrating Azimi who sat in the bow. After a days travel they arrived at the docks of Brinsforth (made new and shiny by magic) and were greeted by Rollo the seneschal who invited heroes with a wide range of titles to a feast in the great hall. Of course almost all the standing army of Brinsforth were on hand to provide an escort. But who could not be impressed with 40 men at arms. The Jarldom of Brinsforth put on a substantial feast as honour provided with Azimi having to foot the bill. The next day was the public holiday where Azimi teleported back to the Royal Palace to act as Thorhella again publicly.

The Thor’s Holy Wrath left sailing down the coast towards Ylaraum and then began to sail across the Great Western ocean towards Thyatis. In Thyatis controlled Ylaraum, Tel Akhir, Sven picked up more information from his spy ring as Azimi purchased some comfortable cushions. It was also reported that apparently the Heldannic Knights invaded Ethengar slaughtering Ethengarian encampments. After dealing with the Ethengar during the Crown of Ancient Glory (and kidnapping of Svens twins) the wolves just shrugged their shoulders and basically said “cool”.

On the way the navigation went slightly off with a short detour but soon could see the Thyatian continent ahead of them. Unfortunately, 5 War Galleys were spotted, but with Azimi controlling the wind they were easily out run as the Thors Holy Wrath sailed towards the port of West Portage. A dragon turtle was spotted with the brave heroes not deciding to attack a floating steam breathing island and avoided any combat.

At the West Portage (in Tthyatis controlled Isle of Dawn), maps were purchased, and more information about world political events were picked up. A bunch of Glantrians were assassinated by some very high level magic users in the disguise of Alphatia. This triggered some bemused looks as when assassinating you don’t wear clothes advertising who you are. This was reported to Rheddian via the staff Brother Starkad carried.

The Thor’s Holy Wrath sailed along the coastline towards the town of Yin Tang on the island of Ochalea. Again at the docks Sven met with some plain individuals and reported that more political maneuvering has been taking place. Apparently the Glantrians demanded justice from Alphatia. Surprisingly the Emperor of Thyatis stuck his oar into the mix blaming Alphatia for the death of the Gilantrian emissaries. Henceforth they would not allow Alphatia to to extend her teritorial holdings. Resting after their long voyage, it’s now 8th of Ambyrmont 1004AC, Thorsgrim, Ragnar and Kurin all fell sick without the ability to cast spells as their gods abandoned them for a brief period (one week). Azimi had teleported home after spending almost 2 months at sea in a perfectly weatherly, mostly dry boat. Azimi rejoined them at the end of the week, and with Sven brought more bad news, Asterius’s temples had been burned in Alphatia which had been blamed on Glantrian Elves, but like in General Torenals murder ( Thorsgrims Story) their memory had been altered. Also the Glantrians who had been blamed for his murder had escaped but in doing so had half destroyed the Alphatian air ship armada in Aasla (Alphatia) and most of the City, along with its population.

They continued sailing towards Aegos, but encountered 4 water Elemental’s who destroyed the Elemental blowing their ship. As the elemental’s attacked Ragnar strode out to hit one and they rushed to attack and miss him and Kurin, and were unable to even affect Azimi (thanks to the staff). Thorsgrim with a magical dispel evil, dissipated one, and the three remaining fled, thanks to the spell. Azimi zapped one most cruelly with magical fire bolts which caused much steam.

The Thors Holy Wrath eventually pulled into the empty docks of Aegopoli, capitol of Aegos, news had spread and Sven confirmed the worst, Glantri, the Heldannic Knights and Thyatis were now at war with Alphatia. With the two greatest political powers now at war, the world was going to the dogs… 19th Ambyrmont 1004AC.



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