Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Snow Trip

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 7

The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Six

Azimi’s Journal Part 3

Following the pack up at the dragon cave, The Ravenholm Heroes followed the lead of Ragnar they began to traipse off the mountain, with Ragnar clearly shouting I know the way. For two days his hope fell true, until snow blindness began to take it’s course. Two days later he had begun to doubt his directions and re checked the map to discover they were now on the wrong side of the mountain, heading the wrong way.

From the plains below a dust cloud of a number of horsemen could be seen. Azimi using the power of the crystal ball found in the cave identified the horsemen as Khanates, and noted that they had camped around a dragon castle but hadn’t gone in. Without supplies and direction the Heroes again followed Ragnar off the mountain. Azimi began to observe very closely the navigation attempts of Ragnar and began to assist in the Navigation attempts. Skrogg after months of hearing only voices, began with Azimi’s instruction to understand the language of Heldrannic, spoken in the north. A mountain lion was seen nearby, but it ran off with the bickering. Both clerics began to mutter something about god problems and then were stoically quiet. Climbing off the mountain Sven, began to hunt food whenever he could to aid the dwindling food supplies. With now navigation duties taken over by Azimi, the heroes finally saw the village of Ravenholm as the food ran out and the horses began to starve.

Another welcome as horses loaded down with loot arrived in Ravenholm. Immediately, a large amount of money (and all dragon specific materials) was promised to the smith Bronic Stonebrough, in exchange for the creation 2 sets of Magical White Dragon Plate, one for Skrogg and one for Ragnar. Kurin also began to train in the hammer while Sven and Azimi were given a lift by Kurin’s magical dragon hammer to Norrvik to begin training in the crossbow and staff. A supply of books were purchased by Azimi and they returned to Ravenholm. She then attempted to research a new 3rd level spell, spending a vast some of Guldan (3000gp) on a futile effort. A few halflings hearing about the fame of Skrogg arrived in Ravenholm as well further boosting the numbers in the village. As the Heroes feasted one night Azimi’s head rolled back and she began to speak in the voice of a male, summoning them back to the wizards tower near Tuma. Time was short and they decided that by stripping down weight they all might be able to fit on the back of the Hammer dragon. Much experimentation and low level flapping occurred revealing that indeed with slimming down on their equipment they could all fit. They flew high in the clouds with only skrogg falling off only to be caught in the dragon’s claws. They arrived at the wizard’s tower, and were informed that as heroes they were wanted for a mission of most urgent. A castle was needed to be cleared for an inheritance within a very short timeline in far away Darokin in the north of lake Amsorak. The mage himself again took control of Azimi to open a gateway near to Darokin city and passage was arranged to the North of the Lake.

Arriving at the “abandoned” castle nested against a shear cliff, a brand new closed gate could be seen. Azimi again using the crystal ball failed to observe anyone on the walls on inside. Sven easily slipped over the all and lifted the bar on the gate allowing Thorsgrim, Ragnar and Skrogg to push open the gate. Inside an empty courtyard, sudden from up high some sounds of squawking birds could be seen. Having previously been warned about glowing birds, the Heroes waited with weapons drawn. Sven shot his and stunned it with his bad arse crossbow. Azimi managed to utter a shield spell before the birds at 60 feet released lightning from the breaks to miss the party. The birds then dived down and were splatted with much scrunching sounds. The stunned bird and the bird who had attacked Azimi’s flew off as all the other’s were splatted with a variety of well aimed swings.

Day Ends.


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