Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Rhoona Quest Completed

In which the Heroes rescue the Duke and slay the traitors

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 14
The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Fourteen

As the bodies were left lying on the temple floor, the doors were bolted locked and the held bodies of Kurin, Thorsgrim & Sven were dragged through a obvious secret door to keep them out of harms way. Ragnar, Skrogg and Azimi continued to investigate the temple. A secret door was discovered leading to the priest individual cells where they failed to meditate on their sins. Skrogg & Ragnar led their way into the cells disturbing the priests causing almost all to empty out of their cells armed only with clubs. The slaughter began with even Azimi hitting a priest with a dart slaying him outright (indicating the lack of power of the priest), and then had to defend herself with her stick from other sticks. Skrogg and Ragnar just covered themselves with the blood of others happily humming a Thor tune. Little treasure was discovered, except of little statues of Cretia that would be destroyed by Thorsgrim later.

The wizards room was thoroughly searching finding his spell books under his bed. Azimi used her knock spell to open it and began to hum with delight as the power of the books were discovered.

The room with the pool was investigated with Azimi taking the lead as they feared a water elemental. However, a sea serpent emerged out of the salty brine to entwine itself round the body of Azimi and began to crush her. Skrogg and Ragnar began to hack it to pieces as Azimi began to hate the idea of a snake corset. Luckly the warriors dispatched the beast with relative ease. Groaning down the corridor revealed that the hold spell on Thorsgrim, Kurin and Sven was wearing off and without much fuss traipsed off with the others to investigate an end of the temple. A room was discovered with a exquisite table setting and a tapestry round the wall. As Skrogg investigated the tapestry 10 berserk warriors attacked. These were slain easily by the norse warriors as Azimi ensured that the corridor was safe.

The other side of the temple contained a store room where barrels of whale oil was discovered. After ensuring that the temple doors were all locked and barred, under the engineering guidance of Kurin the temple was put to the torch as the party exited out the back and headed towards the Red Dragon Inn and the ecstatic priest Erik. The rest of the night was spent on rest and some injuries were healed before the final confrontational visit to the Duke was ordered.

Amazingly Azimi’s plan was followed using the powers of Phantasmal Force to disguise themselves as a party of guards, approach the ducal palace from the back (bypassing the beer garden – but appreciated by everyone), using the scroll of portals entering the rear of the building on the second level (Azimi levitated up & opened the hole), Sven silently climbed up and lowered the rope of climbing for everyone else to climb up. As Sven and Skrogg (Elvishly silent) crept around looking at the corridors a door in the centre was selected at random and opened. Sven and Skrogg took the lead as pathfinders as listened at the doors moving though the obviously ducal palace quarters. Inside the study the opposite doors suddenly burst open showing the enraged evil plan plotter Draco Stormcloud and his two minions Captain Codpiece and Lieutenant Lowdown all dressed in armour and brandishing swords. Luckily the Heroes were not taken in surprise as Skrogg immediately placed himself in harms way blocking Draco with his shortsword. Sven was not so luck being stuck with his crossbow in is hands rather than the sword. Captain Codpiece hacked Sven with a mightly blow, causing him to fall back in dismay.

All looked dangerous until the timely magic of the Thorsgrim and Kurin fired their hold spells causing Lieutenant Lowdown to fall down paralyzed. Azimi cast her newly discovered Haste spell on the heroes changing the odds somewhat. Moving blindly fast Azimi then turned Captain Codpiece into a Goldfish (tanks again to a newly found Polymorph Other spell), allowing Draco Stormcloud to be surrounded by the warriors who had begun to rend holes in his armour. Reeling from the blows received from Ragnar, Draco struck a mighty wound in return but was stabbed by Skrogg. Draco demonstrated that he was an accomplished fighter, deflecting many blows and defending others. However, he begun to tire under the severity of the attacks (but had resisted another hold spell cast by Thorsgrim), exposing his chest to 3 magical missiles that flew from Azimi’s outstretched hands slaying him outright. His head was removed as a precaution.

Behind a tapestry another secret door was discovered and opened via a knock spell showing the ducal treasury. However, Ragnar being noble and lawful declared this to be off limits to the smiling Sven and Azimi. More of the palace was investigated eventually showing the secret door to the Dukes chamber and the Duke of Rhoona himself who appeared to be in a very bad state. Sven approached coooing gently (as if the Duke was a horse) before Ragnar just jumped on him, holding the duke until Azimi sprinkled the dust discovered in the Temple on his head. The dukes appearance became normal and he returned to become a much more Duke. Skrogg attempted to tell the duke what happened via a song, but he was badly out of tune. The duke begged leave to freshen up (his ears were still hurting from halfling songs) and returned offering his humble thanks and a small token of his appreciation in the form of 2000gp. He immediately left toward Rockholm to appease the Dwarven horde descending on the town.

For three days the Heroes rested and divided up the loot discovered over the past few weeks. Magical shields were passed out to Skrogg & Kurin. The Ring of Spell Turning was given to Ragnar as well as a magical shield and sword. Thorsgrim received the magical plate mail armour of Captain Codpiece. Azimi was given another magical stick that detected traps. Sven looked pouty but seemed happy with his magical sword found in the mountains. Thanks to a personal letter from the duke the weapon master of Rhoona did not attack the party, but agree to train any who needed coaching in the sword. 3 Days later a huge beer party was held celebrating the return of the Duke and honouring the heroes of Ravenholm.

Night ends with a very drunk party living up their success.


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