Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Quest for the crown continued

Red Fang Lake found.

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 18

Leaving the standing stones, heading towards what was guessed to be the Red Fang mountains and a lake as seen as in the standing stone vision. As the heroes traveled up the road. A chameleon type lizard attacked only to be very quickly slaughted by Skrogg the furiously fast and un-surprised. Azimi had cast haste again and caused everyone to become hungry. The beast dead, Sven showing his hunting skills helped skin the beast to harvest the chameleon type pelt.

The heroes were spotted by a border patrol. Azimi seeing the riders approach again cast ESP to hear the thoughts of the leader of the Patrol fighter by the name of Rulf. While listening in to the truth of his words, Azimi scanned the remainder to find a patrolman who was pretending to be something he wasn’t, and carrying a note. A scheme was quickly hatched to intercept the miscreant. The Patrol left, Azimi used to flying Raven to keep track of the fellow before casting haste on their horses to attempt to capture him. It all worked well except for Skrogg immediately falling off his horse at the start. The only rider in the bunch, Sven outdistanced them all to begin to get close to the fleeing trooper. Standing on his horse a full Gallop, Sven vaulted somersaulting over to the riders horse, catching the trooper with his legs and rolling off into the dust, landing on his feet with a flamboyant flourish. The others catching up could only nod in approval as they ungracefully dismounted in their rush to catch up. The trooper (hereby named as Evil Erik) quickly realized the jib was up as every time he tried of avoid the situation and deny it Azimi was able to pick his thoughts. A poorly coded note was discovered and decoded expertly. The Patrol caught up to demand what was happening. As his Erik’s guilt was obvious but still needed to be proved Ragnar strode into the circle of combat to prove the case with blood and violence. After 4 mins and 40 seconds of hacking and blocking and counter hacking, the case was proven with Evil Erik having his head removed from the body and a very bloody Ragnar standing there. Much administrating was given to the grievous wounds on Ragnar.

The heroes began to head up into the mountains under the expert navigation of Azimi, avoiding a small bog on the way only to be attacked by a giant serpent at night. Ragnar on watch was bitten, but shouted for assistance. Azimi and Sven immediately sprinted away into the night rather that fight this 30’ long highly poisonous serpent. Ragnar and Skrogg were bitten but avoided the truly deadly poison. It was slain and carved up as boot material by Sven, who failed to harvest it’s potent poison sacks for a disappointed Azimi.

Azimi led the heroes to the Red fang mountains as seen in the standing stone vision and did see the lake below the peaks. The heroes traveled down the glacial river towards the lake immediatley spotting (Ragnar and Mr Monk) a boat. With trepidation they were rowed across the lake by Ragnar the boat wise. Thorsgrim prepared themselves by casting Protection from Cold in case something went custard. However, as the approached the castle they could see that it was indeed inhabited and patrolled. A not so secret entrance was spotted in a semi non tidal cave (magic story trumps silly nature and physics) with a probable underwater entrance to the castle. Azimi was voted as she could move magically fast holding on to her staff in the water. Finding a tunnel and a trapdoor below it she returned to the rest of the heroes who agreed to removed their armour and let Azimi carry it in a bag of holding. Finding the tunnel trapdoor was easy as Ragnar was lifted out of the water and placed on his ring of water walking and managed to easily open the trapdoor. He then assisted getting everyone inside the well room. Thanks to the protection from cold the icy water felt warm and pleasant. Armour was placed on carefully and quietly.

Sven listening carelessly declared the next room empty and Skrogg burst in to find three cooks, armed with rolling pins and one with a flail. These there were expertly knocked unconscious by Skrogg as he darted in the room to stop one from fleeing and Ragnar. All was quiet except for the slightly sound of the water in well hole gently lapping.

Day Ends.


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