Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Moon Raker

Well sort of Moon something

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 48

Azimi has just had exert herself and not die in a case of death or cake…

The village was sorted with Skrogg discovering a whole range of eggs down the chained pit. He veritably doth be covered in Goo as he hammered, slashed and splattered the evil eggs scorpion monster men. A somber feast was held by the town to say thanks for rescuing them.

The Wolves of Ravenholm travelled back to Darokin where another feast occurred and Sir Fergus Volunteered to take over as marshal general of the republic of Darokin. The Alien man again visited saying they needed to visit an Astronomer.

At the planetarium a telescope displayed the flying meteor at Darokin and it looked odd, not like a conventional meteor. A plan was hatched to teleport up to the surface. In short the odds were long and with the re roll cake was served just 4% off a TPK.

The arrived on the space rock to find they were in gravity (Azimi had previously cast a spell that granted air for 24 hours – like water breathing but spacy). A tunnel led to a 30’ square area with 4 arcane circles. Azimi determined that they were teleport type circles but had no idea where they went.

The Wolves entered one circle and appeared in a 30’ square room with 4 circles. This continued until different coins were placed on the ground and the riddle of the rooms was solved (or more correctly beaten completely to death through monotony).

The heroes appeared in a large room with the rubble of two stone golems and several doors. The end door was obviously warded with two key holes. Above the side doors were two signs “Dragons”, “Monsters” The Heroes chose “Dragons” and pushed through the doors.

A long wide corridor was shown with 10’ passages off it. A signal was on the floor of corridor in the shape of the immortal of entropy. Two owl bears and a half dragon were down the far end of the corridor. Attempts of communication were said and ineffective. Kurin stood on the signal and it went boom injuring everyone. Everyone except for Azimi moved up the corridor until a side passage revealed 5 more half dragon men.

The side passage half dragons ganged up in the side all breathing fire as the owl bears attacked. A couple were held from a word from Kurin, but not before Thorsgrim collapsed in a burning heap. Ragnar touching him revised him. Skrogg stood firm and slashed an owl bear. Azimi moved up and using the staff of power released a cone of cold shaped around her companions, turning one owl bear to an ice statue.

More slashing occurred slaying the remaining owl bear as Ragnar and Kurin slew the Half dragon in the corridor. The side passage was again feebly lightning bolted by Azimi, but wounding enough of the Half dragons for Skrogg to slay three in a round. The remaining frozen half dragon was put down.

Day ends. With terrible burns on everyone except for Azimi who hung back like the coward she is. It has to be noted that she ran away from the big scary empty room at the side.


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