Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Ducking defeat

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 20

As the Ogres lay rested Azimi slept on in the nice bed left behind by the evil head priest. Upon waking up and hearing the victory song of the northern warriors, she decided to analyze all the magical items found. 3 magical maces, 2 rings of protection of the smallest variety. A ring of protection for chaotic individuals and a magical ring of protection of the best variety that glowed very strongly. A magical quill was also discovered. As the heroes gathered in the chamber to divide up the loot, a plan was hatched for Azimi to teleport back to raveholm and return said treasure to the vlllage so to keep it safe.

Without thought or brainless guile Azimi tried the magical most powerful on her left little finger only to find the ring was stuck and a red haze entered her mind and she began to giggle and titter most unseemly. Skrogg face changed and he began to draw his the sword of the rock and move towards Azimi. With characteristic aplomb Azimi began to move her fingers in a spell but fell over paralyzed with a word from Thorsgrim the “hold king” as he was wearing the crown of Sorona on his head. Sven the peasant had missed a slash with his sword and even forgot to utter the words “subdue”. Amazingly Skrogg still approached and stabbed the held Azimi and had to be tackled by Kurin and Thorsgrim. Brother Stargard seeing that the ring was the problem using his magical dagger cut the ring from the paralyzed Azimi. The guiless look returned to Skrogg’s face and be began to weep that he didn’t mean it, blah blah blah. Thorsgrim cast a cure critical wounds on Azimi restoring most of the damage done by dagger and shortsword.

Azimi returned to consciousness and bemoaned her position. However, with the cure critical wounds cast on her hand the pain was gone, but the finger above the second knuckle was missing from her little finger of her left hand. Azimi then gathered up both bags of holdings and muttered her magical words to begun to float slightly in the air before vanishing “puff & popping noise”. The other warriors knowing that this was indeed a teleport spell begun to cook their supplies of pickled herrings.

Azimi arrive back hovering over the village of Ravenholm and gently floated down to walked down over her roof and into her house with it’s wizard lock doors. Emptying the stash. She left to investigate the burnt house that she had seen when she hovered over the village. Closer investigation revealed that it was Sven’s house, and worse when she spoke to Olaf Peg Leg that Sven’s wife had been slain and his children had been taken. Before any platitudes could be offered, Thora strode in to the Jarl’s longhut and began to demand answers. Azimi not willing to stay and receive the unfair rebuke suddenly vanished and teleported above the castle where the PCs were based. She floated to down to report and pass on the bad news. Sven took the death of his wife with barely a nod, but the kid napping of the children enraged him somewhat. Azimi to help pacify him used the crystal ball to discover that the children were still alive and kept prisoner in a cave guarded by the guard who had beaten Sven to a pulp in the stables.

Following the commands of the crown Sorona and using some pretty amazing deduction it was declared that the heir to Vestland was being held in the Seaforth tower. The heroes loaded themselves into the boat to travel & collect their horses for the trek to the tower. As the boat was rowed across the lake a giant beast was disturbed and begun to swim at their tiny boat pushing the water infront of it like a wave. Ragnar jumped out of the boat and ran across the water with his Axe held high only to see the beast past him. Azimi lightning bolted the water only to see the beast continue. However, the inscribed rune from Thorsgrim blasted the beast with a lightning bolt scaring it off. Being in boats was too much for Kurin who demonstrated the jump on Flying dragon technique much to the amazement of all. A cunning plan was hatched where the dragon gathered the rope of climbing that was attached to the boat and then pulled the boat with great speed off the semi frozen lake and away from the beast.

Horses were gathered and the heroes began to head towards Seaforth tower. Azimi’s navigation skills proved invaluable again, as too was the ability of Thorsgrim to create food for both the heroes and their poor mounts. Skrogg’s pony was looking so fat that it look pregnant, with Skrogg’s legs bare able to reach over the girth of his little pony. A Gnome skyship was discovered and after much emissary fumbling Kurin speaking in Dwarvish discovered that they had been attacked by bugbears and had their gem stolen. Thinking not much more of the encounter the party continued on to camp and under Skrogg’s watch a force of bugbears attacked attempting to steal the horses. Several bugbears were slain before all the bugbears suddenly appeared to be on fire, thanks to the wand of Azimi and completely spooked the horses who ran off in panic as the Bugbears appeared to be on fire. Sven managed to calm some of the beasts down before the morning light in the snow the tracks were followed to the Bugbear village. Sven and Skrogg scouted ahead spotting a semi religious ceremony was in practice beside the alter was a huge gem.

An attack was planned with Azimi casting her protection spells before approaching and using the Wand of Fireballs, slaying 7 Bugbears on the site as Sven and skrogg shot the skull off the effigy that the Bugbears were worshiping. Throsgrim had Blessed the party. Everyone charged onwards into groups of bugbears as Azimi fired magical fire and missiles into the frey. All the Bugbears were slain with some 12 slain by magic (7 fireball, 1 Fire fingers, 1 polymorphed into a goldfish & 3 with well directed magical missiles). All the other bugbears were slain by hacking and hammering. The huge gem was investigated and valued by Azimi to being in region of 40,000 guldans a huge value and a magical ring of fire resistance was discovered and handed to Sven who somehow needs protection. Sadly it appeared that the horses of Azimi and Thorsgrim who had not returned had been eaten by the bugbears and their corpses slowly sizzled on the spit.

Day Ends


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