Mystara and the Path to Immortality

The Final
The End of Days

The Heroes appeared in a large hall with a probable crashed spaceship inside a cavern with a large statue (24’ high) and several items placed on a table, some type of control box set to “storm” and a globe with the exact likeness of Mystara. Everyone saw the items and went “it’s a trap”. However, before anyone could yell “fool of a Took” Skrogg the Mighty touched a “control box”. A grinding of metal could be herd from behind them as the huge statue came to life. Surprise – NOT

With a resounding boom the Giagantic Golem stepped off the pedestal and headed straight at Skrogg in an attempt to splat him with one mighty hit. Volkania, recognising that the creature had what looked like molten blood between its bronze exterior release a blast of cold, a Frost Bolt lightly singeing the Giagantic Golem. Kurin blessed Kurin, Ragnar and Skrogg. Skrogg radiating his paladin power proceeded to bash the monster many times before realizing that with every hit Magma emerged from the injuries splashing on him. Ragnar smashed mightily as a Blade Barrier appeared over the Golem cast from Thorsgrim. Azimi zapped the beast with a Ray of Enfeeblement temporarily draining much of the Giagantic Golem’s strength limiting the damage on Ragnar.

The Blade Barrier began to chomp away at the Giagantic Golem as mighty hacks from Ragnar, Skrogg, Kurin and the thrown hammer of Thorsgrim flew into the magical constructs side. Azimi again zapped the Golem with another Ray of Enfeeblement. It’s damage was again nurfed against Skrogg. So enraged that it was being nurfed it moved and bashed Azimi gently only doing 66 points of reduced damage. Seeing the damage Azimi using the base of her staff sent a Shocking Grasp cantrip out and flew off out of the way. More mighty hacks were done by Kurin, and Ragnar. Skrogg finally seeing his chance darted under the Giagantic Golem Cutting off it’s leg causing the Golem to collapse. Miscalculating the death blow cause the Giagantic Golem to topple forward forcing both Ragnar and Skrogg to side step the corpse.

The party then examined the objects to find that they were far too advanced to understand. Azimi using a comprehend languages spell revealed little else. The heroes then moved to the entrance of the ship, but were blocked by an invisible wall. Debating what to do the heroes observed a wizard like person arrive with a floppy hat. Azimi revealing her Galantri knowledge identified it as “Rad” the immortal of Galantri. Rad wanted a bargin, help him change the artifact to stop drawing power from the sphere of energy (which was the base cause of the “tiff” with the “Fellowship of the Star”, the other group of powerful Immortals.

Seeing this end would match their goals they very politely agreed to the deal. Just then another 7’ tall, covered in flame figure appeared (Ragnar the Kurin immediately identified it as the Hierarch of the Energy Immortals, Ixion. He said something like Rad broke some rules or something, and then it was on. Seeing the vast energies at play the Heroes refused to get involved in the fight (GM: could have been a very glorious death). Those with Arcana skill notice that Rad seems to be drawing energy from the artifact itself and is able to hold his own.

Rad dropped the immortal level wall of force allowing the PCs to enter the object. The inside of the of the object looked like some type of control room. As they investigate, they feel their “radiation protection” being drawn upon. Kurin calls on the power of his God, gaining an understanding of how the machine works, sits in a chair activating a screen but couldn’t read what the screen displayed.

Unfortunately this activated the armed security bots (D-Bots, or Death Bots). However they being slow were locked behind a Force Cage cast from Volkania and a Wall of Force cast by Azimi. Completely stopping them. The Heroes then had time with Kurin’s knowledge of the machine (thanks to Clerical Knowledge) and Azimi’s ability to read the funny futuristic writing were able to decode the solution, utilise Rheddrains shield (a “security disk”) and Redirect the power (from the Sphere of Energy to the Sphere of Entropy and then hit shut down.

This causes all mortal magic to fail.

Kurin recognises that job has been done so the heroes began to depart, but not before the bots were released attacking the party, and paralyzing Azimi. The bots then were shut down by the Windows shut down noise. The heroes escape back out the ship entrance to find Rad and Ixion almost at a standstill. A void suddenly opens where the entrance used to be and a strange creature with almost “star like” skin stepps though. This cause Ixion to drop to his knees and Rad to stand dumbstruck. Only Thorsgrim is able to resists the awe like effect (Azimi kind of blinks away from her paralysed state). The Old One tells the two immortals off. Ixion vanishes as Rad is commanded to follow the Old One through the gate into the void.

As this happens, Rads artifact attached to the ship flairs, a red dot on the globe can be seen heading to the continent of Alphatia. The PC’s see the image of Alphatia sinking beneath the waves as several dots of light flash across the sky. With magic failing and a loud groan, the Artifact, wire mesh surrounding the ship and ship itself start to implode in on itself, then start to get drawn through the gate as well.

Rheddrain suddenly makes an appearance out of thin air, Teleporting the heroes back to vestland where he uses his immortal magic to restore the party. Most of whom were left in the vegetative state (permanent insanity) by the mere sight of the Old One.

During the next week the PC’s find themselves sharing combined dream. They find themselves seated at a dinner table with seven figures. They are immediately identified as Immortals. Ixion, Asterius, Vanya, Thor, Rafiel, Benekander (Rheddrian) and Thanatos the Grim Reaper. Ixion speaks, answering the many questions the PCs have. Ixion fills them on his quarrel with Rad (which he now very much regrets), Rafiel explains how Rad had performed research on the Nucleus of the Spheres. Vanya and Asterius explain how the war had been influenced by the immortals and what parts were played. Finally Thor speaks. He thanks the heroes in their part in thwarting the “Brotherhood of Shadows”, especially his foul sister Hel. By changing the Nucleus of Spheres to draw its energy from the Sphere of Entropy, the four members of the group (Atzanteotl, Alphaks, Loki and Hel) suffered a serious loss of face, resulting in Thanatos replacing Hel as Entropy reigning Hierarch. Thors laughs and Thanatos noods from the far end of the table. Ixion believes the creature was an Old One hence does not know the fate of Rad, perhaps he will return someday or perhaps not. Finally Ixion finishes. Once the Immortals recognised the danger to Alphatia all factions combined to save much of Alphatia as they could ….. creating a new floating continent in the Hollow World.

Thor asks each hero to name one reward that he or she truly desires. The seven immortals listen carefully and bestow a reward based on what the characters say. These occur over the next few weeks but not necessarily in the way the PC’s thought.

Once the giving of gifts is over and the immortals feel it is time for the conversations to end, Rheddrian/Benekander stands and says. “My mortal life, illusory as is was these last few years, is at an end; I am pleased to have spent some of it with heroes. Farewell, my friends.”

The dream fades and the heroes wake to find themselves back to a new world they helped make possible………


Wrath of Immortals Final
The PC's are forced to act

Without magic, Mystara is thrown into chaos, if the PCs don’t act the world as they know it will end. Their dreams are filled with flames and destruction …. the High Kings calls are Grand Council and Wolves of Ravenholm are called to finish the saga of the ages.

Wrath of the Immortals.

The party now knows that the war devastating the Known World is the result of several groups of Immortals struggling over control of a dangerous artifact. They know that Immortals of Entropy are taking advantage of this quarrel to wreak havoc on hapless mortals. They also know that the artifact is hidden somewhere in, or under, Glantri City. Getting to and eliminating this artifact would remove the reason for the war.
After communicating with Rheddrian, he will be delighted and arrange to meet them in Glantri City.

Getting to Glantri City from Darokin/Vestland would normally be straightforward and relatively easy to achieve…… but these are not normal times. Magic seems to have failed, eliminating teleportation, and grounding Ragnars flying Longship. With only way remaining is foot, north around the crater, through the mountains of the broken lands (forced to fight a lot of humanoides) or north and then East trough the Plague decimated Ethengarian lands.


Azim notes that Glantri is greatly changed by the war. The countryside is crisscrossed by humanoid raiders, refugees from the south, army patrols, and strange wandering monsters seeming summoned from nowhere.
1) Talking to refugees, DC15 Persuasion
The nations attitudes have changed, old prejudices have broken down, clerics are not only legal but also in hot demand. Mercenaries groups are being hired and even Dwarves/Halflings are welcome.
2) Wandering monsters, DC15 Investigation, DC15 Arcana, summoned by Alphatian commandos.
3) Border Patrol, DC15 Persuasion / Intimidation
The guards let the PC’s pass if they announce they plan to sign-on to the war effort, telling them to report to Glantri City.

Magic returns but much damage has been done. Glantri City, looks like an armed camp. Its walls are manned by vigilant guards, and it looks crowded with soldiers. The main gates are heavily armed but steams of refugees/mercenaries/soldiers can be scene entering and leaving through them.

Approaching the gate, the PC’s are challenged. They are immediately admitted if the they say they are on “war business”.

Most of the gondolas that once plied its picturesque canals have been pressed into service as the city stockpiles food in anticipation of a siege. Refugees are everywhere, some of the grand houses have been converted into shelters for the survivors of the southern principalities (that were destroyed by the meteor that hit and humanoid invasion that followed.

Rheddrain meets the party at the Alexander Platz (Teleporting in) wearing Glantrian clothing and carries mirror Shield and positively beaming.

“My friends, you’ve done it. Before I came here, I doubted that we could be so close to our goal, but now that I’m here I can feel the part stolen from my ship so long ago. It’s definitely somewhere in or near the city. Now all that remains is the final part of our mission.
“I suspect d’Ambreville has cast powerful spells over the artifact to keep it hidden for so long. But my shield is actually a part of the same ‘magic’ as his artifact; like calls like, and with it we can find what we are seeking.
“First , we must find exactly where the device is hidden. I will use my shield to focus on the pull of its energy. Then I will try to open a Gate from here to there. Once we arrive , it should be a simple matter to adjust the magics of the artifact to stop it draining off the energy on which this world’s magic depends. Then we can all go home.
“So now we come to your part in all this. Simply put, I want you to keep me alive long enough for me to complete the work. Remember that we’re dealing with enough energy here to annihilate this planet and everything on is several times over, so it would be bad if we were interrupted half-way through.
“Still, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. If i’m knocked out or killed, you’ll have to carry on without me. I’ve cast a spell on my shield so that it can help you alter the artifact if anything happens to me. So listen, this is very important, whatever happens in there, you mustn’t stop or turn back. We’ll only get this one chance, and if we fail-well, it’s been nice to have know you”

With his monolog out of the way he hands each PC a bracelet to protect the party from the lethal radiation found in his old ship. He also entrusts Kurin with the Mirror Shield (who glows a little green when picking it up). As Kurin holds the Shield Rheddrian causes a image of a cavern to appear on its surface. Just then, from the bystanders, a wizard with a spider tattooed on his forehead walks up to Rheddrian. "You’ve done enough stranger… leave this place. Now! Both Thorsgrim and Kurin recognise the tattoo of the Immortal Korotiku.

The instantly Teleported into the cavern, the last image they see is Rheddrain Flying off into the sky with Korotiku in hot pursuit ( with the Glantians nearby clapping the wonderful display of magic). The image winks out, and the shield falls to the ground. The PC’s find themselves alone in the 500’ chamber with a huge object covered in strange wires, pulsing with strange energy.

The day ends.

Wrath of Immortals showdown
Getting to Glantri

With the destruction of Hel’s pet the Dracolich Calor. The party attempt to follow the clues, to Glantri and Glantri City. Without maps the party fly East to Corungain in North East Darokin. The party collect more information, maps and supplies and head off once again in Ragnars flying Longship.

Their first stop is the mountain lake in the middle of the Broken Lands, this reminded the Wolves of their home country, snow and cold. Flying in between the clouds the party was able to bypass much of the chaos below. (Massed Humanoids). The lake marked the halfway point between Darokin and Principalities of Glantri.

As the party fly over southern Glantri, Azimi notes the changes in the countryside scarred by war, refugees, patrols and pockets of humanoids. First stop in Glantri is the town of Montelone. Thorsgrim spots piles of burning bodies in front of the gates as the ship descends. Then out of nowhere Flying wizards appear through Dimenision Doors surrounding the ship. They demand to know what the parties intentions are. After a little negotiation the party land and offer help with the Plague which is having a catastrophic effect.

The Prince offers lodgings while the many Northern Clerics and Paladins go to work helping the people of Montelone. Kurin is happy as a pig in mud, doing what Knowledge clerics do, taking the lead in isolating the source of the plague, identifying the timeframe and finally finding mundane cure. Valkania does much of the leg work finding the necessary ingredients while Azimi gets to play test subject. Kurin is able to reproduce a workable solution (bar some side effects). After a couple of weeks the party, “are free to go” and travel on to Glantri city with a writ granting free passage and licence to operate clerical magic within the Principalities.

After another days flying the party land outside Glantri city (which looks like an armed camp) and have no trouble gaining access. The party spend a fruitless couple of days trying to get access to Etienne d’Ambreville but are denied by the Castellan of the Great School of Magic.
The Castellan informs the party that d’Ambreville is a little preoccupied so if they would like to fill in a couple of forms and come back later. The war and all. A couple of days pass with no luck. Eventually Azimi almost starts a fight with the Castellan in frustration, but is saved by the smooth tongue of Kurin as a number of Wizards suddenly appear. At this point the party have no way to get easy access to the secret chamber below the School of Magic. This causes much cursing and finally a “in that case your on your own”. The PCs decide not to help those who don’t want it and head home.

The journey is long but uneventful with the party arriving back at home Autumn 1008. Frustration and issues at home over the next few seasons find the PC’s busy until finally something had to be done.

World Events: Summer 1008

Plague Reach Glantri

The plague spreads into eastern Glantri by people fleeing from the Ethengarian Khanate, into humanoids of the Broken lands, then into the human via the Darokin Crater.

Due to their long standing practice of ban on clerical magic in their country, which they regret. They only have medicine to rely on to combat the plague, consequently the disease spreads like wildfire.

In an emergency session of the council of Princes of Glantri they decide to temporarily suspend the ban/regulations and appeal to Darokin for aid.

Massacre at Tromso

Increasingly, the many clerics of Heldann are winning the war on the plague. Now, the healthy forces of Heldannic Knights and Ostland penetrate into the Ethengar Khanates, at the community of Tromso, massacre some of the armies which attacked their territories.

Imperial Navies Clash

The Alphatian fleet sail around the northern end of Isle of Dawn, and the Alphatian air ships now cross the centre. The Thyatian respond with units based in Dawnport, as do elements of the Retebius Air FGleet, the elite flying corps of the Thyatian military.

There is a massive sea/air battle both side suffer great losses, losing ships and heroes on both sides. The engagement is called a victory for the Thyatians. The Alphatians are unable to make land on Thyatis and are forced to retreat to the Isle of Dawn.

World Events: Autumn 1008

Ethegarians Ambush Elves

Ethengarians ambush Alfheim crossing their territory to reach Wendar in the north. The elves are forced into the Glantri mountains not Wendar and suffer great losses, additionally the brief contact with the Ethengarians brings them in contact with the plague.

World Events: Winter 1008

Thar Moves South

Glantri perseverance finally begins to pay off, with the plague diminished, they are about to force the humanoids out of Glantri. The horde move south for easier picking, wrong. Darokin, with the Five Shires and aid from Karameikos, hit the invaders hard, trapping them in the Darokin crater.

With Atzanteotl unable to help, no food and winter arriving results in massive cannibalism among the humanoids further reducing their strength.

Alphatians Reach Ylaruam

The Alphatian navy make an end run past the Thyatian navy. They make landfall further north, Ylaruam, in the town of Cubia. Two days sailing from Thyatis.

At the same time, elements of the Alphatian navy make probing attacks near the town of Dawnport…. this draws the Thyatian military attention way from the real landing to the north.

This is the last nail in the coffin of Thyatis.

World Events: Spring 1009

Heldanners Hit Thar

The Heldannic Knights launch an expeditionary force to come (belatedly) to Glantri rescue. The force makes an epic ride, crossing deserted Rockhome, past the westernmost edge of the Ylari desert, up the long road from Selenica to Darokin city. This force then joins the Darokin army to push the remaining Thar forces back into the crater. They then help fortify the site, over night the crater becomes the biggest dungeon in the world.

Thincol I, Emperor of Thyatis, is furious that Heldann for occupying itself with this distraction when the Alphatian navy is about to attack. However the Heldannic Knights claim to be obeying the word of their immortal, Vanya.

Thyatis gets no aid

Thincol of Thyatis, knowing that the situation is deperate requests help from his old friend Stefen Karameikos. Stefen politely refuses, claiming his forces are still tied up with helping Darokin shoring up the western front in the case the Master of the Desert Nomads attacks again. This is a bitter pill for the disillusioned emperor to swallow.

Ierendi, the Five Shire and the Minrothad Guilds do likewise. The toughened Heldannic Knights offer assistance but the expeditionary force has taken a beating from the Ethengarians and humanoids. This leaves the Thyatian navy to deal with the Alphatian navy alone.

Unfortuneately there is no Alphatian navy, the navy marches by land bypassing Tameronikas and slam into the defences of Fort Zendrol, scattering them and capturing the fort. For the first time in decades, Alphatian forces march across the border into mainland Thyatis.

This leaves Thyatis forces out of position. This leaves Alphatia (and her allies very close to victory.

World Events: Summer 1009

Alphatians Enter Thyatis

The Alphatian military rolls through the Thyatian Duchy of Tel Akbir, seize control and prepare to enter Thyatis.

In Thyatis, Thincol summons up all his reserves from the Duchies of Retebius, Kantrium and Kerendas, the counties of Hattias, Halathius and lucinius and Protectorate of Carytion. Thyatis City becomes the fallback position.

World Events: Autumn 1009

Elves Reach Wendar

In more distant news, the second group of Alfheim elves leave the Glantri mountains, and enter Wendar (bringing the plague with them).

Alphatians in Thyatis

The Alphatian military juggernaut continues onward toward Thyatis City. Many battles are fought with the bloodiest being:
- Battle of Kantridae in the Duchy of Kantrium
- Battle of Retebius in the Duchy of Retebius

Both sides casualties are horrendous such that the Alphatians are momentarily stalled until reinforcements arrive.Thyatis are forced to call up civilians, old men, youths and others.

Alphatia now controls the Sea of Dawn which stops the Heldannic Knights from sending troops by sea.

Thyatis Quits the Field

In Thyatis City, the emperor Thincol I Torion looks the wreckage of his empire and makes a momentous choice. He dismisses his favourite advisor and mistress Anya (who was urging him to fight on until spring, for Heldannic reinforcements). Following her advice for years he watches his empire fall to pieces.

Thincol tells Anya that he will save his empire even at the cost of his own pride. Unable to persuade him otherwise, she curses him and leaves.

In the following days, Thincol’s health worsens, but he acts swiftly and decisively. He sends his magist, Demetrion Karagenteropolus to Empress Eriadna, not to surrender but sues for peace.

His deal is this: he will withdraw from the battlefield and no longer oppose Alphatia’s war on Glantri. Aphatian forces will make a stages withdrawal from Thyatis but may travel across Thyatis to reach Glantri. Eriadna’s son Tredorian will no longer be hostage.

Since the conquest is tying up her forces Eriadna agrees. Bt does add that Thyatis will take no action against King Eruul and Queen Asteriela of Helskir on the Isle of Dawn or the independence of Ochalea or the Pearl Islands

Thincol agrees and the deal is done.

A Week without Magic

Straight after the treaty is signed a storm forms over the city of Sundsvall. The storm is like nothing the Alphatians have ever seen. Lightning falls on the city like rain, destroying the palace and 50% of the city. At that moment ALL MAGIC across Mystara (outside and inside) does not work.

Skyships fall to the ground, magical races grow ill and lose their striength (elves) people extending their age by magic die. Including the Empress Eriadna (could be wished back later). Magical wards fail, even Immortals cannot return to their true form without killing their bodies.

The storm stops after an hour but magic does not return for a full week.

Hel and her pet

As the heroes saw the “woman” running of through a transformation in mist through the open doorway into a bedroom. Valkania gave chase sending a fireball at a closet near the mist exploding the closet into tiny burning pieces. Behind a secret corridor was revealed.

Sir Ragnar Thorsblade charged through swinging his magically endowed sword striking the mist with effectiveness. Skrogg “The Mighty” Firmfist sword was less effective as it appeared to pass through the mist harmlessly. Kurin Stonebrough and Tendar the Black Prince released sacred flames. Azimi who was previously outside ran in to see what the fuss was.

The mist temporarily transformed into a woman with teeth and drank from the fount of Ragnar before changing back into mist a fleeing down the tight fitting tunnel. Volkania using her truesight powers revealed the mist to be a vampire. Ragnar ran down the Tunnel, with his glowing sword, lighting the tunnel but not much. Arriving down the line of friends Azimi aimed her staff and sent a bolt of lightning bolt down the tunnel, slightly singeing Ragnar slightly. The mist carried down the tunnel escaping faster than most except for Skrogg to attempt to keep up. Azimi transformed into a bat and followed, flying up as Ragnar and the vampire arrived at a chamber, and transformed back to her natural state. Seeing this yummy morsel arrive the vampire again attempted to transform and suck blood. As it attacked latching onto Azimi (the delicious fine red wine) neck Azimi sent three bolts of fire at the vampire. Ragnar enraged at the vampire struck it from behind turning it to vapour once again and then striking the mist again, dissipating it with the magical sword properties. The vampire had continued to attempt to charm the heroes, but with Thor’s guidance refused to obey any commands.

Vampire slain but a diary was left, with Azimi and Kurin revealing all the vampire secrets.they returned to the main temple chamber and determined that the great sword on the tomb was a replica of a artifact and still too big to use.

Outside Hel appeared, but everybody except for Skrogg were decidedly unimpressed. Hel monologues, about her plans and nasty surprised releasing a swam of Vorock Demons to attack. In short order Tendar the Black Prince released a holy word banishing 4 before everyone was screamed at. Azimi Banished another leaving two who were quickly bashed to pieces.

The large pile of bones suddenly exploded revealing a ancient Dracolich. Azimi cast fly on Kurin, Thorsrim and Kalter. Ragnar immediately attempted to charge closely swiping at it as if flew a breathed a mighty breath weapon. Only Azimi and her magical arts was less effected. Kurin’s attack seemed to slightly heal the undead dragon, as it again flew on knocking Kalter, Azimi and Skrogg to the ground with a gust of wings. Thorsgrim attempted to banish it, but it resisted the command. Valkania expoded in Celestrial light and ran on, attemping to Sacred flame it.

Ragnar again managed to charge the beast in the side, hitting mightily with Paladin power. Skrogg attacked with beast with his little stabbing sword and shield. The beasts, tail and claws lashed about. Grievous wounds were done to Kalter who by luck had avoided the breath weapon and looked slightly fleshier. As all looked grim a Titan exploded out of the tomb of Ballsack (never to his face) and rushed to attack the ancient Dracolich.

Sacred flames from Valkania, Kurin, Thorsgrim and magical missiles from Azimi nibbled at the beast’s side. Skrogg, Kalter and Ragnar were again blown from the feet from the force of wing’s power. Ballsack the Titan continued to hack grevious wounds into the beast’s rearing neck. Skrogg fired more arrows as Azimi unleashed the power of the envoker to send forth many magical missles at the beast. Kurin seeing the beast was distracted with the nibbling power of magical missiles cast forth another Sacred Flame striking the beast from above with holy power, coursing through it’s undead skull slaying it.

Breathe everyone. Mighty wounds were recieved, but no hero fell. The titan in a loud voice revealed it’s displeasure at Hel raising such a beast and more details arrived about the worlds fate…

Day ends…

Finding Kelter
Tracking Kelter to the Cairn of Balthac

With the discovered information about Kelter the Wolves set off in Ragnars Flying longship, toward Fort Nell to the North East of Aengmor in Darokin. Azimi spends much of her time Mending the lightning damage she caused to Ragnars boat. The party decide to skirt the boarder of Aengmor, avoiding the disease ridden destruction of the once great forest. News arrives from Queen Thora by magical raven, most of it disturbing, as if events are rushing in on themselves.

World Events: Summer 1008

Plague Reach Glantri

The plague spreads into eastern Glantri by people fleeing from the Ethengarian Khanate, into humanoids of the Broken lands, then into the human via the Darokin Crater.

Due to their long standing practice of ban on clerical magic in their country, which they regret. They only have medicine to rely on to combat the plague, consequently the disease spreads like wildfire.

In an emergency session of the council of Princes of Glantri they decide to temporarily suspend the ban/regulations and appeal to Darokin for aid.

Massacre at Tromso

Increasingly, the many clerics of Heldann are winning the war on the plague. Now, the healthy forces of Heldannic Knights and Ostland penetrate into the Ethengar Khanates, at the community of Tromso, massacre some of the armies which attacked their territories.

Imperial Navies Clash

The Alphatian fleet sail around the northern end of Isle of Dawn, and the Alphatian air ships now cross the centre. The Thyatian respond with units based in Dawnport, as do elements of the Retebius Air Fleet, the elite flying corps of the Thyatian military.

There is a massive sea/air battle both side suffer great losses, losing ships and heroes on both sides. The engagement is called a victory for the Thyatians. The Alphatians are unable to make land on Thyatis and are forced to retreat to the Isle of Dawn.

Following Kelters Trail

The party make great time and spot a group of elven refugees below. Though the use of a Message spell they greet the elves, who wave at the flying ship. Ragnar lands the boat and after some polite persuasion learn that the Elves had indeed seen someone matching Kelters description and he wasn’t all bad. He had given them almost all of his food and his only blanket, but he would not let the Elves accompany him, saying he was cursed and would only bring them bad luck.

Flying off the party spot what looks like a Shadow Elf patrol on the boundary of Aengmor, Kurin somewhat incensed at a previous encounter with Shadow Elves (captured and tortured) convinces the party to eliminate them. Dwarves hold long grudeges The PC’s have the advantage of a surprise and a flying battle platform soon overcome the Shadow Elves leaving no survivors. Kurin uses a Speak with Dead to question an Elven corpse, with Valkania intimidating the heck out of them. They had invaded Alfheim at the behest of their immortal patron Rahiel when much of the Alfheim forces were off battling the Master. They had also seen a “man in black” travelling north but ignored him, since he was clearly not an elf and hence none of their concern.

Now on the right trail the PCs take to the skies again. They spot a Darokin patrol below and land to question them. The patrol snap to attention and salute. They report that they met a man matching the description, but he called himself Fortnel. They warned him of trouble ahead (roaming humanoids), only to have him reply he expected to die anyway and only wanted it to be in the right place and for the right cause. Skrogg started to feel sorry for him and has doubts as to him being evil. Waving farewell the party take to the air once more.

Into northern Darokin the party spot a mass of Humanoids (Orcs, Ogres, trolls and goblins) on the move. Seeing the opportunity to eliminate them, the party attack once more. The humanoids have no way to combat the magical assault followed by vikings on the move…. corpses litter the ground. Kurin again uses Speak with Dead to interrogate on of the dead. They ran across a man matching Kelters description, he slew their champion and made off three days ago.

Closing in the PCs spot a man on a horse riding ahead, swooping down from the sky Valkania casts Force Cage with great magical dexterity surrounding the fast riding man.
Ragnar lands the ship expertly. Skrogg accuses him of being responsible of the disaster at Haldemar and Midpoint station. He confesses and breaks down (at seeing ghosts from his past). Basically he was tricked by his false immortal patron Balthac, she revealed herself to be Hel (leader of a Entropic Immortals). Other immortals are locked in a war over an artifact, one capable of destroying all magic in the world. She and other Entropic immortals had been working behind the scenes to prolong the war, helping both factions destroy each other. With the war over the Entropy would be the most powerful force, ushering in a new era of death and corruption. Hel left him alive to suffer and die in the same way Balthac did. Hearing this the party forgive Kelters little mistakes and offer to help crush the Balthac Cult.

Combining forces the party arrive at the Temple of Balthac. The Balthac Temple is nestled in a small dale in the mountains, north east Darokin along the border with the Broken Lands. The temple itself is large rectangular building made of stone, built in an archaic fashion. The windowless exterior are decorated with bas-relief carvings representing the heroic feats of Balthac life. Are large cairn of rocks 30’ high sits outside the temple. Three wooden building stand on the other side of the cairn. The PCs investigate the two smaller buildings first, the are functional dorms used to held acolytes. Scrogg takes a set of robes from a locker.

Investigating the bigger two story building, Skrogg leads some potential initiates in. Two Balthac clerics stand guard, while five others are cleaning up the mess hall. Stairs lead up to the second story. Skrogg deceives the guard to go see the instructors on the top floor. Heading up the stairs the find a massive training floor. Three instructors are teaching acolytes in theology and greatsword. Everything goes quite as the PCs enter. Valkania intimidates everyone to listen to Kelters story. Thorsgrim uses Zone of Thruth so that the acolytes know Kelter speaks the truth. Gasps fill the room, followed by crying and shock. Chaos erupts as acolytes scatter. Ony the three trainers and four acolytes remain stoic….. then promptly die at the hands of the party.

With much of the cults power base broken the party head to the main temple. The chamber is simplicity itself, the room is bare except for an altar like sarcophagus 4’ high and 7’ long in the centre. The PCs are challenged by two Balthac priests, who are promptly put down. Skrogg with the help of Kurin, Kelter and Valkania start to remove the lid of Balthics tomb. Kurin wants to ask Balthac if he could take the very nice sword resting on the tomb lid. As they attempt to open the tomb (Kurin is pushing from the wrong direction) a door open at the far end (about 50’ away), a beautiful woman emerges, asking what are you doing.

Thorsgrim accesses his long lost memory and recognises the face from a portrait seen in Corran Keep (which is now at the base of a very large hole, where a meteor hit). “Aren’t you Lillian Corran?” At this she looks visible shaken. After a bit of too and fro, with Lady Lillian almost convincing the party that Kelter is an insane misguided man, everything goes bad for her as Skroggs sword wants to end her. Valkania shrugs off some type of charm spell, Ragnar rushes up and is promptly fireballed by Valkania as one of her Witch Bolts explodes in a Fire Ball. Skrogg dashes up and uses his second wind to hack at Lillian three times. Kelter also dashes up trying to block her escape. She has to side step a Sacred Flame from Kurin, at the last minute. But is hit in the chest by a magical thrown hammer of Thorsgrim (with a huge thunder clap).

The day ends with Lillian turning into mist and fleeing through the door.

The Wolves to the Rescue Battle

As the Heroes travelled with Erystelle and his two giant cats, they parked up Ragnar’s flying boat for the evening and then hoped off to make a lovely camp fire as Ragnar was very explicit as to what he would do if his boat was damaged.

The Fire was banked up for the night with watches set. Azimi was excluded by her spectacular failure in the past to spot anything. The watches were Erystelle, Valkania, Skrogg and Thorsgim. As blankets were rolled up, and the fire began to dim, Skrogg the mighty began the Third watch secure in his overwhelming abilities. A slight sound alerted him in the distance of a boot stepping on a stick. Out at the farthest vision in the darkness he spotted black covered figures attempting to sneak close towards the camp. Realizing that friends rarely crept up in the cover of darkness, he jumped up firing arrows at a figure and yelling for the sleeping heroes to raise up and battle the figures.

Skrogg’s bow did fire three times, but amazingly the figure seemed to almost step aside allowing two of his shafts to pass harmlessly by. The third arrow struck home, but the figure barely acknowledged it’s existence and ran on in. Thanks to Skrogg’s hurried warning the heroes (mostly) rose from their blankets. Que battle music.

6 figures emerged from the darkness, as three moved stealthily over the parked flying ship. The six figures now identified as shadow elves moved to attack, Erystelle and his two cats, Volkania, Skrogg and Thorsgrim. Azimi was still struggling out of her blanket. The Elves struck with wickedly sharp poison blades. Slaying one cat, wounding Volkania, Erystelle, Skrogg and Thorsgrim. Azimi now awake attempted to cast a spell but was countered by someone on the boat.

Thorsgrim cast a hold spell freezing the three on the boat as Skrogg, Erystelle & Volkania hacked back. Azimi seeing the way was clear jumped on her broom and flew off up and out of the range of the elves. As she uttered another spell the shadow elf leader who had now shaken off the hold spell attempted to counter it again only to see that Azimi was out of voice range. A dome of force imprisoned the leader who was physically and magically unable to escape. Thorsgrim’s concentration broke after being struck allowing the two handcrossbow carrying shadow elves to shoot at Azimi. Thankfully the first was brushed aside thanks to her shield spell but the other struck. With great concentration she maintained the force dome on the leader. Azimi rose even higher on her broom. The shadow elves attacking the rest hacked Erystelle down and slew the remaining great cat. Mortal wounds were done to Skrogg and Volkania who were also now poisoned.

The Shadow elves called for the heroes to surrender, but even when the odds were against them the heroes refused. Azimi fired down a mighty fireball into the midst of her friends shaping it around the companions. One Shadow elf died screaming as the flesh from his bones popped and melted. Then seeing the grievous wounds done to the nearby shadow elves Thorsgrim released a Holy word slaying 2 more and leaving the remaining four elves deafened. Skrogg seeing the Shadow elf distracted positioned himself behind it and shoved his magical sword into it’s back slaying it.

Volkania healed the mortally wounded Erystelle, who promptly turned a dark elf into dust with a disintegrate spell. Azimi sent Eldrich blast bolts at a crossbow man who had attempted to fire back at Azimi but missed due to range. Volkania grew wings and flew onto the boat as the two remaining elves were quickly dispatched as Skrogg climbed on board.

Meanwhile the leader of the elves seeing herself imprisoned behind such a dome, cast a darkness on herself. Skrogg and Volkania positioned themselves on either side of the dome and waited for Azimi’s go ahead. Thorsgrim revived a cat. As Azimi released the Dome of Force the darkness suddenly spread. Azimi had cast a lightning bolt to where the Leader was. SKrogg struck out with his invisible sword blade as Volkania also hit. Skrogg then moved in the darkness to where he might stand and then randomly struck out slaying the Shadow Elf Priestess (who had moved to an odd position as not to be hit).

As darkness lifted, Thorsgrim revived the last cat as Azimi cast detect magic noticing the potent swords and armour of the shadow elves. Using an identify ritual she was able to determine the considerable power of the items, but they were all attuned to shadow elves. It was quickly determined that Silanda Feadiel would receive some might presents very soon of 1 suit of scale mail + 3, 6 suits of studded leather + 2, and 6 short swords + 2 that release poison.

Only after this fight did Azimi realise that she could have Alarmed the camp to given them warning and any night since was now magically warded. Thorsgrim also remembered the power of Legend Lore and began to tell the back story.

The heroes flew on as the boat was repaired by mending cantrips.

The Wolves to the Rescue
Helping the elves of Alfhiem

World Events: Summer 1007

Thar looks to Glantri

Thar, humanoid leader of Broken lands, seizes opportunity (with Rockhome deserted), summons a massive horde from the Altan Tepes range assembling them in the Darokin Crater. The largest horde in assembled in living memory and launches an attack into northern Darokin and Southern Glantri. With much of Glantri forces damaged with the battle of the master and the result of the meteor hit. The humanoid force overrun the southern defences and sack a number of southern Principalities. The Glantrians fight ferociously, unleashing vast magical battles as they tri to keep the seemingly endless horde at bay.

Glantri City becomes an armed camp. besieged by thousands of humanoids under Thars command. The number of Wizards stops the capital from being overrun. But the Glantrian wizards just can’t kill enough.

The humanoids are sacking, pillaging the countryside for miles around. It’s a standoff.

Newkirk and Redstone

With magical travel limited, most nations have resorted to only mundane methods of travel, sailing and walking.

Ragnar has reports while patrolling seeing an armada of sails, Thyatian sails. Can get information from the despondent troops. They look beat… Thyatis has now lost battle after battle after battle. Ragnar investigated getting the following information.

Redstone Castle is still holding out. So Alphatians keep forces in place and launch a surprise attack on Newkirk. Smashing the defences and occupy the city. Heroic efforts from the Eastern Thyatian Legion allow the majority of the Thyatian troops to evacuate the city and take ship to Dawnport in the Duchy of Tel Akbir.

A couple of weeks later the commander of Redstone Castle realize the hopeless situation and surrender. Alphatia now owns the central part of the Isle of Dawn from West Portage up to Redstone.

World Events: Autumn 1007

Ylaruam withdrawal

The Ylaruam forces withdraw from Biazzan. They cannot hold the Duchy against the returning Thyatian army. The entire force slips away before the approaching Thyatians are aware, taking with it much of Biazzans wealth.

Alfheim is No More

During the celebration of the Coronation of the High King Tendar a messenger arrived representing the Elven nation of Alfheim, the fabled hero Erystelle of Dorneryll (Blade of Vengence, Slayer of the Dragon Khordarg bearer of Scorbane), Kurin has heard tales of him. The elven clerics of Ilsundal contacted Erystelle in the hopes that the elven hero could convince the PC’s to help their allies. The war with the Master, weakened their defences leaving them open to the Shadow Elves corruption of the Alfheim. They need to help to lead an elven expedition carrying food and cold-weather gear.

Erystelle reports that the shadow elves attacks became overt, springing out of tunnels and attacking with community boundaries. Canolbarth forest continues to mutate, now the “trees Of Life” living artifacts, are dying.

In a shocking move, Alfheim flee their country, taking with them the healthy cuttings from their “Trees of Life”. Half go north to the elven kingdom of Wendar. The other half south, with permission of King Stefan, to Karameikos. The PC’s agree to help their allies and set off in Ragnars flying boat toward what is left of Canolbarth forest.

The Shadow elves start to completely occupy Canolbarth forest. They rename their new home Aengmor, after a near legendary city they built and lost more than two thousand years ago.

World Events: Winter 1007

Plague Hits Freiburg

The besieged city of Freigurg (Haldann Territories) is ravaged by a sudden swift-spreading plague. The Khan immediately mobilizes all his forces and retreats into Ethengar, but he’s too late. Once there, plague breaks out among his own people and spreads through the population.

Possessions Revolt

Meanwhile in the Thyatian controlled nations of Ochalea and the Pearl islands seize the opportunity to regain their independence, which they lost thousands of years ago. THey declare their independence and prepare military forces for a Thyatian reprisal.

Thyatis faces a decision, use force to subjugate two nations (costing troops) or ignore (lose additional troops from these two nations).

Elves Winter in Cruth

The PC’s arrive on southern boarder Aengmor … a small band of Shadow Elves attempt to murder the Hero Erystelle on the border of the the Canolbarth forest just south of Selenca. The PC are able to thwart the attempt…. with Thorsgrim using Revivify to save Erystelle’s life (and his cats).

The PC arrive to help the evacuation. The south fleeing elves from Alfheim are trapped in a harsh winter in the icy foothills north of the Cruth mountains. Early snowfall has blocked the passes into Karameikos. Againing using the flying boat they are able to leading the clerics of IIsundal though the south (Ylaruam and Selenica, Shadow Elf raids) or north (through snow blocked terrain) who can provide food for the elves.

World Events: Spring 1008

Word reaches Azim of Kelter Zerben. Looking into the Order of Balthac, it has become evident that “Fortnell/Kelter” has launched a one-man war on the Order of Balthac. In each case, according to witnesses, he challenged the cleric(s) bearing the sword-shearing-a-dragon’s-head symbol to either abandon their faith or their false Immortal ore face him in mortal combat; to a man they refused and died in the ensuing fight.

Just two weeks ago he burned down a new temple to Balthac in Selenca, a town in the south-east of Darokin.

The PC’s investigate the burning of a temple to Balthac in the town of selenca. They are able to convince a halfling apple merchant to talk about what happened. Basically he tells the story of Kelter (a man in black) challenging any false worshipers of Balthac to renounce their faith or face him in mortal combat…. they refuse so he kills them. He’s on a one man crusade.

Thorsgrim uses his Legend Lore spell to collate the legends surrounding Balthac. Balthac was a very powerful fighter from a couple of hundred years ago, a candidate for immortality (Terra his patron) but was killed and his tomb resides to the north west of Aengmor, in a place called Fort Nell (strangely matching the name Kelter was calling himself Fortnel).

More news has arrived as the PC’s have a very fortuitous clue.

The Stalemate is Broken

Pivotal event in the war between Thyatis and Alphatia.

The empress Eriadna is forced to change tactics, her military are stalled on Isle of Dawn, increasing opposition to the war at home (especially the Shiye-Lawr elves, followers of Eiryndul). She reverts to her diplomatic skills.

Helskir (on the northern tip of the Isle of Dawn) held by Thyatis since the start of the war is overrun by Alphatians without interfering with any civilian population. The Thyatian troops and ships are siezed. These Alphatian troops then move south crushing the Thyatian troops. Within days the northern 2/3 of Isle of Dawn (the military end) is under the control of Alphatia.

Within a few days Eruul Zaar, the powerful fighter who ruled Helskir, is crowned King of Helskir and the northern 2/3 of the Isle of Dawn by Empress Eriadna herself. He then marries Asteriela Torion, the third child of the Emperor of Thyatis. A coup for Zaar but strangely it is a marriage of love not just political.

Shire Reinforce Darokin

Military forces from the Five Shire reinforce Darokin to help keep order and defend Darokin form the humanoids occupying the creator in North Darokin.

The Plague Intensifies

The plague in the Heldann Territories worsens, it has now killed more than 20% of the Heldannic population and spreads into Vestland, Soderfjord and northern Ylaruam. Only through the work of powerful clerics is the plague kept at bay.

Elves Reach Karameikos

As ice melts the mountain passes open and the elven clans of Alfheim finally reach Karameikos. King Stefen allows the elf clans to settle wherever local elf-clans and communities will let them integrate. He also adds that they can form elvish dominions, on the eastern forests bordering Thyatis. Effectively he lets them settle into lands previously controlled by hostile humanoids. Most clans accept.

Life continues only for some

As the heroes continued with their armies homewards to Vestland, they were given a military honour by the Darokin forces commanded by General Sir Fergus. They passed into the elven realm noticing that the trees looked sick but didn’t know anymore about it. Thanks to pretty unlucky Azimi.

The passed into the deserts of Yularum meeting no resistances as everyone ran away from a mighty army passing through. The Fortress to Karak commanded by dwarves it was discovered that the Dwarven King had recalled all dwarves to their underground safehold.

During the night a mist rolled into the camp as Azimi and Skrogg dropped unconscious in the middle of a sentence. Thorsgrim, Valkania and Kurin observed a Dwarven God strolling through the camp and after Kurin’s face turned white in shock some details were revealed.

The armies then carried on to the Kingdom of Vestland, where the forces separated and went homewards. Passing through rockholm.

Time Passed

Forces began to raid Thorsgrim’s domain from Ethengar and Heldannic territories. The High King summoned the heroes to demand that they embark to solve the crisis. With a word the heroes transported themselves to the northern Balck Princes territory and then tracking the raids north into the mountains of the Trollheim.

One night camping while Azimi was distracted as usual on watch 4 trolls attacked the heroes thinking that they were easy meat. As a troll charged Azimi she fell over backwards blasting a troll with scorching rays, slaying it, that then collapsed over her, trapping her. The remaining heroes wakened by the sounds of trolls emerged from their bedrolls seeing 3 trolls. As Skrogg struck a troll, Valkania summoned a wall of fire burning all the trolls. Thorsgrim summoned a mighty lightning bolt from the sky blasting two of the trolls into tiny pieces. The remaining troll bursting through the wall of fire struck Valkania but was Firery rebuked in return and then slain by Kurin who hack it’s toes and Skrogg. The troll was blown into chucks by another mighty lightning bolt. Azimi managed to emerge from under the dead troll.

Under Kurin’s knowledge and guidance from Thor, the raiders were tracked to a village and on towards Ethengar. A scout was spotted by Thorsgrim and Kurin who waved in a friendly way paralysing the scout with uncertaincy. As the scout decided to flee Thorsrim froze him with a hold person spell as Azimi flew up to scare (as she failed a animal handling) on her broom, scaring the horse towards the party. Valkania froze the horse in midsep, allowing the Scout to be tied up and questioned. He blabbed to his little heart’s content, revealing that a large encampment of Ethengar warriors was a little way off and doing the raids. The scout met an unfortunate end (Vikings not Goodie two shoes).

Kurin followed the tracks and led them to the encampment. Using a Seeming spell Azimi disquised the heroes as Ethengarnates, allowing them to get close to the camp. After being questioned, Kurin cas Tongues on Valkania who negotiated entry into the camp. Near the main tent a smaller tent was selected to spy. Azimi cast Acrane Eye allowing the major tent to be spied upon, revealing potentially major evidence and maps that needed to be collected. Disappointedly, the fireball everything approach was now out.

Still disguised as Ethengar warriors, Kurin and Volkania approached the sentries outside as Thorsgrim froze them with a hold spell. Valkania and Kurin caught them before a loud noise could be made. Skrogg joined the group ground and pound to slay the sentries quickly. Azimi strode up with and uttered a cone of cold spell right through the middle of the tent hitting everyone inside, but avoiding her friends at the entranceway. Using the power of an evoker she maximized her power freezing 6 of the 11 immediately into statues. As it was now pitch black in the tent (the fire had just been extinguished) the leader failed to hit Skrogg much. Skrogg with his black flame blade was not so much at a disadvantage. Thorsgrim again froze the leader and two others with another hold spell, leaving only two mightily wounded veterans left.

Valkania then summoned a nasty Hunger of Hader spell causing everything inside the tent except for her friends to be enveloped by slurping blackness. Several rounds passed listening to the sounds of the netherworld. Azimi waiting at the entrance managed to wave off the disturbance as another Ethengar warrior came to investigate. The blackness dissipated revealing the dead corpses frozen and acid damaged. All maps, pieces of paper and treasure were looted, before the heroes vanished with a teleport spell from Azimi. Leaving no trace and clue what happened behind.

It’s not often that every plan works successfully…

World Events: Autumn 1006

Twisted Trees of Alfheim
With the coming of autumn, the trees of the great forest of Canolbarth begin to darken, twist and mutate into sinister things. The elves of Alfheim (part of the army) are at a loss to explain the mutation, other than to guess that something in the fallout from the ash is causing it. Whatever its origin, they are helpless to halt it. The forest becomes increasingly inhospitable to the elves.
The Dwarves are withdrawing from the Surface world. Dwarves have been told to prepare for a coming calamity. The dwarven priests, read the signs and portents. Confirmed by a meteor heading to Mystara. Have convinced the King to order a withdrawal from the surface.
Basically Rheddrain has been following up on the information from the artist in Darokin City. He has followed the clues from Thyatis City. He has been getting reports of attacks on wandering clerics and paladins all of whom follow a Darokin Immortal named Balthac. He will contact the party when he has further information. In the meantime keep he hopes the party keeps their ears to the ground.

World Events: Winter 1006

The Wolves of Ravenholm have made a safe journey home. The PC’s find themselves wintering back in their home(s). With Kurin also removing his people to go underground.

Ethengar vs. Heldann
Tendar has herd reports from the north. The Great Khan of Ethengar, who has suffered at the savage raids from the Heldannic knights and were forced eastward toward the choking black clouds from Darokin, invades Heldann Territories. His forces have marched straight to the capital, Freiburg and laid siege to it.

Redstone Besieged
On the Isle of Dawn, the Alphatian army besieged Redstone Castle.

Ylari Raid Thyatis
With most of Thyatis military forces tied up on the Isle of Dawn, the Emir has launched a daring raid. Zealot followers of the “Desert Garden” philosophy of al-Kalim used the cover of night to cross the Altan Tepes mountains into northern Thyatis. The unexpected attack took the Thyatians at Fort Nikos off guard…. believing they were completely outnumbered surrendered without a single casualty on either side. The next day the Ylaruam took Biazzan capital of Barony of Biazzan.

Thyatis is now having to pull troops back from the Isle of Dawn to deal with the Ylaruam threat

World Events: Spring 1007

Ethengarians Swarm
In the Heldann Territories, the City of Freiburg is still under siege. With the armies of the Heldannic knight limited due to the battle against the master and substantial losses to their fleet in Hollowworld. The armies of the Golden Khan were ordered to raid along the board disguised as Heldannic Knights, they were to cause trouble and capture supplies.
The PC’s intervened neutralising the Ethengarian General allowing Vestland can get the time it needs to shore up its defenses and repel future patrols.

Heldann/Thyatis Treaty
Out of time adventure the PC are requested to escort an Thyatian emissary into the Haldannic Territories and into the besieged city of Freiburg. Sneaking through the Ethengarians encampments. Mostly due to the use of magical aid of Azim and her Seeming spell.

The Empire of Thyatiis sign a treaty with Heldannic Knights. First time there is a formal alliance of the defenders of Glantri. This alerts Ylari that the Emirates may have enemies attack by the sea from the north and south (if they do not leave Thyatis). It alerts the Enthengarians that they may face an additional enemy in Thyatis once the war with Alphatia ends.

World Events: Summer 1007

Thar looks to Glantri
Thar, humanoid leader of Broken lands, seizes opportunity (with Rockhome deserted), summons a massive horde from the Altan Tepes range assembling them in the Darokin Crater.
The largest horde in assembled in living memory and launches an attack into northern Darokin and Southern Glantri. With much of Glantri forces damaged with the battle of the master and the result of the meteor hit. The humanoid force overrun the southern defences and sack a number of southern Principalities. The Glantrians fight ferociously, unleashing vast magical battles as they tri to keep the seemingly endless horde at bay.

Glantri City becomes an armed camp. besieged by thousands of humanoids under Thars command. The number of Wizards stops the capital from being overrun. But the Glantrian wizards just can’t kill enough.

The humanoids are sacking, pillaging the countryside for miles around. It’s a standoff.

Magical Travel is limited
Most nations have shored up defences against magical travel, wizards Teleporting in and laying waste to a city is not considered a good idea!

News of Kelter Zerben
Azim has heard word of Kelter Zerben. Looking into the Order of Balthac, it has become evident that “Fortnell/Kelter” has launched a one-man war on the Order of Balthac.

End of World Events……

Moon Raker part 3

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 50

Time to investigate the monsters. After ignoring the rest of the dragon areas the heroes lined up to open the monster doors only to see Kurin look up to the left.

Seeing a long corridor with many arches off it Azimi asked the heroes to wait and duly cast Arcane Eye causing a small invisible floating eye to fly off and look down each corridor. The side effect might be a splitting head ache but the price for knowledge is low over the price of life…

As the eye flew down the corridor Azimi reported what she saw. Room after room with Abjuration runes over cells with a variety of monsters behind each. They were too horrible and varied to notice to attempt to free from their cells. The room down the end had a mage sitting at a desk, with a chest in the corner. The Heroes approached and Azimi opened with negotiations saying that they were here to save him. Needless to say no one really wants to be saved and Thorsgrim uttered a hold spell freezing the mage fast. He was tied up, Blindfolded and gaged. The Chest in the room turned out to be a mimic. Skrogg and Azimi stood surprised as Ragnar used his sword as a chest opener. The Mimic made a life altering decision and attacked Valkania who immediately blasted it to bits with a hellish rebuke of epic proportions. Bits of chest splattered across the room. Skrogg and Azimi merely said “hey, urghhhh”. The mage was searched finding some braces of defense, and the key to the monster side.

A secret door was discovered and opened to reveal the mages bed chamber. The tied up mage with his bonds Arcane Locked by Azimi was left tied up on the bed. Azimi acquired his spell book. The heroes left top open the door to the main control chamber.

After the door was opened using the two keys and the necrotic time altering magic dissipated the heroes entered a huge chamber made with black obsidian 140 x70 feet. A Throne sat in the middle on a dias and some charred dead elves lay dead on the floor. The door closed with a bang and a Balor emerged and began to monologue. “Blah blah blah my evil plans, you puny mortals cannot stop me, blah blah blah”. He might have said more but the heroes moved to attack with Skrogg striding forward firing his magical bow. Thorsgrim attempted to Divine Word the Balor back, but failed. Azimi attempted to Hold Monster the beast but failed, crash landing in a anti magic zone near the throne. The Balor strode forth and with flaming sword hit Skrogg mightily, and miss Thorsgrim with it’s whip. Ragnar strode forth and smote the beast mightily, renting it’s very existance. Roaring with pain the beast attacked but was nurfed by a Ray of Enfeeblement cast by Azimi. The beast after feebly smoting Ragnar teleported behind Azimi whipping her and burning her.

As more arrows flew from Skrogg, Ragnar strode forth at waited for the opportunity. Azimi burning from Hellish fire polymorphed into a Tranosaurs Rex (is that some sort of cross dressing dinosaur?) that she had seen in the hollow world and broke out of the whip hold. The Balor charged forward, but forgot that Ragnar was playing cat and mouse and smote the Balor slaying it, in an enormous explosion, burning and knocking Skrogg out. Skrogg was roused with a healing spell from Thorsgrim. Tyrannosaurus Rex wanded off looking for it’s eggs only seeing one of it’s little children beckoning it over to the anti magic shell and transformed back to Azimi.

The Throne was investigated, with Azimi sitting on the Throne and resting any draining urges only to discover that the meteor was very damaged and couldn’t alter course or stop. A plan was hatched using gun powder invented by Kuring to blow the meteor up in the obvious cracks in the back wall. Chemicals were scavenged inside the dragon area (luckily) and a fuse was created. As the fuse was lit Thorsgrim cast word of recall saving the heroes from exploding. Reappearing in Thorsgrim’s church in Vestland the party rushed outside to watch the meteor burst apart and change course slightly heading for the east somewhere. After 10 minutes Azimi uttered her teleport circle spell carrying the heroes to Darokin to find out that the meteor had missed Darokin and landed somewhere north east.

Darokin was saved AGAIN. Day ends… time passes “The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.” So writes Azimi

Moon Raker part 2

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 49

The heroes picked themselves up and investigated the library discovering a name among the tomes available. “Draconis”. It probably meant “him who made bad choices and continued to make bad choices”. The library contained many tomes about merging multiple species, but no examples of how to stop a flying rock in space.

They then investigated the laboratory next door to discover a room with a Valkyrie stuck in a status field. Azimi, using a prestidigitation cantrip, attempted to clean up the holding arcane circle. This resulted in a gong going off and the party immediately spreading out.

Demon type thingies emerged from the walls and attacked. Skrogg who had gone defensive was missed, but Azimi who was flying on her broom was brought down by two emerging from the wall. She cast a magical shield spell deflecting many attacks. A magical darkness, sprung around Ragnar as Thorsgrim joined Skrogg in attacking one demon. Kurin hacked and hacked. One demon attacked the Valkyrie who looked very mad indeed and splatted it with a puff of brimstone. Thorsgrim pleaded with it to be nice and it agreed and attacked the disturbing demons. Azimi used her scorching rays to blast Skrogg’s and Kurin’s demons to brimstone and injured one of the ones on her.

Everyone charged the Demons splatting them forthwith. The Valkyrie revealed that it had been trapped for 200 years and used powerful healing magic to cure the heroes, reducing itself in the process and promising to joint the heroes to save the rock…

They left investigating the room that Azimi had run away from and Valkania immediately spotted a secret door leading to a passage. Up the passage, Skrogg and Ragnar avoided falling into an illusionary pit. Azimi casting a detect magic revealed that the illusion was not just the pit but the safe landing zone behind it. She then ferried everyone across using the magical broom.

Behind was a chamber where the evil villan know as Draconis the Half dragon waited. The heroes attempted to convince Draconis that they were really there to save them but failed typically badly. Draconis attacked sending in two fire bolts at Azimi who deflected one with her magical shield spell again. Draconis then vanished using a Dimensional door before anyone could say “hey”. Two statues became alive behind them and attacked. The two stone golems were destroyed with some wounds received. Azimi hid behind the desk most of the time a went pew pew with little effect from her Eldrich blasts. Skrogg the halfling had waltzed under the legs of the golem to attack it in the back successfully. Valkania blasted the golem with powerful strokes from her sword.

With the golems dust and nothing else found the heroes continued back towards the corridor where Draconis again appeared and blasted Kurin with a mighty firebolt before running off. Azimi took Skrogg with a dimension door spell down the corridor. The others ran after Draconis. Skrogg running up the corridor ate a disintegrate spell and almost appeared as ash, as Draconis again walked around the corner into the library. However, the day was saved by Thorsgrim with a word from Thor froze Draconis with a hold spell allowing Ragnar and then Kurin to slay it. Kurin used his axe to cut Draconis’ head off. Sorcerer are really good and Constitution and Charisma but rubbish at wisdom hold spells…

The heroes proceeded down the corridor through the double door to see a trapped Golden Dragon chained to a wall behind some enormous bars. Seeing that magic wouldn’t work Kurin cut the chains off the dragon and freed it. The dragon shape changed to an elf to walk out the bars and reveal that it had been lured to the floating space rock and imprisoned and it’s eggs harvested and turned into the horrible dragon men.

Day ends.


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