Adventures in Mystara

This campaign is based in the world of Mystara where grand empires attempt to dominate the others, where the Immortals tamper with the lives of lesser beings in their grand schemes. But its a land where a mortal adventurer can seek enlightenment and attain immortality. Plus Beards, Drinking, Axes, and shouting ODIN! and THOR!

Events: Wrath of Immortals Autumn 1009

The PC’s hail from Ravenholm in the Kingdom of Vestland within The Northern Reaches.

Skrogg’s Journal

The collected chronicles and wisdom of Sir Ragnar Thorsblade

Azimi’s Labacious Litany

Kurin’s Book of Grudges

Thorsgrim’s Story

Svens Story

Imperial Thyatian Calendar

PC Dominions

Norrland, Finhagen, Krenholm, Vander Piett and Brinforth



Mystara and the Path to Immortality

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