Training Backgrounds

Each Northlander character begins with a background occupation, two skills related to that occupation, and two skills related to character class. The class-related skills reflect a character’s early personal tendencies and interests; the background skills reflect training received from various individuals, and experiences as the character grows up. To use this table, start at “A” and only apply those conditions that relate to your character.

A. If the character is a FIGHTER, ELF, or DWARF:
the two class-related skills are Fighting Instinct and Intimidate.

B. If the character is a THIEF or HALFLING:
the two class-related skills are Suprise and Evade.

C. Background skills for FIGHTER, ELF, DWARF, THIEF, or HAJLUNG characters:
Roll 2d4 to determine training background. If the character is from a seacoast or river clan, – 1 to roll. If from a landlocked clan, + 1 to roll. When background is determined, choose two skills from that background.
1. Sailor: Boating, Navigation, Ship Building, Sail& Weather
2. Craftsman: Carpentry, Metal Smithing, Bow making, Tanner, Potter, Tinker, Jeweller
3-4. Farmer/Herder: Nature Lore, Stamina, Outdoorsman, Horsemanship
5-6. Servant/Thrall: Domestic Crafts, Deceive
7. Labourer: Muscle, Stamina
8. Merchant/Trader: Know Market Value, Persuade, Deceive, Gain Trust, Horsemanship
9. Hunter: Hunting, Nature Lore, Stamina. Outdoorsman, Horsemanship

D. If the character is a CLERIC
the two class-relate skills are Read Runes and Honour Immortal

E. Background skills for a CLERIC:
Choose Immortal served, and choose two skills honoured by that Immortal.
1. Priest of Odin (Lawful or Neutral): Detect Deception, Persuade, Skald
2. Priest of Thor (Lawful or Neutral): Fighting instinct, Intimidate, Skald
3. Priest of Frey/Freyja (Lawful or Neutral): Nature Lore, Gain Trust. Skald
4. Priest of Loki (Chaotic only): Deceive. Detect Deception, Skald

F. If the character is a MAGIC USER:
the two class-related skills are Read/Write language and Ancient History

G. Background skills for a MAGIC USER:
Roll ld6 to determine training background, and choose two skills.
1-5. Private Apprentice: Read Runes. Skald
6. Magic College Graduate: Planar Geography, Non-Human Cultures, Magical Engineering, Alchemy, Alternate Magic’s, Clerical Magic’s

Training Backgrounds

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