Thorsgrim's Story

Newly crowned prince Tendar, The Black Prince, sat on his throne in the empty hall of Seaforth Tower, the seat of power for Norrland. Looking about him, he marveled at the stunning architecture and engraving around the large ornate windows. “What now?” He thought to himself…..

As he looked up Tendar could have sworn the painting a the back of the room had changed, for it displayed a great throng of mighty warriors, led by Hammer wielding hero charging across a field. The sky behind had forks of lighting splitting the sky.

Tendar was startled as the massive oak doors flew open and through the great maw filed in 300 hardened men in glistening fine armour. Good men hearing that the Black Prince of Vestland was a mighty Gondi of THOR. Thunder flashed across the sky outside Seaforth Tower. Each carried a weapons looking like an extension of their bodies. One burly man strode up the middle, his neck and arms as thick as tree trunks, piercing blue eyes took everything in as he stopped before Tendar. “My Lord”. He spoke with a commanding voice, “it is customary to show mercy when a new ruler has been appointed. The dungeon has been cleared and five prisoners have been collected together to meet with you.” Looking behind the captain, Tendar spotted the five bedraggled men, obscenely thin and obviously not long for this earth. Upon talking with the prisoners it was determined that they had been sent to their deaths for petty reasons. The two cooks had failed to spice V.C’s meal correctly, the tailor had made his tunic too tight, the personal groomer had cut a little too much off V.C’s impressive mustache, and finally the steward had refused the outrageous demands that V.C had made upon the people’s of Dovefell. When All five men were pardoned they all fell to their knees thanking Tendar for their lives. All but the ex steward. After staring into Tendar’s eyes, he turned and left the hall…

Tendar strolled around the hall with Oleg the Guard Captain, getting to know the new troops that he commanded and inspecting the equipment they carried. Thoroughly impressed Tendar dismissed the guards and retired to his room to find some rest..

He found Thorsin standing beside Tendar’s bed, a hot mug of spiced wine resting on the night stand and a stack of parchment in his arms.

“It is obvious” Thorsin stated " that you need help. I will remain here with you and do just that." With that, Tendar’s education began…

During the next few years Tendar life was filled with training the faithful but also learning all there was to learn about laws, taxes and all manor of house keeping tidbits. Thorsin and Tendar become good friends and they soon had Norrland running smooth and happily. The treasury was starting to fill and more and more families were migrating into the land. The chapel of Thor had three budding Godi apprentices who soaked up all of Tendar’s knowledge and were awarded each a magical mace when Tendar decided they were worthy…

Things were doing well, so during the second year Tendar decided to travel to Thyatis City to become a weapon master. Sven had expressed an interest in traveling there so Tendar arranged to meet up with him on the road. Leaving Norrland under the watchful eye of Thorsin, Tendar left upon the long road to Thyatis. Sven was exactly beside were he said he was going to be (with his displacer cloak), he had with him a man. This man was introduced as Steve, and he was a friend to Sven. Tendar did not know quite what to make of Steve, but accepted the word of Sven that he was a man of honor. They arrived in Thyatis without incident and were welcomed by the Thyatian royalty. Accommodation and hospitality were no issue for the duration of their stay. Tendar concentrated hard on his training successfully picking up the techniques needed, having failed to do so twice before.. The teachers in Thyatis were highly skilled and taught Tendar the things he needed with ease… Tendar was a master at last!

Now it came to pass that while Tendar was in Thyatis, there was a small rebellion. The poor folk had been receiving loaves of bread by the senators, but lately this bread was half baked and filled with maggots. Enough was enough and the peasants revolted. They stormed the gates and the poorly trained guards had no response failing to put a stop to the angry mob. Outside forces were called in to restore the peace. Under investigation it was found that the senators had siphoned the funds needed for the breads success and using the money to pay for their new drug habit. A zany new drug derived from the Zonga fruit. It had to stop! The princess of Thyatia rose up to speak up against the corruption but paid the price. That night the palace was attacked by silent assassins. With Tendar’s help, the princess managed to escape the palace, the city, and then the land, where she was rehoused with a distant relative. Having no reason to stay, Tendar traveled home to some exciting news…
Arriving back to his bedroom, Tendar was startled to find Thorsin standing next to his bed, a hot steaming mug of spiced wine sat on the night stand. A huge stack of parchment rested heavily in his arms. “Welcome home my lord” said Thorsin " we have work to do".
The next day a message arrived…..

His brother was getting married and sent an invitation to Tendar to attend his wedding as Gondi. Thorsin had done a Stirling job looking after Norrland while Tendar was absent, so Tendar left once more. Before he left, Tendar decreed that all peoples of the land start weapon training. Norrland was to become a stronghold of tremendous power….

The wedding was a glorious affair, and Tendar was exceedingly happy for his brother and new sister in law Azimi. The week of feasting and drinking was one that Tendar would never forget. However, feeling the need to get back to Norrland, Tendar bid his farewells and transported back to his room to find Thorsin standing there with a steaming hot mug of spiced wine sitting on the night stand and a stack of parchment in his hands. “Have a nice time away my lord?” He asked…. Tendar inwardly sighed….

It wasn’t long when Tendar received word of an expected addition to the royal family! A joyous occasion if ever there was one.. Without further notice, Tendar once more went to visit Harald aka Tenitar and Azimi. Tendar hoped that the baby would be born on his birthday, but alas it was a few days out… It was all worth the wait however with the result. Twins! Oh my what a tremendous occasion… Thor be praised! There was much rejoicing and praising Thor and all priestly duties were seen to by Tendar in regards to the babies blessings….

After more feasting and drinking, Tendar once more disappeared home to find Thorsin again waiting with his hot spiced wine.

The next short while was set to providing stability to the surrounding countryside, helping where it was needed and providing protection where there was none. King Gudmundson ordered Tendar to investigate a Jarl who had been causing issues since his coronation. A short but brutal campaign was carried out in Gallma, where the local Jarl was misbehaving. His band of thugs proved no match for Tendar’s fanatical troops who were both trained and disciplined… In the end, the Jarl was strung up and hung as a reminder to those who behaved as he did…

All the portents pointed to a troubled future. There is no room for disorder in Norrland or Vestland! Tendar’s relationship with his troops improved greatly during that campaign, with Tendar healing all but the instantly fatal wounds of his army, any ailments at all were no worries to the three learner-ed Godi. Tendar’s army escaped the battle with very few casualties and Thor’s praises were sung all the way home…… so much so that under the direction of Tendar, Norrlands elite force Thors Fist was created.

In the Summer of 1004 King Gudmundson asked his loyal brother to carry a message to Empress Eridna in Sundsvall, the capital of Alphatia. King Gundmundson knows that being able to use magic is prime requirement when negotiating with Alphatia. Message follows along the following lines; Greetings for the new High King of Vestland and a warning that the inflammatory language between Alphatia and Glantri will only lead to disaster.

Prince Tendar was graciously greeted by the Empress, and would ask the new king if he would stand for what is right and support Alphatian efforts to stop Glantrian corruption (see it gets very political).

During Prince Tendars stay a party of Glantrian heros travelled to Sunsvall, with another letter from Prince d’Ambreville to the Empress Eriadna. this is a follow-up to the letter wherein the Glantrians claimed not to know who murdered Troikithus, the Alphatian spy in Glantri City. In this new letter, Prince Etienne provides the Empress with more information proving that Troikithus was an Alphatian spy; his intent is to further embarrass and inconvenience Eriadna.

While waiting for their audience with the Empress, these adventures meet with General Torenal, who is the leader of the Alphatian Empresses elite guard and the father of some of Eriadna’s children. When last seen, the Glantrians and Torenal are chatting amicably in a waiting chamber near Eriadna’s throne room. What happens afterwards is in dispute.
Prince Tendar observes that the two groups just vanish. The empress is rather unhappy. Alphatian investigators find the Glantrians, all drunk to unconsciousness, in a tenement in the Alphatian capital. Based on the evidence in the tenement hideout – dust which turns out to be human remains, spell damage in the walls, and the use of a wish spell to examine the Glantrians minds – the Alphatians conclude that the Glantrian emissaries teleported Torenal to their hiding place, then murdered them with magical spells, burned his body, and scattered his ashes to the winds. then according to the officials, the Glantrian assassins got drunk to celebrate.

Prince Tendar cannot resurrect Torenal due to lack of a body and Eriadna’s efforts to use a wish spell to resurrect Torenal fails for an unknown reason.

Naturally, the Empress is enraged. Her father, the former Emperor Tylion IV, takes charge of the investigation, and with the help of Prince Tendar learns some interesting things with their combined magic.

The Glantrian assassins say they did not perform the murder, but have conflicting memories about the events. One set of memories has them speaking briefly with Torenal, who tells them to return tomorrow. In this memory the Glantrians returned to the inn where they were staying, fell asleep, and did not waken until the Alphatian investigators found them in the tenement. In the second set of memories, Torenal told them to return tomorrow, and they were so offended by his presumption that they took him away to the tenement and murdered him out of petty revenge.

The Glantrians are confused by these twin set of memories, but do not think of themselves as callous murderers and do not believe they killed Torenal. The Empress Eriadna, on the other hand, believes that the memories where the Glantrians are innocent have been planted somehow, in an attempt to hide the truths of the murder so they can escape justice. Tylion, and Prince Tendar, are sufficiently intrigued by the discrepancy that they are able to convince Empress Eriadna not to kill the Glantrians yet.

With this Eriadna breaks off formal relations with Glantri, pending further information. Prince Tendar seeing nothing can be gained by remaining at Sunsvall at present uses Word of Recall to return home and report his findings to his brother.

Thorsgrim's Story

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