Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 48

13th Flaurmont 1006

Well, we sorted the village.

It seems that Thorsgrim was correct. The beasts were indeed a cross between scorpions and a giant. How bizarre.


The horrid beasts and their Fire Giant master had captured the villagers and had some chained to a rock and the rest in a cage. We discovered an egg chamber under the rock where hundreds of the scorpion beasts lay waiting to hatch. It is likely that the young would have come out of their eggs and fed upon the helpless villagers. Yukk! I would like to think that they were just ensuring the survival of their species, but the cruelty and enjoyment they showed in attacking helpless villagers was beyond that, clearly evil creatures. No matter, the power of THOR was with us. Lightning and thunder shook the village and many of the evil beasts were obliterated by THOR’s wrath.

Among the prisoners was an Elf who had been captured while tracking some Shadow Elves. Seems evil is still on the move. These immortals will need to be dealt with…

We are back in Darokin, arriving to another heroes welcome. I have to try very hard not to let it all go to my head. All this adoration could get quite addictive…

15th Flaurmont 1006

Sir Fergus den Griffon or should I now say, General Fergus, has volunteered to be the commander of the Darokin Armies. What a Hero! The armies need someone strong to lead them through these tough times, and Fergus is the one for the job. Although I didn’t really know him and his Griffon kept looking at Pellervo in a hungry fashion, I shall miss his gruff words and combat proficiency. His undying commitment to the cause of good is very inspiring. I wonder if Ragnar or Thorsgrim could help me devote myself to THOR in a better way…

16th Flaurmont 1006

Our wonderous adventures are set to continue. We are going to explore a meteor!

It seems this large rock flying through the nether is going to hit Mystara unless we do something about it! What can do about this! I don’t know, but Rheddrian seems confident in our abilities. We are going to use magic to get there (via a Teleport) as using a flying ship is not practical. I would rather have something solid under my feet, but apparently using magic is the best way. I can understand that, but I don’t think that the magic users needed to be so mocking. It’s not my fault that I don’t have the foggiest idea what Azimi and Alfred the Eversighted (the Astronomer expert on the meteor) are talking about…
I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight, the thought of the unknown whirling through my head. We’ve been all around the world, even inside it, and now we head outward.
To the final frontier we go…

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Skrogg's Journal - Chapter 48

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