Making Magic Items

Minimum Level
9th Level

Spell Effects
The magic-user must know a spell relating to the magical effect with which he is trying to enchant an object.

Spell Components
For every spell with which the magic-user is trying to enchant an object, the magic-user must adventure and find some sort of rare element or component.

Chance of Success
Its not automatic. The chance is % = ((Int + Lvl) x2) – (3 per spell level)
– Failure the magic-user used up the gold piece cost and time, and must try again.

See Magic Items and Spell Costs.

Time to Create
One week + 1 day per 1,000gp cost

Costs for Buying Magic Items
Generally the Cost is twice Enchantment Cost.
NB It may also require PC to Quest for rare spell components.

Making Magic Items

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