There is only one profession available only in Thyatis: The forester. The emperors of Thyatis made a pact with the Vyalia elves whereby those elves would teach their magic to humans who could learn them.
Some humans just learned magic and became the magic-users. Some, however, who had an affinity for the elvish way of life, were adopted into the Greenheight clans in a ceremony involving the elvish Immortal Ilsundal. When a human is adopted this way, he can learn both fighting and magic as the elves can.
So, for 500 years, there has been a class of foresters in the Vyalia woods. Foresters are a few in number; there are only a few hundred of them. But because they combine magic-use with fighting in ways no other human can, yet do not appear different from other humans, they are effective as adventures and spies.


Prime Requisite Like elves, foresters have two prime requisites: Strength and Intelligence. If a forester has a score of 13 or more in both abilities, he gains 5% bonus to Experience Points. If Intelligence is 16 or more and Strength is 13 or more, the XP bonus is 10%
Minimum Scores Unlike the elf, a forester must have both a Strength and Intelligence of 12 or better when first played.
Hit Dice A six-sided die (1d6) is used to determine a forester’s hit points (plus Con bonuses, if any).
Armor A forester may ware any type of armor, and may use a shield.
Weapons A forester may use any type of weapon.
Vision Foresters do not have infravision.
Languages Foresters speak Common (Thyatian), their Alignment tongue, and elf (Vyalia dialect). They may speak other languages as Intelligence bonuses dictate.
Detections Foresters do have the elven detection ability.
Immunity to Ghoul Paralysis Foresters do not have the elvish immunity to the paralyzing attacks of ghouls
Saving Throws Foresters have the same saving throws as elves.
Experience Point Advancement Foresters earn experience exactly as elves do. There is no difference. They are limited to 10th level in experience, just as elves are.


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