Dominion Expenses

20% Income to High King (usually in form of military troops)
10% income to theocracy (church).

Dominion Troops

Follow costs and rules associated with War Machine Rules.

  • One Officer is required per 40 troops (Troops Level+1, x2 Cost)
  • One armorer per 50 troops (100gp / month).
  • One smith per 50 mules/horses (25gp / month).
  • One Artillerist for siege equipment (750gp / month)

Dominion Staff

  • One Seneschal, lesser noble, responsible for everything when PC away (4000gp / month or as a retainer)
  • One Steward, responsible for day-to-day affairs of stronghold (1000gp / month)
  • Thralls (peasants), 5% of population available.

Dominion Positions

  • One Magistrate per 1000 families (200gp / month)
  • One Sheriff per 250 families (100gp / month)
  • One Provost per 50 families (20gp / month)
  • One Warden per settlement (20gp / month)

Stronghold Positions (optional)

  • Marshall, weapon trainer (2000gp / month, F9+)
  • Castellan, military operation of stronghold (2000gp / month, F5-9)
  • Guard Captain, security (4000gp+ / month, F9+)
  • One Bailiff per operating section of castle (i.e. Dungeon, Walls… ) (20gp / month)

Confidence Level

A Dominion’s Confidence Level is a measure of the populace’s satisfaction with its ruler.


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