Benefits of The Great School of Magic

Agility Training
Make Dexterity check to cast spell while moving. Dexterity check penalty of -4 in close combat applies.

Conjure Companion
2% chance per level to succeed (-10% per asterisk)
Creature behaves as if Charmed
Creature mentally linked to master has Intelligence 9-18 (1d10 + 8).
Creature alignment must match caster.
HP equal to caster level, one HD per 2 points wizard Intelligence over 10.

Learning Languages
Can learn extra languages up to maximum allowed by Intelligence. (One per level).

Magic-user can recognise and use mandragora plants. Hallucinogenic drug where victim must pass CON check or fall asleep for 1d6 days, or answer truth for 1d6 turns.
At 9th level wizard can create a manikin.

After hour of meditation wizard gains modifier to Intelligence check (+1 for every 5 levels)

Quick Casting
Allows a magic-user to cast spells more quickly. If, at beginning of round, if he/she states has spell components ready, spell goes off first thing in round.

Spell Combination
This technique allows the student to mix his spell levels in any combination, so long as the total spell levels memorised do not exceed his capacity. Example: 4 level mage can cast 2 first and 2 second level spells. With this technique he/she could memorise 6 first levels or 3 second level spells, or any other combination.

Benefits of The Great School of Magic

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