1 Figure = 5 Troops
AD – Attack dice (Determined by THAC0 and MAX damage)
AR – Armour Rating (Determined by AC, 1d10 less than value armour hit negated)
Hits – How much damage figure can take (determined by HD or Level)
ML – Morale (checked on 2d10, GOOD, SHAKEN or ROUTED)
MV – Movement (feet/turn / 10)

Attacker = Number of figures in contact roll AD compare with Hits per Attack Die table

Total Hits = Total number of Hits from dice rolled

Defender = Roll 1d10 per Hit, if number is equal to or greater than AR value are ignored.

For each hit remove on figure (or deduct one from Hits value)

If a unit suffers casualties (1st, 50%), takes a lot of damage (>4 hits in one step) or too near a friendly ROUTED unit (3") a Morale test is taken. If failed causes unit to change Morale states: GOOD —> SHAKEN —> ROUTED Effect of Morale.
Roll: 2d10 vs ML value

BATTLESYSTEM Quick Reference.


Step 1: Declare Charges
Step 2: Initiative: Roll 1d10, -2 for each unit charging, lowest can choose to go first or second.
Step 3: First Player Movement, charges first (check ML), rally or move.
Step 4: Second Player Movement, charges first (check ML), rally or move
Step 5: Magic (BATTLESYSTEM page 89)
Step 6: Melee Combat, in Initiative order.
Step 7: Missile Combat
Step 8: End of Turn

Converting from D&D:

AD: (Attack Dice)
Conversion Points: Check THAC0 (Not spells/special abilities/magical abilities)
Conversion Points: Maximum damage (One Hit, weapon (inc. magic))

Conversion Points = THAC0 CP + Max Damage CP


AR: (Armour Rating)
Compare AC with Armor Rating table.

Hits: (Damage each figure can take)
Compare HD or level with Hits Conversion Table

ML: (Morale Rating)
Starts with ML=11, average for F1 with average equipment, then apply Morale Rating Modifiers:

Converting Cavalry:
AD Increase AD one step (AD6 —> AD8)
AR If rider 3 less than mount improve AC of worst by 1 (ie rider AC3 on horse AC7 considered AC6)
Hits Average Rider and Mount separately round up.
ML Increase Rider ML+1
MV Use mounts movement stat.

Converting Individuals:
Treating PC Heroically
Figure Ratio: 1:1
AD Reduce AD by one step (ie THAC0+MAX = AD12 individual gets AD10)
AR Standard
Hits 1 per 2 levels (d8 Hit Dice classes, ie Fighters/Dwarves/Gondi of Thor)
1 per 3 levels (Clerics, Mages, Thieves, Dwarven Priests, Elves, Halflings) round up
CD Level (Fighter) or 1/2 Level (Non-Fighter) to Loyalty from Charisma table.


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