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  • Dragon Tongue

    Relieved from an assassin when Sven foiled an assassination plot against [[:azimi | Azimi]].

  • Vander Piett

    [[File:435913 | class=media-item-align-center | Dominion_of_FinhagenKrenholmVanderPiett.jpg]] h4. Dominion Of Vander Piett and Darren Vander Piett is at the headwaters of the Vestfjord just west of Norrvik. Vander Piett is the seat of power of [[: …

  • Svens Story

    In the Year 1001, Sven was promoted to Count and Jarl of Vander Pleet and Darnen, by boon of the High King, for helping rescue him from the Sea Hag. The farming provinces were nice slow province which produced a wealth of Lamb and Beef for the for the …