Mystara and the Path to Immortality

Cretin Cave Completed

Azimi’s Labacious Litany – Chapter 6
Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 12
The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Twelve

The heroes did travel down the stairs to a room filled with pillars, turning left (it’s a lawful thing), discovered a 30’ by 20’ room with a lot of bodies stacked up on pedestals. Fearing the worst Thorsgrim strode forward armed by the might of Thor. The bodies immediately awoke mumbling “inotepb” and shuffled forward to attack. Kurin and Ragnar broke ranks to attack the left hand side as three zombies disintegrated under the holy symbol of Thorsgrim. Two zombies shuffled through the gap to attack Azimi and Sven who were none too happy. Much hacking and re hacking occurred with the very effective “poof” sounds of another 4 zombies disintegrating. All the zombies were dispatched without injury, except no treasure was found.

Further down the corridor two doors were discovered with on making a grrr sound as Sven listened at it. Kurin and Azimi went to guard the other door. Behind the Grrr was a Ogre bursting to get out. Kurin hoping to surprise the guest had decided to open the door in the other room, not to one ogre, but 4. Not surprisingly, seeing the Orges, Azimi turned tale and ran to get “help”. Sven rushed down the corridor to shoot and stun a ogre with his oversized crossbow. Thorsgrim also rushed down the corridor to assist Kurin who was bashed past. An orge collapsed with a dart in his neck as Azimi’s bravery returned once it was safe. Ragnar and Skrogg slew the first orge to join the carnage down the corridor. Kurin slew another ogre as Sven must have been poisoned by an “ogre” and clutched the back of his leg in pain. The orgres were all hacked down as Azimi attempted to fix the scratch on Ragnar. She claimed she was not able to suck Sven’s wound clean and stop the “orgre” poison. It appeared that the orgres were in prison and were only attacking the heroes with orgre sized wooden clubs.

Leave the dead ogres, more corridors were traversed until a side alcove revealed a large snake with hypnotic eyes. It swayed back and forth causing Ragnar to fall asleep but was quickly slain by a number of attacks, by Skrogg, Thorsgrim and Kurin. A mace was discovered. Ragnar was woken up and they carried on towards a corridor door. As soon as it opened a howling of terror emerged causing Thorsgrim and Sven to run away and hide. It took Azimi (who new fear better than most) 20 minutes to coach Thorsgrim and Sven back into the room and not to run away from scary scary noises.

The next door contained a undead beast with cold glasping hand that rushed up an attempted to touch and drain the life force from Skrogg, who had jumped behind his shield. Throsgrim caused the beast to turn and be destroyed by Kurin and Skrogg who took the opportunity to hack it in the back. Preparing for the next room, magical bolts were prepared as the door was opened by a spell from Azimi (and a very hurtful churp from Kurin at Skrogg’s expense) to reveal…

A small corridor with another door, completely ruining the preparations from the party. The party again prepared themselves as they opened the door to see a wraith sitting on a throne with a large gem nearby. The wraith floated over ignoring a crossbow bolt and magical missiles desperately cast at it, only to drain the life force of Skrogg. The beast was then sent away by Thorsgrim as Skrogg and Kurin again slew it. A treasure was found including a large sack filled with too many coins, Azimi informed them that this was indeed called a bag of holding. A ring, boots were also discovered. The gem of lifeforce was also found. Everyone was keen to continuing on with the search of the cave.

A stuck door to hacked corridor was discovered where a beast emerged from a sarcophagus all wrapped in bandages. It’s hand was shot by a magical missile as it emerged and was quickly hit on all sides before shuffling away in the sight of Thorsgrim’s holy symbol. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as it was destroyed by more magical arrows and hits from everyone. Inside the Sarcophagus were 50 25pg gems and a wand that was claimed by Azimi.

More corridors were investigated until 3 carrion crawlers emerged to paralyze Azimi immediately and then fail to paralyze anyone else. Sven debated whether to help Azimi as she began to get dragged off to be eaten. Ragnar stepped over and smited the beast slaying it outright. Skrogg slew another as the clerical team of Kurin and Thorsgrim demonstrated their ability to splat one with their hammers. Azimi awoke to a grinning Sven who claimed that he was just helping her.

A room with a large Statue of Cretia in it was discovered, and two gargoyles. The fighter types split off to engage the beasts as Thorsgrim cast smiting on his hammer and joined the fight with Kurin. Seeing victory Azimi foolishly joined in only to be clawed and bitten and retreated out of combat in fear of her life. Both gargoyles were slain and the Heroes packed up their kit and hiked out of the caves, and began to cast all the curing spells they could as they were all heavily wounded.

Day ends…

Cretin cave continued

As the heroes traveled further down the passageway the came across another T junction with doors at either end as they dithered in the middle both sets of doors opened to reveal 4 people armed in platemail armour, shields and maces. Immediately freezing hold type spells hit the back four of Azimi, Sven, Thorsgrim and Kurin. Only Sven succumbed and fell twitching to the floor. Thorsgrim bashed the first at the rear until Azimi cast magic missile killing the cleric outright. As Skrogg wounded the first cleric at the other end, another range of clerical spells were fired out. Ragnar collapsed as Kurin shook off the effects with his stoic dwarf nature.

Given the breathing room, Thorsgrim cast the reverse of hold person reviving both Ragnar and Sven. Sven crept silently into the other room to discover the 2nd cleric their casting spells, but was inept and missed his attempted sneaky attack. As Ragnar joined the attack on the first room, another hold person was cast on Skrogg, Kurin and Ragnar who all collapsed twitching at the magical onset. With both Thorsgrim and Sven battling the remaining room, it left Azimi to run screaming down the corridor to defend the frozen three from the two clerics. Azimi managed to deflect a certain hit on Kurin and completely miss in return. Thorsgrim abandoned the support of Sven to come running down the corridor and into the melee with the desperate and futile Azimi. Seeing help arrive obviously assisted Azimi’s courage as she hit with her might staff felling a cleric. Sven battled in the remaining room claiming something about “witches luck and being cursed”. Thorsgrim hit the cleric who was distracted by Azimi’s heaving chest dropping him outright. Thorsgrim and Azimi then sprinted up the corridor to attack the Cleric still battling the hapless Sven. Thorsgrim missed, but the flying staff of Azimi struck him in the temple killing him outright.

Thorsrim arranged this frozen friends on the bed in the cleric’s quarters as Sven and Azimi searched for treasure finding nothing except for a shiny mace and some keys. God must have spoken to Thorsgrim as he remembered to lock the door as they waited for the hold spell to wear off. Azimi snuggled up with Skrogg as there was plenty of room on the bed. Some knocking and Ethcangate voices were heard outside, but these were met by silence. The frozen three revived and the heroes again set off investigating. Finding a silly turn around teleporting thingie in a corridor and a grate that was lifted. Azimi’s insistence of solving the magical predicament was laughed off as “woman’s words” and she continued to rant as they went down the corridor.

A room with an illusionary carpet and statue was discovered and the obvious trap was discovered to a drop to a room 30’ below. Some corridors were discovered with 3 doors off them. Thorsgrim, Sven, Ragnar and Skrogg left to investigate the door at the end with sounds coming from behind it. Kurin and Azimi waited at the end of the corridor, “in reserve”. Thorsgrim guarded the second door as Skrogg kicked in the first to find a poorly made barricade, and some temple guard wanna bees wearing chain and shield. Sven’s bolt hit him in the eye killing him immediately. Skrogg and Ragnar began to hum happily as they made suitable splatting sounds. The other two doors burst open to find the corridor guarded by Thorsgrim and Kurin at the other. One of the warriors dropped immediately twitching with a thorn in his neck and Azimi grinning broadly, waving. Ragnar and Skrogg continued killing all six guards in their room, as Sven drew is magical sword and hacked another warrior. Throsgrim suddenly became amazing fast and began to hack about him with great abandon. Kurin hit his warrior with the mighty hammer only to see another warrior fall clutching at his neck again, and before he could begin another of his dwarvish curses the final warrior infront of him also slumped over with a dart in his neck. Kurin ran to join the melee down the corridor. Thorsgrim hammered left and right, right and left dropping another foe as Skrogg jumped into the room flailing with his sword. Sven backed up and continued to fight deflecting one attack and wounding a peon. Kurin’s hammer did some mighty damage to the knee of another foe as Ragnar found his Axe twice deflected before burying it in the skull of his opponent. Azimi sauntered down the corridor calling something about “sardines for everyone” into the room. All six peons in the room were killed outright as the combined hacking of Skrogg, Thorsgrim and Sven did for them. Azimi reminded Ragnar that the guards she had hit with her darts were only paralyzed not killed and he took his axe to the twitching 3. The rooms were looted discovering a magical shield and some moneys and gems. Azimi applied bandages to all as they continued to the corridor with the teleporting turn around.

Despite Sven’s words he was proven to be mightily stupid and failed to get the nature of the “trap” as it was solved by Azimi, and finally by the wisdom of Thorsgrim who said that they should walk backwards down the corridor, defeating the trap. Skrogg after it was solved said that he had solved it, but everyone knows that when big people talk, children should be seen and not heard.

Cave of the Cretins

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 11
The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Eleven

As the brave and impossibly foolish heroes escaped the temple of Cretia they made with all haste towards the Red Dragon inn towards Erik the priest of Frey and their not so dizzy friend Ragnar. After a brief amount of healing, a plan to purchase food in the morning and head up the trail towards the red dot, here marks the spot of my secret lair. After food was purchased at an exorbitant price, as Sven was distracted by a squirel, the Heroes waited for Skrogg who had decided to purchase some gems for a scabbard for his shiny sword.

The trail was followed up into the mountains, avoiding any monsters who decided that any armed party was too dangerous. All except for two trolls. Azimi remembers the funny look across the Heroes faces when they were spotted. Skrogg and Ragnar almost ran grinning at the trolls who were happy that lunch was being served. Thorsgrim and Kurin joined in as Sven shot one and Azimi sent some magical missiles towards one. Much splatting occurred as Skrogg demonstrated that Halflings are hard to hit from large creatures. But the real hero of the day was Ragnar’s flaming Axe as it was the only weapon that kept a troll dead. The burnt corpses of the Trolls were left and the Heroes carried on singing a happy song. Azimi’s journey was primary to investigate the magical properties of the items found. She kept a ring to herself as the Skrogg teased her constantly. It was a good thing too as when a potion was investigated it showed that it was infact a magical poison. Save or Die. Azimi for once lived!

Into the mountains the trail diverted east and west. Skrogg voted west, everyone else voted east. A Cave mouth was spotted and investigated. The enormous cave 50’ high held a large creature…
It was shot by Sven, Skrogg and Ragnar as others rushed up. Unfortunately it immediately belched fire injuring everyone. As the warriors rushed up it flapped it’s mighty wings and began to breathe again and again. Sven fell crying out about existing bandages. Azimi seeing death to the party raised her magical staff firing off a lightning bolt striking the creature and rebounding from the roof striking it again, burning two giant holes in it’s chest. The beast flapped down dead on it’s treasure pile. Some 2000 gold coins, 4 gems and a magical sword that Azimi was able to Analyse as a +2 sword with another ability on it. Sven now wields it. Azimi and the cleric’s bandaged everyone.

After Skrogg saying see the other way was best again. The two hour walk to another cave was guarded this time by another beast.

The Manticore flew over the party firing spikes only to be hit by the Missiles of Azimi, Skrogg, Ragnar and Sven before falling dead. Kurin had attempted to run towards the cave entrance and became the target of the attacks. Azimi applied first aid by removing all the darts stuck into the Heroes. The cave mouth was investigated displaying a tunnel and temple shrine proper. A large statue of Cretia was in the first chamber. Two gems were stolen from it’s eyes. The party turned left and discovered several store rooms filled with Wheat, barley etc. But they were amazed by the strength of Thorsgrim who kicked a door open as Skrogg and Ragnar had failed. A wine cellar was discovered behind it. They carried on down the corridor.

Day Ends.

Priests and Wizards

The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Ten

After grabbing the treasure (Boots, Shortsword, Helmet) at the barracks an escape down the stairs was ordered by the brave coalition leadership. The main mess hall was peeked into and quickly abandoned as an escape route, being full of guards. As the heroes tried to leave the barracks building, several patrols where spotted coming back into the fort so an alternative waiting period was prescribed. The nearest gate had two guards posted by the barred door. These two were expertly frozen by a hold person spell cast by Thorsgrim. The Heroes of Ravenholm were able to exit and travel to the Red Dragon Inn and hopefully Erik who could help heal the grievously wounded Kurin, Sven and the exhausted Ragnar. Erik seem pleased that evidence could be found about the plot to curse the Duke of Rhoona, and easily healed the wounded. Ragnar stayed with him as the after effects of Thorsgrim’s Berserk spell caused exhaustion, so the Heroes left him muttering something about juggernauts.

A temple investigation was ordered without stalling as the element of surprise was still on the Hero’s side. A straight forward approach was adopted, so they went in though the front doors and headed down to the back of the temple, starting on the right hand side (lock picked by Sven) and discovered a store room, a room with a pool and a wine cellar. A library was also found and a search for clues and secret doors was made, both coming up empty.

Another room with statues was opened by the ever resourceful Sven and inside discovered four statues of Cretia, the Ethengar Lord of Chaos. Expecting the worst, the Heroes found it as two of the statues animated at the entrance of Skrogg who bravely strode forward to smite one. Sven shot another with his heavy crossbow (an unanimated statue as it turns out) as Kurin and Thorsgrim attacked the next animated statue. This statue in short order was crushed by the heavy hammers, splintering into dust. Sven reloaded as Skrogg still battled his blurringly fast statue. Azimi merely waited in the entranceway. A mage emerged from the opposite door and immediately turned Azimi into a black cat. Sven ran in and missed with his sword only to find the wizard casting Web, trapping him and stopping anyone else in the room from entering. Kurin cast Silence 15’ radius as Skrogg hacked his statue up. Thorsgrim soon realised that the other two statues in this room were infact only statues and wouldn’t animate, he joined the many who simply said “hey what happened”. Skrogg began to burn the web away, but the mage had vanished. A meow from the corridor revealed that Azimi the cat was mystified as to what had happened and only wanted kitty cat cuddles. The mage had desperately run throughout the room looking for a way out of the silence radius and had apparently found one by standing on top of the bed in the corner. They left to search for secret doors only to find one in the library after pulling all the books off the shelves.

More doors lead to a room with a large map on the wall, also containing a cowering wizard and a priest. The priest shouted with glee as the heroes moved to attack both. Thorsgrim moved to the wizard while the others surrounded the priest and began to hack him. However, the wounds to the priest seemed to heal automatically. Even the mighty sword of Skrogg seemed to do nothing. The priest being silly and evil started to monologue telling them that his body was protected and his heart lay hidden in his secret sanctuary, obviously clearly marked by a big red dot on the tapestry map on the wall. The wizard after hitting Thorsgrim with a series of magical missiles, then dispelled any magic in the room stopping the Bless spell, but also the polymorpthed Azimi, who as a cat was sitting on the bed. Thorsgrim offered terms of surrender to the wizard but before the Wizard could complete the raising of his hands in another spell (or the raising of his hands in surrender, depending how you look at it…), Sven stabbed him in the chest as Azimi blasted him with magical missiles, killing him outright. The immortal priest ignored all the blows from the others to attempt to hit Sven with his mace only to see it deflected with skillful grace. Skrogg attempted to wrestle him by jumping off the table, but found this to futile and silly. Kurin the wise broke the window in the room opening up an escape route. Azimi “liberated” a ring from the finger of the mage before joining the window scarper. Sven and Thorsgrim joined the retreat out the window, not before being wise and moving a chair over for Skrogg to climb on out with. Skrogg slowly reated out, deflecting every blow and getting the mad priest to continue his monologue and reveal all his evil plans in a gloating way. Skrogg jumped onto the chair, deflected the final priestly strike before joining the others in the retreat from the temple. The priest stayed in the room roaring his success and evil victory.

Day ends.

Into the Barracks...
In which the Heroes uncover a foul plot

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 10
The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Nine

After seeing the multitude of guards in the sleeping quarters, the heroes hatched a plan to lure a couple out into the prison area. The imprisoned Dwarves made some noise, pretending that something was wrong, while most of the party hid within the room, hoping to surprise any guards that entered. Azimi prepared her Charm Person spell, ready to cast it at the first person to come through the door. The plan worked and a single guard came through to see what all the fuss was about, Azimi charmed him and he spilled his guts. Having heard of “The Dragon Slayers of Ravenholm” the guard was more than happy to help out his new friend and told the party the officers quarters were upstairs, so probably the best place to look. He also released the Dwarves and took them to Erik, the Priest of Freyja for safekeeping. The Heroes left the prison and went to the stairs at the back of the building. These turned out to be a rickety fire escape and didn’t look stable to Kurin’s eye. So the heroes forgot the stair idea and proceeded through a door that Sven said was all quiet which fortuitously led to some more stairs heading up. What would they find upstairs? Would there be a clue to the Duke’s odd behaviour? Skrogg, being a party-pooper, reminded everyone that these guardsmen were not necessarily their enemies and general looting wouldn’t be fair. Creeping up the stairs, the party found themselves in a room with four doors. One, with a big iron bar across it, heading to the fire escape and rickety stairs and three others heading deeper into the barrack’s top floor. Barring the trap-door to the bottom level, the heroes headed through the rightmost door. They found themselves in a richly furnished dinning room and kitchen area. Wondering how mere guardsmen could afford such luxury, the party had a quick look around. Finding nothing incriminating, they moved into the next room, some type of office. Sven, however, had found a bottle of fine wine that he thought might look better in his bag than on the trophy cabinet. Past the office the party thought they had found the object of their search. A hideous trophy room stood before them. Aside from the usual Dire Wolf and great cat pelts, a red dragon and other monster heads, there were several Dwarven heads and even a Unicorn! Surely this was the lair of a corrupt and evil being. Still, a display of grisly trophies didn’t count for much without evidence of wrongdoing. The heroes continued on into the bedroom next-door and despite it being overly opulent (a portrait of the commander Draco Stormsailer dominating the room) nothing was found until a secret door was revealed. Inside the secret room a desk and three chests were found. Upon the desk was the evidence the party needed. A coded letter from the Ethengarian High Priest to the Commander revealed details of a war with the Dwarves, a curse on the Duke and plans for Draco to become the next Duke. An unholy plot indeed. The chests contained a trap which passed unnoticed by Sven. A cloud of paralysing gas enveloped the small room with Sven and Thorsgim immediately succumbing. Kurin and Skrogg, unaffected by the gas discussed the best way of removing the paralysis while Ragnar left the room. When Kurin was paralysed Skrogg thought it was time to go too. The remaining party members were in a quandary about how long to wait for the gas to dissipate. Time was short as no-one knew when the Commander would return, but a plan was formed. Azimi, somewhat uncharacteristically, held her breath and bravely entered the room to activate the Portal Scroll on the roof to vent the gas while Skrogg pulled the paralysed party members out of the room. Using Kurin’s potion of healing, Skrogg revived Kurin who then revived Thorsgrim who then revived Sven and after 15 minutes or so the secret room was searched. A large amount of money and a valuable looking helmet were found. It was now time to leave. Unfortunately they had lingered too long and where discovered by a platemail wearing solider in the room with the stairs. A quick hold person dealt with him but not before he let out an alarm call to which two more guards answered attacking Sven who had stopped to taunt the held guard. Another hold person was cast, but only one of the newcomers was affected so Kurin, Sven and Thorsgrim tried to bash the remaining guard. Skrogg, meanwhile, started to unlock the trapdoor barring the stairs to enable the escape. The melee continued with the guard proving to be a handful for the three. Skrogg opened the trapdoor and scuttled down the stairs to check for any guards but found none. Suddenly Thorsgrim felt a blow to his back and a previously unnoticed thief appeared behind him, dagger poised for another strike. Things were startinag to get out of hand and the quick escape was not happening. At the same time another guard came through another door with his sword ready for combat. This was the Sword-Master of Rhoona, he saluted the melee and waded in. He proved more than a match for the Heroes, disarming Kurin, Brother Starkad and Thorsgrim and parrying strikes from Ragnar and landing some meaty blows on all. Sven moved to combat the thief after the other guard fell, and landed a solid blow. Skrogg moved back up the stairs, hearing more sounds of combat, but instead of moving to fight the obviously harder opponent, charged at the thief with a look of pure hatred on his face. Throughout the melee, the Heroes had been trying to convince the guards that their commander was a traitor and that they had evidence. The Sword-Master seemed ready to listen and stopped fighting to see said evidence. The parlay was ruined, however, when Skrogg inexplicably gave the now unconscious thief a coup de grace. This enraged the Sword-Master and the combat restarted. Thanks mainly to Azimi’s Magic Missiles and Brother Starkad’s martial arts the Sword Master was defeated. Surely now was time to leave. Azimi, casting a Detect Magic noted that there were a number of magical items in the room, the thief’s boots and the Sword-Masters sword among them. Was there time to grab them? What about the magic armour? Where do the party go after this? To the Duke? To the treacherous Ethengarian Temple? Or the Temple of Freyja for healing and advice?


Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 9
The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Eight

Azimi woke up inside Lord Kazakk’s Vampire lair to find that Kurin was still missing, but perhaps a greater mystery beckoned? Yes more treasure. An immediate search of the surrounding area revealed that some shiny stuff could be seen in the water hole beside Lord Kazakk’s bedroom. Azimi was volunteered to investigate and soon discovered a pile of golden coins at the bottom of the water filled pit. A rope was tied to the sack and it was hauled up and found to contain some 2000 Darokin golden coins. Sensing something was still hidden in the pit, an expert was summoned in. Sven quickly amazed everyone by finding a hidden compartment and then duly opened said hatch to find a pile of treasure. Unfortunately, the scrolls were ruined, but Chainmail, a wand, a scroll case, and 12 crossbow bolts were found, in additional to the magical rapier of the Vampire, and a dagger. As they emerged out Azimi revealed that they were all indeed magical.

Once dried off Azimi attempted to find Kurin in her crystal ball only to discover a brown sack covering her view, then concentrated on the “mirror” but caused the the crystal ball to go dead. Rather than rest in the lair Skrogg overcame his apparent silliness (say what?) to suggest that time was of the essence and they should vacate the castle, so they all headed down the mountain to the waiting heir, Noriad Corran. Noriad was relieved that they had managed to clear the keep just in time and took them down towards his father’s waiting boat. Inside the cabin they revealed that the castle was indeed clear and here was an undead relative “Crackle”, who used to be Edgar Corran in life . Amazed at this he paid the remaining fee in gems only to be more amazed as another individual knocked at the door and behind him stood the slightly taller form of Kurin, still looking a bit grey but ALIVE. Rheddrian thanked the Hero’s for his freedom (apologized for being late) and explained why he thought the world of Mystara was in danger from the engines of his long lost “space craft”.

“I apologize for what has happened. Some day, perhaps, when I understand it all better myself, I can tell you what it meant. For now, accept this partial thanks…. and know that I do remember the favors I owe you”

He gestures; a medium-sized wooden chest appears at his feet, then he disappeared. Inside the chest was exactly 500gp (strangely un-minted) for each of the Hero’s.

Sailing across the lake Azimi identified the items telling everyone that the scroll inside the scroll case was for magic users only. Being only neutral not lawful her lie allowed her to keep the scroll of portals, and wand of enemy detection. The Quarrels were divided between Ragnar and Sven. Thorsgrim gained the magical chain that allowed him to be hasted. No one wanted the poncy sword, and the dagger was kept aside. Arriving across the lake to the fort town of Akorros. They were fleeced at the entrance for 7 silvers and then went about attempting to somehow restore the diminished Kurin. A cleric was found and was bargained down to only 8075 gp to cast a Retoration Spell. The Magic Rapier was sold for 975gp as part of the price. Being a good group this was agreed, severely limiting their loot from the treasure. Then a task on how to return to Ravenholm was undertaken, the only option was for them to be hired on as guards on a boat heading that way.

The boat journey was pretty mundane with the only real tangible benefit was that Kurin learn’t how to ride a dragon. As a first for Mystara, Goldie the dragon held a rope and Ragnar held the other end and was pulled across the ocean, wooping for joy as the sport of Water Skiing was invented.

Arriving back a Ravenholm some 45 days later they discovered that the town had again grew, more halflings had arrived and some trouble was brewing nearby at Rhoona. The proclamations issued by the duke were becoming bizarre. Thorsgrim’s old tutor, Brother Starkad, had come back from questing for the Sorona, had heard of a group of dragon slaying adventures and had arrived in the town asking for the Ravenholm Heroes help. After realizing Thorsgrim knew the mystic they duly agreed and sailed off and begun to investigate Rhoona.

Of notable occasion was the strange proclamation that dwarves should be shaven and stretched, outraging the local dwarven community. The Heroes broke into the Ducal barracks and opened several doors, freeing some shaved and stretched dwarves before opening a door to the barracks proper and seeing some 40 odd off duty soldiers. The door was semi quietly closed as judicious behaviour was chosen over silly stand up fighting.

Day ends.

Vampire Castle

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 8

The Chronicles of Ragnar part Seven

As the electric birds did fly off Thorsgrim began to poke at a nearby pile of rocks with his boot. This disturbed three snakes that immediately attacked. The ferocious little reptiles managed to bite Thorsgrim, Sven and Ragnar before being splattered with much vigour. Azimi took the opportunity to run off the wall during the combat to avoid any responsibility.After combat Azimi the medic arrived with her ever present kit and immediately applied pressure bandages on the fang marks. Nothing was found in the pile of rubble.

Attention then turned tohow to get into the tower? Azimi and Skrogg, backed up by Sven asked for a roof assault and Sven agreed to climb up the tower face discovering a worn roof and a trapdoor. Lowering a rope, Skrogg quickly climbed up. Azimi cast a levitation spell and silently rose into the air amazing her colleagues with a new recently discovered spell. Ragnar also made the risky climb, but as he stepped onto the rickety roof proper, it gave way under his weight causing Skrogg and Sven to also fall through. Sven rolled to his feet like an expert, but the plate mail wearing duo of Skrogg and Ragnar both made a lovely clang. Finding themselves in what had once been a kitchen

Meanwhile both Clerics at the bottom of the tower had decided that climbing wasn’t for them and decided to boot in the doorway. Kurin took a heavy boot and surprisingly gave the door such a kick that it splintered in with one mighty boot. As they cautiously entered Kurin and Thorsgrim, were suddenly attacked by six glowing blue dishevelled individuals who burst from the rubble and moved to attack with weapons and grasping hands. Thorsgrim brought forth the power of Thor only to see two of these creatures shuffle back as four still attacked. Three on Kurin and one on Thorsgrim. Kurin rallied and splattered one with his magical hammer only to un-rally and begin to miss in spectacular fashion. Thorsgrim attempted to turn the ones that had previously run off again when they began to run in again. Seeing this was futile he switched to swinging his hammer. Kurin splattered another only to be grabbed and automatically given a lightning hit from the creature. Thorsgrim with an even more grim expression began to methodically work his way down onto these lighting zombies until they were pulped. As only 3 were left they suddenly shuffled off leaving one behind to be splatted quickly.

Up above a noise could finally be heard and the fab four began to rush down the staircase. As they rushed down to the second floor they met the two Zap zombies shuffling up. With Skrogg in the lead and Ragnar swinging his heavy Axe over his head the Zombies were quickly dispatched as Thorsgrim and Kurin puffed up the stairs in pursuit.
As Azimi who had stayed at the back again and offered unhelpful advice began to bandage the wounded Thorsgrim a jumping spider, (head plopper); fell on her head sinking its fangs into her neck paralyzing her immediately. A plopper also fell on Thorsgrim who fell paralyzed as well. The ploppers were quickly splatted, leaving Azimi and Thorsgrim paralyzed and dribbling. Both were taken upstairs and as old Nordic tradition dictated in these situations placed them in a compromising position. Before this could progress to far Kurin remembered that a Cure Light wounds spell could also cure paralysis. Thorsgrim was revived and didn’t look too pleased at having Azimi draped across him. Thorsgrim then cured Azimi’s paralysis before the Heroes decided to boot in the door to the six rooms. Sven and Azimi both failed as all the more fighter types quickly booted the door down. Another Lightning Zombie was seen in Skroggs room at the rear, but before it could utter a single urggggg; Skrogg jumped in and in one hit disembowelled it and then cut its head off for good measure.

At the end of the corridor an obvious secret door was discovered revealing steps into the mountain, and a crypt. Ragnar triggered a trap causing part of corridor floor to give way to a watery trap. Thorsgrim fell in and a grate slid in trapping him underwater. Through quick thinking of Azimi passed her blowpipe to Thorsgrim who was able to breathe. Sven managed to find a mechanism releasing Thorsgrim from what could have been a watery grave.

A voice from the side rang out, the party answered in good faith only to see a boy zombie reading some scrolls He duly began a diatribe dialogue directing their diagnostical dissection. Apparently he was a zombie of the boy of the household and there was a big bad up (Lord K something) ahead and some more Zombies, plus some treasure. Thorsgrim blessed the party as the heroes left to see the treasure, across and watery hall five zap zombies blocked their path and began to monologue. The party patiently waited for the pre-ordained rambling to finish and then attacked most vigorously.

Seeing water and lightning zombies, Azimi rose into the air as Ragnar stood on its surface. In less than twenty seconds all 5 zombies were destroyed and a big bad Lord K emerged. He was carrying an obviously magical sword and began to walk towards the party. A magical missile from Azimi struck him, but it was the surprising holy symbol of Thorsgrim that kept him at bay. Kurin, Skrogg and Ragnar all strode forward and smote many grievous wounds, before a simple hello could be said or another monologue could begin.

More wounds were dealt on the abomination, before as it reached out and touched Kurin draining his life force as horror cross his eyes, reached down and lightning charged the water nearby. Another magical missile from Azimi did strike it in the chest causing Lord K to die (again being undead). Kurin lying unconscious was given first aid by Azimi noting a hand like white scar on his chest.

Lord Ks bedroom could be seen beyond with a large bed. Azimi immediately asked for Ragnar to chop off a bed post a drive it into the undead beast’s heart. Lord K twitched from the last time, fountaining blood from his fangs. Looting of his bedroom began, including a picture of his family from 150 + years ago, large platinum pieces and a mirror. A face in the mirror said hello and begged to be set free as to save the planet. It promised to free the person in several days. Kurin hero now most puny volunteered, and before a cry of “leave your hammer”; vanished inside the mirror. The Green individual wearing what can only be described as a Black overall jump suit appeared. He began to grow before; suddenly screaming about something wasn’t right, turning into a bright flash and vanished as well as the mirror. Azimi was immediately knocked unconscious. After 30 minutes she awoke to find that the largely LAWFUL and honorable party had cared for her in a respectful manner, placed her in the recovery position and put a cloak under her head as a pillow.

Day ends Dum dum dum!

Snow Trip

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 7

The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Six

Azimi’s Journal Part 3

Following the pack up at the dragon cave, The Ravenholm Heroes followed the lead of Ragnar they began to traipse off the mountain, with Ragnar clearly shouting I know the way. For two days his hope fell true, until snow blindness began to take it’s course. Two days later he had begun to doubt his directions and re checked the map to discover they were now on the wrong side of the mountain, heading the wrong way.

From the plains below a dust cloud of a number of horsemen could be seen. Azimi using the power of the crystal ball found in the cave identified the horsemen as Khanates, and noted that they had camped around a dragon castle but hadn’t gone in. Without supplies and direction the Heroes again followed Ragnar off the mountain. Azimi began to observe very closely the navigation attempts of Ragnar and began to assist in the Navigation attempts. Skrogg after months of hearing only voices, began with Azimi’s instruction to understand the language of Heldrannic, spoken in the north. A mountain lion was seen nearby, but it ran off with the bickering. Both clerics began to mutter something about god problems and then were stoically quiet. Climbing off the mountain Sven, began to hunt food whenever he could to aid the dwindling food supplies. With now navigation duties taken over by Azimi, the heroes finally saw the village of Ravenholm as the food ran out and the horses began to starve.

Another welcome as horses loaded down with loot arrived in Ravenholm. Immediately, a large amount of money (and all dragon specific materials) was promised to the smith Bronic Stonebrough, in exchange for the creation 2 sets of Magical White Dragon Plate, one for Skrogg and one for Ragnar. Kurin also began to train in the hammer while Sven and Azimi were given a lift by Kurin’s magical dragon hammer to Norrvik to begin training in the crossbow and staff. A supply of books were purchased by Azimi and they returned to Ravenholm. She then attempted to research a new 3rd level spell, spending a vast some of Guldan (3000gp) on a futile effort. A few halflings hearing about the fame of Skrogg arrived in Ravenholm as well further boosting the numbers in the village. As the Heroes feasted one night Azimi’s head rolled back and she began to speak in the voice of a male, summoning them back to the wizards tower near Tuma. Time was short and they decided that by stripping down weight they all might be able to fit on the back of the Hammer dragon. Much experimentation and low level flapping occurred revealing that indeed with slimming down on their equipment they could all fit. They flew high in the clouds with only skrogg falling off only to be caught in the dragon’s claws. They arrived at the wizard’s tower, and were informed that as heroes they were wanted for a mission of most urgent. A castle was needed to be cleared for an inheritance within a very short timeline in far away Darokin in the north of lake Amsorak. The mage himself again took control of Azimi to open a gateway near to Darokin city and passage was arranged to the North of the Lake.

Arriving at the “abandoned” castle nested against a shear cliff, a brand new closed gate could be seen. Azimi again using the crystal ball failed to observe anyone on the walls on inside. Sven easily slipped over the all and lifted the bar on the gate allowing Thorsgrim, Ragnar and Skrogg to push open the gate. Inside an empty courtyard, sudden from up high some sounds of squawking birds could be seen. Having previously been warned about glowing birds, the Heroes waited with weapons drawn. Sven shot his and stunned it with his bad arse crossbow. Azimi managed to utter a shield spell before the birds at 60 feet released lightning from the breaks to miss the party. The birds then dived down and were splatted with much scrunching sounds. The stunned bird and the bird who had attacked Azimi’s flew off as all the other’s were splatted with a variety of well aimed swings.

Day Ends.

Dragon Slayers Indeed

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 6

The Chronicles of Ragnar Part Five

With much trepidation the Heroes of Ravenholm continued on the search for the ghostly lair, dictated by the ever rubbing Azimi. The ghostly helm did lead them deeper into the mountains, with an untypical fine day. Later on the weather became changable and began turn that could only be described as being nasty. The ever present Renn continued to observe what a hero he was. Azimi was able to observe his attractive hammer only discover that is was indeed well made, but only had a diamond in the head, and in no way magical.

The Ravenholm heroes did continue the following day with the ever present bragging buffoon. A choice of two trails were made with the wise words of Skrogg advising to “always take the high path”. As they traversed the mountainous path, they encountered a figure who waved hello. This mountain warrior was accompanied by a white direwolf of amazing size. He was hunting for his missing brother (with a red saddle) and upon questioning he revealed that “a cave” was back down the valley. The Heroes did traipse off immediately towards said cave. Encountering the huge cave, a slime covered entrance revealed that looked like a nest with two eggs in it. Renn the silly strode forth to grab the “dragon eggs” accompanied by the warriors. As soon as the buffoon touched the eggs their true nature as cold puddings was revealed shocking him deeply and then effectively dissolving his head in a frozen mess. Ragnar with his mighty Axe alight did splat the first pudding, but the second won stayed impervious to all weapons except for fire. Skrogg, Thorsgrim, Kurin and Ragnar flailed at it, while Sven looked for other danger. Azimi ran off. However, the pudding did strike Ragnar mightily several times causing to collapse to unconsciousness. Kurin realizing that the only hope was the burning Axe picked the weapon up, but couldn’t remember the command word for the flame. Azimi seeing the plight sprinted in screaming the command word and unfortunately attracting the beasts attention. It easily blobbed forward causing a huge burning wound on Azimi, who screamed muchly. Kurin finally managed to slay the pudding with the Axe, not before mighty wounds were done to Thorsgrim, Sven, and Kurin. Following the battled it was discovered that Ragnar had collapsed unconscious, but Renn was very dead. The Heroes decided to use the cave as a place of sanctuary until the following morning. Both Kurin and Thorsgrim used all their supplies of healing spells up as Azimi cried and sobbed that her wounds hurt. Azimi gave her only potion of healing towards Ragnar as long as he promised to speak to his wife Thora about her behaviour towards Azimi. The Heroes continued out of the cave, noting that no Valkryies came down to collect Renn’s body, now covered in a rock cairn.

The Heroes, guided by the man with the wolf carried up the hill, learning their lesson as to ask about exactly what cave they were looking for. Near the end of the day a massive cave could be seen some mile and half out, the heroes decided to press on during the darkness only to be attacked by the dragon itself who flew down, picked up Ragnar and flew up intending to drop him from a great height and make him go “splat”. The first pass only scraped against his surprised armour, but the second picked him up, screaming in rage. Heroically, Ragnar did smite the beast with his large Axe causing him to dropped into a snow drift. The dragon flew off as the heroes attempted to continue towards the lair. Unfortunately, the footing became so treacherous that they turned back to camp in a copse of trees to heal the wounded Ragnar as much as possible. During the daylight they decided to search the valley first for the body of the guides brother only to find a backpack with a spell book, several gems, and a blood stained red saddle. The guide promised them gems for revenge. The heroes did continue towards the Lair, moving carefully across the extremely treacherous ground.

The entrance to the lair was proven to be a large holed out cavern with many ledges and fissures, that Sven investigated, before informing the heroes that he could hear breathing from the next mighty cavern. Wobbly stalagmites wobbled precariously overhead, but didn’t fall. Thorsgrim cast his Protection from Cold spell and the long running Bless as the others attempted to creep into the lair from the side. Skrogg and Ragnar somehow observed the beast on a ledge high above the entranceway, and Ragnar with the luck of the gods managed a shot to hit the beast despite the ledge protecting it. The beast flew down to attempt to crush and bite the victims below. The beast was attacked by all except Azimi who stayed back and cast Magic Missile hitting the beast despite it’s magical protection. The dragon breathed and thanks to it’s wounds and magical Thorsgrim frost cloth everyone survived. The dragon was then slayed by Skrogg, shoving his sword into it’s unprotected flank as the others engaged the flapping hovering dragon. The beast crashed to the floor and all was quiet. A thought began to ruminate about the heroes, “Treasure”. But where? Indeed the next cavern lodged in the very icy pillars supporting the roof a vast arrange of treasure was embedded, entombed in ice. Kurin completely failed to notice the engineering danger and the job of melt the treasure out began. Coins, gold, silver, a hammer, gems and jewelry were spotted and removed with shield bearers protecting the excavation minors from falling ice chips from above. Azimi began to re-examine her remaining memorized spells and replaced them all with Hold Portal to attempt to secure the pillars from falling apart. The last central pillar containing a staff was left to the following day and Kurin, the brave removed it without the ceiling collapsing. A rope was laid out to point to the collapse if it did happen. Azimi began her work in earnest calculating the cost of the treasure, analyzing the items and generally being surprisingly useful. More money than they could possibly load onto the horses, storage sacks and backpacks was gathered up. A mighty hammer was given to Kurin who had risked his life for a staff. He was told of it’s power only to be stunned, by now owning a Rod of the Wym in the shape of a hammer. Everyone look jealous, but acknowledged the risk he had personally taken in retrieving the last staff. Azimi claimed a crystal ball and the staff of the Element, as a ring of water walking was debated as to who deserved such a treasure. The next step was to cross out of the mountains heavily laden with more gold than they could possibly carry, such a dilemma indeed.

Dragon Slayer

The Chronicles of Ragnar Part four

Skrogg’s Journal – Chapter 5

The heroes of Ravenholm stayed in Norrvik for three days to re-equip their newly captured vessel and acquire some newly formed volunteers to travel to Ravenholm. Azimi immediately left to visit the school of magic and indulged herself in the study not only of magic, but also geography of dreams and maps. Ragnar the Reborn, felt sick and had complete bed rest to recover from a mild case of death due to occupational hazard. Other’s generally spent their time in Norrvik as tourists with out ambition, but with coin to spend on drink.

The as the Grey Mist was ready to depart, it became quickly apparent that not only were the nightmares recurring, but everybody was suffering from the same dreams. Azimi was able to discover (thanks to a 1 roll) that these were caused by the ghost residing in the Heldannic helmet that Kurin carried. Azimi was able to communicate with the Ghost to have the dreams lessened in exchange for promises that we were indeed heading towards The Ethengar Khanate. Travel was quite on the way back to Ravenholm except for the sighting of a Ghost ship by Thorsgrim, Kurin and Azimi.

Arriving back at Ravenholm, the party were indeed treated as heroes. Jarl Olaf insisted on a huge feast to celebrate not just the success of their home coming, but the capture of the The Black Pariah, doubling the ships available to the village. After many speeches, Ragnar the Reborn, was personally honoured by Jarl himself, offering his mighty Axe, Troll Bane to Ragnar. As the story unfolded, Ragnar apparently personally led the charge on the enemy vessel fighting their captain in solo combat. The rest of the Heroes had good grace to fix smiles to their faces and share Ragnar’s glory. Following the feast serious weapon training began for Thorsgrim, Ragnar, Sven and Skrogg. Azimi sat down in the hut of Old Nann for some study of books.

Following the two weeks of training, the Heroes traveled down the coast towards the Inn of the Dancing Damsel where Sven swore black and blue that he new a fella who could do a good deal on horses. Sven was right, he made a great deal on the horses, but completely failed with the purchasing of Iron rations and was forced to take a huge hit in purchasing of supplies. Azimi after making herself completely broke researching her spell, required Kurin’s assistance in buying food. The Heroes of Ravenholm set out towards the Ethengar Khanate in search of the Ghostly mountain. Hills, forests and peat bogs were skillfully bypassed by the navigation of Ragnar and the luckiness of halflings. At night thanks to

Eventually as the Heroes found themselves entering the hills a pride of starving rock lions emerged and immediately, began to circle the Heroes looking for easy prey. Weapons were drawn and even a newly discovered spell of Magic Missile was cast by Azimi. The Pride attacked happily attempting to eat the small halfling and Azimi. Ragnar slew Azimi’s with an easy skill as Sven stabbed his skillfully. Skrogg began to lay into the lions surrounding him with great abandon. Just when more magic flew from the hand of Azimi a great white dragon landed and chew upon one of the lions. The armoured figure on top simple uttered the words “What Ho, I have come to save the day”. The lions immediately ran off with only three left alive. The Heroes then discovered that the brash man on the top of dragon (who had apparently subdued it) did believe himself to the be the saviour and general all round hero. Azimi the only non martial type was truly impressed. As a good sports they decided to camp. As semi skilled adventurers they decided to set a watch. The Hero rescuer snored like a true git, while the dragon stat out of the range of the fire and sulked. During Azimi’s watch, Azimi noticed the the bridle bit on the dragon had begun to come undone, as she investigated (yes she will stick to this story as any other would indeed be very foolish and blameful). However, it happened the bit fell out of the dragons mouth and it immediately flapped into the air breathing a blast of cold on the entire group. After grabbing weapons, several arrows and darts flew at the beast as it rose higher still to breath again. Seeing the danger, Thorsgrim the wise and pious cast his protection from cold saving the lives of several members as the Bolts from Sven and then finally Ragnar brought the lesser dragon beast down in a satisfying “whump”. Azimi immediately was dispatched as chief non magical medic to apply temporary first aid. Kurin and Thorsgrim used some minor curative spells to aid the more heavily injured (Azimi, Sven and Thorsgrim).

The beast was dead, but what would the morning bring?

Azimi’s Journal Second Entry


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